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Why Does Government Keep Reminding People of Pizzagate by Insisting on Russian Hacking?


The most puzzling aspect of the continuing campaign by various politicians and the politicized intelligence community to push the story that Russian state actors were behind the release of John Podesta's emails, is that playing up the story only makes people curious about what was so damaging in the emails in the first place.

The emails were released to Wikileaks. According the person who personally received the emails, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, it was not anyone connected with Russians who gave them to him. They were American.

But in the drive to blame Hillary Clinton's loss on someone other than Hillary Clinton, attention is only being drawn to the creepiest aspects of some of the people around her, beginning with campaign manager John Podesta.

It is like placing a giant smoke flare next to something that, one would think, the Powers That Be would rather have us forget.

Russians Russians Russians. Heaven's sake what was in those emails anyway?

In a nutshell, the emails might be described as nothing which in and of itself is illegal, but shall we say, mighty peculiar. None of the most spectacular allegations in the sordid story known as #pizzagate stands up to scrutiny in and of itself, without further investigation. But questions remain regarding the creepiness factor, which is difficult to explain away.

So what is #pizzagate?

Basically it goes like this. Julian Assange gets handed thousands of emails on a DVD or some other medium belonging to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Assange also gets handed emails originating from within the DNC, but that's another, albeit sordid, story. In rifling through the juicy treasure trove, sharp-eyed citizen sleuths note that one of Podesta's friends is a DC pizza shop owner. Podesta also maintains a lively correspondence with his brother Tony, a DC lobbyist and power player in his own right. The pizzashop's logo includes, perhaps innocently, a known FBI reference to pedophilia. Perhaps also innocently, the pizza shop owner has creepy pictures, in a public social media account, of things like little girls taped by the wrists to a table, innocently smiling as if playing a game.

The bottom line is there are many links to things that are extraordinarily creepy, involving very young children, even infants, but it is not illegal to be creepy. A pedophile must act on creepiness.

So is born the affair known as #pizzagate. The "#" sign is a symbol which, basically, makes something go really viral really fast on the Internet, and especially Twitter. As soon as something else is "discovered" in #pizzagate, the whole world knows it. Within minutes, seconds, really. This poses a problem for those who would wish to control our news, and make discussion within acceptable bounds. We can't have people thinking some of the most powerful players in the world are a bunch of pedos, now can we?

Can we?

There are precedents for this sort of thing. In 1989, during the George HW Bush administration, the Washington Times did a solid piece of investigation - credit card receipts, photocopies of little black books, the works - which linked the Bush White House to a call boy ring. The story then disappeared off the media radar screen so fast it would make your head spin. Later, during the Bush Junior administration, then-Air America Radio talk show host Al Franken, now a US senator, speculated that there was a link between the ring and a salacious news item emerging from DC about a known male prostitute and reporter named Jeff Gannon. Gannon had managed to obtain coveted White House press credentials despite lack of what one might call qualifications. Only top reporters get these badges, and Gannon was not one.

Soon after "Gannon-gate," Jean Palfrey, known as the "DC Madam," who allegedly ran a prostitution ring for the rich and powerful in Washington DC, wound up dead, with a ruling of suicide.

In that same year, 1989, there was another child trafficking scandal involving boys at the charity Boys Town in Nebraska, the Franklin Scandal. The case was thoroughly investigated by a special committee of a Nebraska state senator, Loren Schmit, an incorruptible man who ran down damning evidence of child sex abuse and reputedly even murder. This investigation also disappeared when a lead investigator in the case went down in a small plane crash, and intervention by the feds shut the investigation down.

The Franklin Scandal has been made into a Discovery Channel documentary which was never aired, but was leaked anyway.

If there is anything to #pizzagate, then it goes as high up as the Franklin Scandal does. That is why the media and the Powers That Be should knock off the Russian hacking business. it is only making people curious about things they really, really might not want a lot of people to know.


Anon2 on January 07, 2017:

The real cover up is election fraud in America and pizzagate.

anon on January 06, 2017:

This is the most accurate news story I have seen all week, and that is no sarcasm.

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