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Why Does the EU Harass Hungary and Poland?


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Poland and Hungary have been caught between East and West for their entire histories, and have suffered much from both directions of the compass. Both countries have been invaded and occupied over the course of their histories by Western and Eastern powers, namely Germany, Austria, Russia, Mongols and the Ottoman Turks.

Both countries have had their borders changed, and both have been split into three parts between Eastern and Western invaders. These hardships and fight for survival despite the odds against them have given the Poles and Hungarians a pride in their history, culture and language that members of other nations simply do not understand because they have never really had to fight for their national survival.

If not for the heroic battles that the Poles and Hungarians took part in against Russians, Mongols and Turks, Western Europe would easily have been taken over by each of those invaders. This is a fact that many in Western Europe seem to forget, ignore, or are simply unaware of. With Poland and Hungary acting as buffers against the hordes of the East and South, Christianity might not have survived in Europe, and thus there would have been no Renaissance, Enlightenment or Democracy.

EU Propaganda against Poland and Hungary

Given the above, it is no wonder that the people of Hungary and Poland are wary of more foreign invasions. The 2015 migration crisis is a good example of this issue. Whereas many liberals in the West only try to force a positive, utopian vision of mass illegal migration onto their peoples, Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Croatians, Bulgarians, Romanians etc are aware of what happens when masses of culturally incompatible groups force their way into their lands.

The patriotic, conservative PiS government in Poland and Fidesz in Hungary put their national sovereignty over the liberal, far-left ideological orthodoxy of the current EU leadership and that of leftist Western governments. Unfortunately, for this they are often labelled as being "racist", "fascist", "Nazi" etc. The EU has no respect for the cultural and historical sensibilities of countries that were stuck behind the Iron curtain, and view them with an arrogant disdain in many cases, as being "backward" and "undemocratic" simply because they are trying to protect the cultures that they have fought so hard to keep over the centuries.

Both PiS and Fidesz govern based on the results of democratic elections, and the fact that the liberal forces within the EU actively support leftist opposition parties in Poland and Hungary is in itself a violation of democratic norms. The EU is bent on making Poland and Hungary accept hordes of illegal migrants, despite the fact that there are no EU rules that would justify this. If illegal migration is such a good thing, as people such as Merkel of Germany and Macron of France insist, why don't they accept all of them instead of trying to make other countries who do not think the same accept them too? Maybe liberals only like the ideological dogma of illegal migration being good, but don't really enjoy the reality of it, given the high rate of crime committed by these migrants.

Poland and Hungary have also stood up for the traditional family model of a man, woman, and child being a family and reject the current fad for so-called "rainbow families". They have a right to do so, seeing as their populations were decimated during 40 years of communism, when abortions were readily available, and suicide rates and early death was high largely due to the lack of hope for the future. The current leftist EU leaders are trying to carry on the destructive dogmas of communism under the guise of "liberal democracy", when in fact they are no more than propagandists trying to force their ideology onto everyone.

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Hopefully Hungary and Poland will continue to stand up for their national rights against an ever increasingly ideologically still leftist EU.


frantisek78 (author) on January 26, 2021:

Mr. Happy, thanks for your comment. Ideally, no European country should be taking these "refugees" who have no ID, and are majority young males who want nothing more than to get to Germany and Sweden and live off of their more than generous welfare, whilst then committing crimes.

Greece is in a bad geographic location, but they shouldn't be taking any of these illegal migrants either. If Germany and France want to do so in a misguided liberal effort to virtue-signal, then they should do so without expecting countries like Poland and Hungary to do so as well, especially as those two countries have never had a tradition of mass immigration.

These illegal migrants need to stay in the first safe country they land in, which in the case of Syrians is usually Turkey. The problem is, many of these "refugees" come from places like India, Congo, Morocco, Tunisia etc which are not at war, and just want to use the West to live an idle life and live off of the system. That's not OK. It is not the job of Europeans, Americans or Canadians to feed and house the whole Third World.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 25, 2021:

The EU is bent on making Poland and Hungary accept hordes of illegal migrants, despite the fact that there are no EU rules that would justify this." - The 1951 UNHCR Convention has legal standing.

A refugee is: "“someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.”

So, now You want Greece, Italy, Spain, and France to take all the refugees? What a nice neighbor You are and what a great human being to deny people who are often fleeing for their life, safety.

Sigh ...

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