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Why Do The Republicans And The Tea Party Hate President Obama?


Why All This Drama Over Obama?

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Why Do Republicans and Tea Party Hate President Obama?

I guess more accurately the question should be why do some people hate President Obama? He was elected by a large margin of electoral votes so there are definitely a lot of people who like him. But that said! Why All this Drama Over Obama?

When he announced he was running for president, the secret service had to start guarding him about six months before they normally start guarding presidential candidates, because of all the death threats he was receiving. So the question is why is that? What had he done that was so bad that they had to start guarding him that early? Did he murder somebody, rape somebody, rob a bank, commit an act of terrorism?

No he didn't.

All through the presidential campaign there were people protesting his candidacy, calling him a traitor, a socialist, a communist, a Muslim or an Arab, (which to their minds were all bad things) but none of this was true! But they still persisted in spewing their hatred toward him and were not amenable to reason or the truth.

Drama At John McCain's Rallies

At some of John McCain’s rallies there were people shouting kill him! I can’t remember anybody at a political rally shouting kill a presidential candidate in my lifetime, no matter how unpopular they were! So again, Why All This Drama Over Obama?

What had candidate Obama done that was so egregious that it engendered that kind of intense hatred and hostility toward him?

When he became president the hatred and hostility didn’t stop, it intensified!

The Birthers

You had the so-called birthers attempting with all of their might to de-legitimize his presidency saying that he couldn't be president because he wasn't born in the United States. No matter how much data was examined or presented to show he was born in the United States, (birth certificate, announcement of his birth in two papers at the time) was not good enough for these people. It was all faked! The truth could only be what they fervently and bitterly believed the truth to be! They wouldn’t and probably still won’t accept anything less than what they believe to be true! Again, Why All This Drama Over Obama?

What do they have against President Obama? What has he done to engender that kind of hostile scrutiny from them?

Did Bill Clinton or George W. Bush have to prove they were born in the United States to be president?

No they didn't.

Caricatures of the president

At many of the so-called town halls meeting, angry protesters carried caricatures of the president as Adolf Hitler as well as other offensive racial images of him to show what a horrible person they think he is! But what had President Obama done to make them view him as Hitler or as someone who was the same type of person as Hitler?

Hitler killed millions of people, what had President Obama done that could be equated to what Hitler had done?

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Let me answer that; nothing!

Obama is going to kill grandma

Then there was the healthcare scare. Obama is going to kill grandma!

These people just won’t quit! They want to de-legitimize his presidency and get him out of office by any means necessary. It was just one thing after another all summer long. Again Why All This Drama Over Obama?

As shocking as this may seem to some of you, there are some people in this country who just don’t want to see a black man be president of the United States. Or any none white person for that matter. But definitely not a black man. They say this is a white country and should be ruled or governed only by white people, preferably white men.

To these people (including some in the congress) President Obama can do no good. He could walk on water, bring the dead back to life, wipe out world hunger, bring peace to the world and they’ll find a way to find something wrong with what he did. Because it’s not about what he did. It’s about what he is.

All you have to do is type white supremacy into Google search or a search engine of your choice and read the contents of the various white supremacy sites. Or visit the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, (they track hate groups) and those of you who don’t want to believe that in this day and age that the President’s race is the problem, will receive a rude awakening!

Of course not everyone who doesn’t like the president is a racist. Some may have legitimate political differences with him. That’s OK. They can disagree with him and have a civil discourse about it without spewing hate and hostility.

Some people don’t know that their negative racial feelings are fueling their fear and hatred of President Obama and would be mortified to think that they harbored any such feelings.

But, psychologically, when someone automatically experiences intense hatred, dread or other such emotions about someone they don’t know, it’s usually a sign that they have underlying subconscious feeling they aren’t acknowledging.

It’s like a phobia, where someone reacts to a fly as if it’s a grizzly bear about to attack them! Their reaction is out of proportion to the danger they’re actually in.

A phobia is a conditioned response, a subconscious alarm system that says, when you see situation or person A, trigger emotional reaction B!

People like this wouldn’t know why they have such intense anger or hostility toward President Obama, but may unconsciously project it on to something else about him, that would keep them from being aware of the true reasons for their intense dislike of him.

So again, why do these protestors have such intense hostility and fear of President Obama, that appears to be out of all proportion to anything he’s actually done? Why All This Drama Over Obama?

Stop Obama

The republicans, Rush Limbaugh and others' stated agenda was to stop President Obama from being successful. Not to try to make the country better, to help people or to try to create more jobs, but to stop Obama!

They don't give a damn about the country only about stopping Obama and they proved this by being against anything President Obama is for.

If they were for some proposal and Obama decided to adopt it, they would do an about face and reject a proposal that they previously supported because Obama was now for it!

Are these people really Americans?

Should they even call themselves Americans, if all they care about is stopping President Obama and be damn the country?

There's just something about a black man being president of a "white" country that just irks them.

So the question remains, what has President Obama done that was so bad that these people have all these irrational ideas, feelings, beliefs and hatred toward him? Why All This Drama Over Obama?

If you can see some other reason than his race, that explains why candidate Obama had to have secret service protection, six month before presidential candidates usually receive protection (and this goes for all of the points I’ve made). I want to hear it. I'd love to hear your comments!

In support of the point of this hub read the following

"My party is full of racists.

Oct 2012

The Republican Party is full of Racists

"Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a self-identified Republican who was Gen. Colin Powell's chief of staff during his time as secretary of state, did not take too kindly to a recent accusation -- from Mitt Romney's controversial campaign co-chair John Sununu -- that Powell only endorsed Barack Obama for president because they're both black. Sununu would later backtrack, but the damage was done.

Wilkerson, who is white, didn't mince words on MSNBC'sThe Ed Show Friday night. "To say that Colin Powell would endorse President Obama because of his skin color is like saying Mother Teresa worked for profit," he said. And although he gave Sununu a bit of a pass, blaming his statement on an "unfortunate" choice of words, Wilkerson had much harsher words for the GOP as a whole.

"Let me just be candid," he said. "My party is full of racists. And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander in chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin. And that's despicable." from the Root webpage

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ptosis from Arizona on June 21, 2019:

none white person


BTW O is half white.

Hragus on June 15, 2019:

A panel of 170 presidential politics experts considers Trump the worst president in history, according to rankings published by the New York Times. Obama is 8th, with Lincoln, Washington and Franklin Roosevelt holding the top three spots.

Higgy Vasquez on June 14, 2019:

I'm more of a libertarian, but remember all the Bowing Obama was doing. And he was from Chicago right, why were the ghettos still so violent during the Obama ara. And there were the drones and overthrowing Lybia for no good reason. And he got a peace prize for doing nothing. And there was that fast and furious gun running gig with Eric Holder. And didn't Obama give the banker a walk when he had them in the grips? Just a few... not to mention Obama care keep you Health care if you like...not

Ghost guest on January 06, 2018:

He was no better than Bush, who was no better than Clinton, who was no better than Bush... the country was on a slow spiral down for the last quarter century.

Congress is more to blame than the Presidents for our decline, but the Bushes gave us war and more war, the Clintons gave us economic ruin with the repeal of Glass Steagall and the passing of NAFTA, and Bush Jr. and Obama just continued the country on its road to decline.

justme 222 on January 13, 2017:

God help us all.!!!!!!!!!

justme 222 on June 27, 2016:

I just wish you people would stop watching and parroting Faux news. Who do you think knows the Constitution better? Faux news puppets or a Constitutional Professor? I'm putting MY money on President Obama. Do you really believe that if he was violating the Constitution that the Redumblicans would not have impeached him by now. Stupid is as stupid does!

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on May 03, 2016:


thanks for you input oldwarrior

Could it be that, as you say, "hate is a waste of time", for those who don't hate, but it's not a waste of time, for those who hate?

oldwarrior on April 14, 2016:

There i only one reason for the hatred Obama has experienced,and we all know what that is. No other President from either party has experienced the vitriol and obstructionism from day one. I have no doubt that if Mrs. Clinton is elected,she will experience the same,for no other rreason than because she is female.

god on July 04, 2015:

Republicans hate democrats for the same reason crooks hate the police.

Pollyannalana on April 10, 2015:

Well I voted for Obama his first term but quickly saw all this anti-constitution stuff he was up to so being a black man had nothing to do with my feelings for him and in fact I no longer consider him a black man and in fact he is half white and raised an Islam. He pretends to be a Christian which is the only religion he does not defend and does attack. If none of you can see how downhill he has take this country and the rush he is to finish us off before he is out of office then you are surely ignorant of what is going on in this nation.

Look at all those Ft Hood victims alone how he will not call it a terrorist attack and those American service people are not even getting paid medical attention for their injuries because of Obama and two have committed suicide. The only people he reaches out to help are traitors like Bergdahl and terrorists he keeps freeing. Who could be so blind to see he is not on America's side for anything? I only wonder why someone does not stop him; I think Republicans (of which I am not one) are letting him get by with way too much!

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on March 29, 2015:

Edward J Tyndahl

You should be the head, face and body of the Republican party!

Edward J Tyndahl on March 29, 2015:

I have been a Republican my entire life. I voted for every GOP Presidential candidate since Dewey,up until 2000,and was proud to do so,win or lose. But this goup of cartoon characters that have invaded my party are NOT real Republicans. I hate the way they have treated President Obama. I do not agree with everything he has done,but nevertheless,he is still MY President,and deserves respect. I especially am appalled at how they have attacked his family.

Here is what I mean by cartoon characters.

Take a picture of McConnell and post it next to a picture of Droopy the cartoon dog. Uncanny!

Take a picture of Bobby Jindhal and put it next to a picture of Alfred E, Newman Amazing! Paul Ryan and Sleepy of the Seven Dwarfs,Louie Gohmert and a plucked chicken,Rick Scott and a Lemur,Ted Cruz and Joe McCarthy(well that is more scary than funny.)

Heinz57 on March 20, 2015:

Hey guys!

If there ever was any evidence of how much the Repugnants hat thisPresident,it was this recent attempt to sabotage the Iran negotiations.

Can you imagine the outcries of 'unamerican' and traitor' that would have come from theright if a Democrat had tried to pull something like that before the invasion of Iraq in '03?

big george on February 25, 2015:

Would love to see one of the Castro twins from Texas run some day,but I have no doubt Republicans would be just as hateful,especially with the name Castro.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on February 23, 2015:

Well Big George

I think that once President Obama is out of office. The hate machine will certainly, lose some fire.

And, although I think, some people may have, legitimate, political grips against the President.

I think the majority of the hate, will die out, because

A Black Man, will no longer be, In The White House!

big george on February 22, 2015:

I have a question for the author. Soon the Obama hate machine will have no choice but to wind down. If Hillary is elected(assuming she runs) do you anticipate similar vitriol aganins her,or is this just about race?

Heinz57 on February 02, 2015:

Welcome Peter,to this site. So happy to converse with a real American hero.

In my experience,(not nearly as extensive as yours,of course) people tend to gravitate to those who tell them exactly what they want to hear.

It is not just conservatives either. There is a lot of goo that comes out of liberal sources too(like MSNBC) but if that is what you believe,and you wish your views to be validated,you will listen to those who will do that.

Plus, yes Republicans are much better at distorting the truth. It is called the BIG LIE, and they are experts at it. Say it loud enough and long enough,people will believe it.

American Samurai on January 26, 2015:

I have a question for you folks. The hope is,that I might get a response from someone who regularly votes Republican,who is just an ordinary working guy.

Why in heavens name,do so many white people,especially middle class and low income,vote for Republicans when it is so obvious that they could not care less about you? I am 93 years old. I am a world war two veteran(442nd Regimental Combat Team) In all my years as a participant in our system,I have never seen more stupid voters,who time and again vote contrary to their own interests.Is there an answer? Or is it just because Republicans are better liars?

Peter Najima

Heinz57 on January 10, 2015:

@justme222 Nope have not had a word from stillsurfin,since before Jack passed away. Don't think he even knows about that.

This is the time he goes to Hawaii,so maybe that has something to do with his absence. Yes,I had a very nice holiday,thank you. Hoping you did too!

just me222 on January 08, 2015:

Anyone heard from stillsurfin? I surely miss his posts. Heinz57,thanks for your kind words.. Am making progress but it is very slow.. I'll get there. Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season.

Heinz57 on January 08, 2015:

@daniel Yes,I too was disappointed when the President signed that anti worker,anti retirement spending bill. Think our boy bit the big one on that score.

Heinz57 on January 08, 2015:

@just me 222

So happy to read you again,hope you recover quickly! Had a knee replacement two years ago,so I know it can be a real bear!

What Super Grover said is nothing new,don't you know. Repugnants have been trying to take credit for all of POTUS accomplishments since day 1,an blaming him for all of their stupidity.

Remember how they tried to pin the Iraq war on Obama?

Personally,I think Grover should ask Oscar if there is any room in the garbage can. The guy is becoming less relevant with each passing day.

Almost as bad as Louie Ghomert. ALMOST!

just me222 on December 31, 2014:

Here is a new one,Grover Norquest is telling Republicans they should stop talking about the economy being bad and start taking credit for it being good. Really,Hey Grover,go back to Sesame Street!

just me222 on December 31, 2014:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Sorry have been gone for 3 weeks,had hip replacement surgery. Finally able to get online and check for favorite people. Hope all here are well and had a nice Christmas.

aheinz 57 on December 29, 2014:

Come on guys! where is everyone? Need new input! "stillsurfin" where are you? Hope you are enjoying Hawaii!

daniel on December 19, 2014:

I also am disgusted by the shabby treatment this President has received,but I would like some opinions on his recent signing of the spending bill,which,I believe threw the middle class,and retirees under the bus,just to pacify radical conservatives.

Heinz57 on November 27, 2014:

If we can call a halt for just a moment,I'd like to wish you all a happy,safe,and prosperous THANKSGIVING.

big george on November 24, 2014:

Yes,I am convinced that if the Affordable care act,for example,had anyone else's name in front of it(Cruz,Bachmann,Palin,Bush) they would be hailing it as a triumph.

If President Obama could walk on water,Conservatives would accuse him of being too lazy to swim.

Heinz57 on November 18, 2014:

Rubber/glue wow! the Skeptic delivered a smackdown on that one! Never really thought of it like that. Went back to the tapes i had of the GOP response to Obama's ;04 speech. Skeptic was on the mark. Mark Levin called him 'dangerous to Americas future"

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on November 17, 2014:

I hope not! Skeptic!

But that's more than likely wishful thinking!

Totalskeptic on November 17, 2014:

To the author; I have been following President Obama for a very long time now,starting way back when he was a State Senator,in Illinois.

One common thread I have seen,is those who yell loudest about it "not being about race,it's about what he stands for" are the same ones who have been attacking the man,since he made that speech at the convention in '04, long before they knew how he stood on any national issue,except for the Iraq war.

It seems to me,that the louder they holler they are not racist,the more likely they are. To quote the Bard,"methinks they doth protest too much."

Over the last six years,all the horrible things conservatives have done to sabotage Obama they try to pin on HIM!

Reminds me of that old phrase we used to use when we were children.

I'm rubber you're glue,what you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

Can these bigoted fools get anymore juvenile in their weak denials?

big george on November 13, 2014:

I meant I agree with redman. sorry,in the imortal words of Rick Perry,OOPS! (Heinz did make a good point too though)

Heinz57 on November 12, 2014:

Anyone who actually believes that the new Republican majority is really going to do anything other than obstruct the President,is suffering from delusions,and living in a cave,on another planet.

There will be no movement on immigration,gun safety,tax reform,equal pay,the minimum wage,education,nothing.

What will happen is more tax breaks for the rich,gutting the social safety net,turning Social Security over to Wall Street,more money for bullets and bombs,and impeachment,impeachment,impeachment.

The goal of the Republicans in Congress is,always has been,and always will be,to wipe Barack Obama off the pages of history.They want the nation to think he never existed as President.

The welfare of the nation be damned.

big george on November 12, 2014:

Jimmy. I am so glad you find the FACTS so funny.There is nothing the author posted that can be construed as anything but factual. You have a very strange idea of what is funny.

Of course I do to. Rush Limbaugh is funny. Correction. Rush Limbaugh is a bad JOKE

Jimmy on November 12, 2014:

Funniest article I've read in a long time.

proud vet on November 12, 2014:

Another brother in arms,gone too soon. Another Patriot taken from us

We will remember you Jack!

just me222 on November 11, 2014:

Thank you for letting us know of the passing of your Uncle and also for your kind words. I enjoyed his comments and am very sorry for his passing. May he rest in peace and my condolences to the entire family. You will surely be missed Jack.

just me222 on November 11, 2014:

So sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for letting us know. Loss of another veteran too soon. Thanks to all Veterans on this Veterans Day,and as Heinz57 stated "gonna miss you Jack.

Heinz57 on November 10, 2014:

Gonna miss you Jack! God Bless.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on November 10, 2014:

Thanks Terry for passing along Arizona's wishes.

Very sorry to hear of his passing. Although we didn't know each other personally. It was always a pleasure interacting on this hub with him.

I have and had nothing but respect for him. May he rest in peace.


MzB on November 10, 2014:

Based on the Republicans behavior over the last 6 years, I'm convinced that they hate anyone that doesn't look like them, think like them, act like them and agree with them, period! Especially, if that person is in a higher position then them.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on November 10, 2014:

Checkout this article that dovetails with the premise of my hub: click the link and scroll down to the article. "The real problem with Americans and their disrespect for Obama—according to a Canadian"

Heinz57 on November 09, 2014:

@FMJ Did you ever notice when Bush spoke of extremism,he used the term 'Hitlerism"? He could not bring himself to use the word "Facist" because he is one.

All this hate speech against our President,and the phoney accusations and lies come mostly from one source. Right wing media,Limbaugh and Fox News in particular.

You can't blame people from believing all that trash if that is all they watch or listen to.

FMJ on November 09, 2014:

It makes me sick, this is one of the greatest Presidents in history accomplishing more than anyone ever thought he could in record time. If these people would just wake up and see, it is the relatives of the republicans that worked for Hitler and were Nazis. No one even seems to know that and think you are lying to them when you tell them. If is awfully funny that we always have to have a democrat come along and clean up the mess after a republican, but when will they figure that out??

oldtimer on November 08, 2014:

Hey mort,it was not obama that tanked our credit rating it was House Republicans who shut down the government because Obama would not cowtow to their my way or the highway attitude.

Fact. Bush did more damage to this country than any President since Buchanan. He will not go down as the worst though,because he was not President Cheney was. Bush was not smart enough to be so sneaky.

Sally Train on November 08, 2014:

Republicans and the Tea Party hate President Obama because they are made to face their own demise. Not in the fact that President Obama or the majority of black people want to get rid the world of the white race, but their demise in the fact that the 'status quo' is changing, their way of life/belief system has to change to a more excepting inclusive phase. The fact that the inherent behaviour and lies told to them by the generations of their forefathers are just that........lies! Which means they're living a lie, which means they have to take a step back and re-learn and admit so much negatives about themselves and their beliefs.

For a black person to be a leader [of the country] does not mean he will do to the white people what the white people bestowed on all races people throughout the world over the centuries.

I watched a clip by a white woman who spoke about how she assisted the 'freedom riders' at the age of 12, by giving water to those caught on and affected by the fire on the bus, after the white male mob of her small town had stopped and burned out the bus with black and white teens on their way to Mississippi, she told the story of her black neighbour who owned a mule, her father was incensed by the fact that their neighbour had a mule to the point that the mule was found dead one day. Her father later told her, "its one thing to not have much, but its another when you don't have and a black man has more than you".....fear, the fear that black people can understand and believe the power they possess, that the white man would be subservient, but the most ironic thing is black people are not the cold hearted manipulating mass that is portrayed in the media and spouted by conservatives and bigots, that was (and in some cases still is) the characteristics of the white male (and the women who nurture them).

YOLO on November 08, 2014:

Why Do The Republicans And The Tea Party Hate President Obama? Hhhhhmmmmm? Because he's black and smart, because he gives the black community and any people of color hope that they too can be president and finally become a real part of the American dream. Pub & Tea want to keep things always tilled in their favor. How come people don't see their hatred for what it is Racism. Its funny how everybody trys to dance around this issue.

Heinz57 on November 08, 2014:

@ McTheory You are right about that.There is no arguing with,and no cure for stupid, either.

have no idea why my last comment was posted twice. Sorry for wasting space!

Heinz57 on November 08, 2014:

correction. I attributed the comment that voters are stupid and gluttions for punishment to oldtimer. It was ordinary joe who wrote it

my bad.

Heinz57 on November 08, 2014:

correction. I attributed the comment that voters are stupid and gluttions for punishment to oldtimer. It was ordinary joe who wrote it

my bad.

talkn2u on November 08, 2014:

This article was dead on, but I still didn't see any reason given for all of the viciousness against this President. I know what the answer it. I just didn't see it here.

ann on November 07, 2014:

Boehner and the Republicans could care less what the People have spoken. The People spoke six year sago and the People spoke two years ago and now Boehners hears what the people have spoken bull shit Boehners is a s. o. b.

Rod Martin Jr from Cebu, Philippines on November 05, 2014:

I dislike racism. We're all human. We're simply people.

But I didn't vote for Obama because he was semi-black. He was smart, smooth-talking and spot-on with his rhetoric.

Come February after the election, I learned I had made a big mistake. Obama was worse than Bush. He made breaking campaign promises into a new art. He not only renewed the unPatriot Act, but he signed into legislation even more draconian tyranny. Obama works for the Corporate Party, just like every president since Kennedy, and many before Kennedy.

When Obama said of the prisoners at Gitmo that they should stay there indefinitely, even if found innocent, I knew we had a demonic puppet in the White House. When we found out he had a Kill List which included American citizens on it, I knew America had been lost to the greed of the Corporate Party.

When Obama won a Nobel Peace prize before he had done anything of note on the world stage, I knew something was fishy with this silver-tongued devil.

When the national debt skyrocketed from 10 Trillion to over 17 Trillion in his first term, I suspected that America was merely a coffin awaiting the final few nails.

The power of the Corporate Party and its News Media is that they know how to play our Egos like a symphony. Those psychopaths are the same ones who gave us 9/11 and then blamed it on the Muslims so they'd have justification to take on the Middle East.

Obama is white with a little black thrown in. He's black with a little white thrown in. He's a mix. But he's also a traitor. He has continually shredded the Constitution he swore to defend. Now, it's a felony to protest under certain circumstances. One university student was arrested and tazed for asking John Kerry a question about his past. America has become the New Evil Empire. And Obama is merely one of the front men for the psychopaths in charge.

Mic Theory from Atlanta, Georgia on November 04, 2014:

Racism is a psychoses a mental illness and you can't fight mental illness with facts!

ordinary joe on October 03, 2014:

i am not a republican or a Democrat. I am not a liberal or a conservative. I am just a working stiff,who votes for whoever I think will represent my interests,and will actually listen to my concerns. Therefore as you might guess,I have been very disillusioned of late. However I do not blame the politicians. I blame the downright stupid voters,who keep sending these self centered ideologues back to Washington D.C. every two and six years. I really believe that the American voter is simply a glutton for punishment.

Arizona Jack on September 29, 2014:

@oldtimer Thank you for your candor sir,truth is,if the President was Hispanic,female,Asian, Native,Jewish,Muslim,Atheist,or just a generic Democrat,these Republican impersonators would be doing the same thing.

oldtimer on September 29, 2014:

I don't know why it has taken me so long to chime in here,and I regret that. All that said,let me say,I am a life long Republican(I voted for Tom Dewey,in 1948) and a Conservative. I am very disturbed at the direction my GOP has taken over the last six years in particular. I simply do not understand all this hateful talk about President Obama. Especially,since it started long before he was elected,almost from the day he announced. Any conservative with the gift of common sense,can understand why Democrats and liberals think this vicious personal attack is about race. In 2007,there was nothing else about Obama to complain about,since we did not know anything about the man. All this talk abut his not being an American,being disloyal,and being a Muslim has to end. Especially the attacks on his family. It does the Conservative cause no good whatever. Obama is a citizen,and a loyal American. He is NOT Muslim,and even if he was,it is not relevant! There is no religious requirement for public office.I happen to know Congressman Keith Ellison,of Minnesota. He is African American,and a Muslim. I do not agree with him on much,but he is a brilliant mind,a solid American,and a dedicated public servant. Plus he is a damn nice guy. Six years of this vindictive stuff against Obama is enough. Protest his policies,point out his failures and weaknesses. Okay those things are fair game. But stop this personel vendetta. It hurts the party.It hurts the country.And please my fellow Republicans. STOP listening to those extremists who have hijacked our Party,be they in politics or the media. they are not real Republicans.

neo jm on September 26, 2014:

All legislation is about is control - Control of the masses by an empowered few.

Republicans are simply an arm of this control group just as the democrats are a control group.

There is no meaningful infighting beyond smaller group profiteering and securing of power before the next election.

Think about it-We the people have few rights and are virtual slaves to the government in many ways.

- you Can NOT truly own your home or property in the USA! Why, because even with the deed and no mortgage you must always pay property taxes. If you do not then the government forecloses and takes it back.. Therefore technically everyone leases or rents no one owns.

- now with ACA rules you must by health insurance or risk fines and worse. In 2016 and later years it’s 2.5% of income or $695 per person. You'll pay whichever of these amounts is higher. Please do not pretend you can’t see the incredible loss of freedom associated. The IRS controls these fines via your income tax, so eventually not paying them will be seen as not paying your taxes in full and you will suffer other penalties.

- now old laws are being intentionally mis-enforced to remove more of our or right to work freely. IRS/ DOL specifically targeting high income contractor to reduce their allowable wage is way that may increase tax revenue with the client companies profiting handsomely via their high benefits mark ups.

- selective racism, sexism and sexual orientation rights have never been more muddied. If LGBT was so important with so much liberal support then Why do we still have “men” and “women” designated restrooms? Why don’t college and high school kids shower in same locker room and shower stalls regardless of gender. Why don’t more women open the doors for men?.. why is it preposterous and automatically a serious offense for educated white male professionals to have an exclusive organization similar to The National Conference of Black Lawyers? .. Answer is that all of these special interest groups were about power not justice.

arizona jack on September 22, 2014:

Well,guys,I have no doubt that conservative extremists,Tea Partiers,and Limbaugh,Joe Walsh,Joe Wilson,Allen West, and the haters at FOX are crying in their 12 year old Scotch lamenting the fact that the White House intruder DID NOT get close enough to stick the President with that knife.Take heart nut jobs! No doubt someone else will try sometime over the next two years.

heinz 57 on September 18, 2014:

I wish I could accept your challenge,Jack but I can't. Thanks to right to work laws businesses of all sizes where those laws prevail are now like a brood of newly hatched chicks. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Arizona Jack on September 18, 2014:

Big corporations just love right to work,and at will employment laws(which often go hand in hand) which give employers almost dictatorial power over the lives of their employees."I will not pay you what I know you are worth,take it or leave it." I know some disagree. Some will say that right to work gives workers the freedom to chose union or non union,without the obligation of paying union dues. Think,for just a moment. What union do you know of that will accept a member,give them all the union protections and benefits,for free?If anyone can prove to me that Right To Work legislation,is about anything BUT union busting,and stifling of wage growth,and opportunity,I would welcome it.

stillsurfin on September 16, 2014:


Well, it appears that we do agree on one thing.

Modern American Society IS being manipulated by the Corporate Oligarchy using the Politicians they “own” to do their dirty work, regardless of political party.

BTW, I do appreciate that after having seen the facts you have modified your opinion slightly to:

"Guys, I am not saying Obama is only to blame”


"A secret Obama Administration “attack” “


jman on September 15, 2014:

Good feedback again- Thank you.

The employee vs contractor test stillsurfin kindly shared is interesting. Not terribly accurate to my situation as even true independent consultants working only from home or small businesses in small independent office that work for 3 or 4 different oil & gas operators at the same time would NOT pass all the test questions.

However my complaint definitely is a “secret conspiracy” violating American’s right to work freely by the government for the following reasons:

1. It is a secret! No media coverage, no newspaper articles. Having oil companies like Shell, Talisman, multiple other firms including engineering and placement firms all firing or converting their employee / contractor base to the DETRIMENT (ie: lower overall compensation for the worker) of the skilled worker and not publically stating why? Chevron & Shell middle management is terrified of publicity from ex-contractors should they complain because the IRS ordered them to keep quite as part of the deal. I know because one of them privately told us so.

2. This covert, illegal move is not helping or benefitting the people directly affected. If this were a good thing for say 80+% of those affected by keeping their wage AND adding medical and vacation benefits then I could see it and be less alarmed. Yet if that were the case the government would publicize this move of forcing big companies to simply not hire independent contractors. That is NOT happening. Instead converted work wages drop significantly. If the worker get say $15,000 worth of new benefits then the wage drop is well over $30,000 annually.

a. The form of the change by the government IS to approach the bigger firms and say. “Don’t hire anyone other than bonafide “W2 employees” as workers directly or indirectly or else we will punish you. Same goes if you share this order publically”

3. The law form retaining for the small engineering company that shared details on this change also indicated why the IRS joint task force is working this odd approach by attacking the employers vs changing business law and simply not allow 1 or 2 man small companies that don’t “pass” employer test criteria like stillsurfin shared. I mean simply removing tax advantages would be much more effective and fair way to deal with this issue? The reason is the senator and congressmen have multiple small businesses on the side themselves that are ~ independent contractor based entities. They don’t want to outlaw their own secondary form of enrichment. So this “keep the sheep-people in check by not letting them follow suit” approach is being used.

Guys, I am not saying Obama is only to blame. For what we can see this removal of the right to work freely is a bipartisan activity with ties to big business.

Be careful what you try and justify on this and other topics. Remember back during Nazi Germany many intellectuals supported Hilter even during the concentration camps and oven activities. This was because they didn’t want to have accidently backed something so monstrous and the best defense to this was to simply not believe the hard truths. The American government is not necessarily any better or moral or ethical regardless of who is heading it up. This worker rights assault that profits big business and governemnt tax revenue is an example.

Rolling Thunder on September 14, 2014:

Jack,I do understand your feelings. I to feel sad about the plitical and social civil war that is taking place in our country,between those who wish to see the vision of the founders fulfilled for everyone,and those who would see the nation not only stand still,but go backward.The viciousness of the attacks on POTUS over the past six plus years,he proliferation of white supremacist hate groups,since he took office,and the stagnant mind set of the Tea Party and others,who do not allow for any dissent, and pillory anyone who does,makes me afraid for our future as a nation.

stillsurfin on September 13, 2014:

yep, that's the truth.

Arizona Jack on September 13, 2014:

@stillsurfin "Which is probably hard to do,if one already hates President Obama." I would say you are being kind To my way of thinking,it would be near to impossible.I must confess. It really breaks my heart to see certain groups of people,who have one goal and one goal only. To create an atmosphere of division and hate. In all my years of following politics,I have never seen so much hate directed at one man. Even the Dubya haters were not as vicious.And it will only get worse. If the Republicans take the Senate,rest assured there will be another Ken Starr style impeachment witch hunt,With Daryl Issa right in the middle of it. I have never seen so many people so willing to surrender their will,their lives,and their ability to formulate thoughts and ideas of their own,to a media propaganda machine.

stillsurfin on September 12, 2014:


yes, her comments are much appreciated.

And, I do have to say that I do feel bad for her and her friends who are being affected by the effort by the States and the IRS to enforce the proper classification of Intependent Contractors.

I'm sure that it has been very hard and probably shocking to see this crack down on employers seemingly coming out of the blue..... especially when it has been the "norm" in the oil and gas industry for decades where she has been working.

And, the "timing" of happening during Obama's presidency could lead to a "perception" that it was his doing.

But, this where it become necessary to be "objective" and not jump to a conclusion, belief, or opinion without gathering all the facts ..... which is probably hard to do if one already hates President Obama.

Arizona Jack on September 12, 2014:

@Jman I very much respect your most recent comments to stillsurfin.Even though we may disagree I enjoyed the back and forth,even if it got a bit heated,which I really do regret.I spent over twenty years in the Army(twenty active,nine reserve) standing up for a citizens right to express themselves,whether I agree with them or not. I wish you well.

stillsurfin on September 12, 2014:


I’ve done a little more research and also talked with a friend of mine who is a Corporate Attorney and is very experienced in Labor Law.

My friend says there no evidence whatsoever of any “secret" government attack on Independent Contractors and I’ve found nothing that indicates any credibility to any "conspiracy" of that sort.

What is happening is that there is an “overt” and “public" effort by many States AND the IRS to crack down on EMPLOYERS who have been illegally misclassifying workers for years……. which should have been done long ago.

Yes, there is no doubt that there are a number many “innocent” workers who have been working as Independent Contractors in the past that are being affected by the effort …. “innocent” in this context refers to workers who were unaware of the rules for being classified as an Independent Contractor.

You and your friends may be some of those “innocent” Independent Contractors.

But, the vast majority of those “innocent” Independent Contractors should never have been classified as an Independent Contractor in the first place.

Interestingly, Big Oil Companies have been one of the most egregious industries that have been breaking the law and misclassifying workers for decades …… so, you’re right that you and your friends are now feeling the affect.

A simple “test” to determine if an employer can classify a worker as an Independent Contractor is in the link below:

In this case it is a California State link, but almost every state has the same info.

And, if you want to see many more just type "Independent Contractor rules" in any search engine .... and you'll get hundreds of links to the 20 questions to determine if a worker can be classified as an Independent Contractor.

The link above is written from the Employer's perspective, because the employer is the one that can be subjected to big fines if they fail to classify a worker correctly.

But, there are many more written from the worker's perspective too.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on September 12, 2014:


I just saw her comments and see them up above. I just approved them as not being spam.

For some reason Hubpages flagged them as being spam and that's why they weren't showing up.

stillsurfin on September 12, 2014:

Well guys, sorry this post is going to be a little long.... but, when aren't my posts long right :)

Vveasey made the comment "But I'm not going to go back and forth commenting with them because I think it's a waste of my time."

That struck a chord with me.

There are many Americans who Hate Obama with a religious-type fervor and use a Hate-Obama-Belief-System which is based on Myths (not facts).

This root of this hatred is more often than not because he is black (or as Rolling Thunder points out half-black).

But, I've always held out hope that even those with "myth-based" Obama Hatred could see "reason" - if facts and truth were presented that obviously debunked the "Hate Obama Myths" that their Hate Obama Religion was based upon.

I was on the verge of finally just giving up forever providing "facts & truth" to those who have an unreasonable Hatred for our President and believe he is ALL BAD and out to "get them"

Since we had not heard from Jman I assumed once again facts and truth had fallen on deaf ears and vveasey's statement of all this being a "waste of time" was making too much sense !!!

Then an unusual thing happened.....maybe, just maybe....the "shining light" of FACTS and TRUTH does have a chance !!!!

I got the following message from Jman:

Hi Stillsurfin,

This is Jmandy from hubpages. Apparently veasly or hp has blocked my further responses on the Obama / Tea Party hub. I had replied earlier saying "thank you" since your input filled out significant background material I was not aware of. Although I tried to add a bit more illustrating the "cover story" use of the GAO study and how to date all contractors both low and more highly paid have lost out by way of overall compensation not to mentioned right to work infringement ...

Anyway, it appears that hubpages is censored when unpopular or non-party line truths or issues actually get debated. Since this “right to work freely” issue directly impacts myself and others working at big oil companies I am really looking for a way to help address and redress the issue versus just complaining or blaming.

By the way, I do enjoy debating and review our different perspectives and respect you for your passion and intellect on the subjects. Believe it or not on at least some of your points I do listen and perhaps even amend my thoughts on the subject.

If I can make time I’ll try an post a hub myself and then perhaps free speech on any subject can be held again.

Rolling Thunder on September 11, 2014:

@Heinz57 Very astute observation,and uproariously funny! Back to the basic premise of this site. "why do Republicans and the Tea Party hate President Obama?" The most common response is,'because he is black." Well,I submit,it is not because he is black,but because he is only half black. To Ted Cruz and his daddy,Bachmann,Ghomert,and others who live deep in the Valley of the Super Bigots,that is an even bigger sin. Remember Joe Walsh? The guy who lost his seat to Tammy Duckworth the war hero,after just one term? I actually heard him call the President "Zebra" Enough said.

Jman from Texas on September 10, 2014:

Great Feedback!

Thank you Stillsurfin and all on the feedback regarding Government ‘s attack on contractor work /right to work freely issue.

I need to read through more of links but it does look relevant and factual.

However that initial GAO work about employers pocketing money they should not have may well be the “cover story” to explain way the real intent of the current move.

Actually I don’t care much which political party anyone wishes to blame.

Many of us felt the Republican’s were involved as well considering the secrecy and media blackout involved in the RECENT “worker conversion” process.

Thousands of folks at contract companies like Brunel ( ) and Swift ( ) either lost their jobs or were forced to take “much” lower paying jobs as W2 staff against their will. This occurred ~ 2012 and 2013 from what we can tell. If anyone cares to call those companies and ask recruiters some will share that with you.

I do Care that of the 64 contractors I worked with last year in my clients office that only 12, including me, remain but remain at high risk of having to leave soon strictly because of this Government move.

Others in my office took lower paying staff jobs with benefits doing the same exact work in the same office against their wishes.

Others quit and now work for smaller companies against their desire since the DOL/ IRS task force has not “threatened” smaller firms much yet. Two instead went overseas to work and leave the country.

These are real changes affecting real people real time. From what I can see innocents are being pushing and penalized while those in lower tier contract jobs are seeing limited or no “help” from this move. All that happens is the job type is converted to staff then given benefits with lots of extra fees thrown in resulting in lower overall pay for the supposedly “helped” worker in this job. Typical failed execution to help the people by the government if you want to see it from one point of view. Or you can say this was all pre planned and done to further enslave, indoctrinate and control workers and keep them working longer and harder with less compensation. Either way, the people lose and the elite win.

Anyway again, great feedback thanks.

heinz57 on September 10, 2014:

Here's food for thought,have you ever wondered why so many conservatives like NASCAR considering all they do is move constantly to the left?

Arizona jack on September 10, 2014:

Almost 24 hours and still no response from the Doctor! What a surprise. Probably too busy raking in all that extra revenue from Medicaid expansion and all those newly insured folks who have never had it before.

jake on September 10, 2014:

You are so right,proud vet. If the kind of disrespect(to put it mildly)shown to President Obama over the last SEVEN years,I count the campaign,was shown to any Republican President,Conservatives would be tossing temper tantrums,and calling that person unAmerican. Just as they did to anyone who came out against Bushes dirty little war.

proud vet on September 09, 2014:

All I ever hear from the far right,is our hate for Obama is not about race.But their words belie. It IS about race. It's ALL about race.

Heinz 57 on September 09, 2014:

@Dr. Jean Other than the garbage propaganda you have been seeing and reading from the Tea Party and Fake News Network,what proof do you have that the President is a Muslim? Exactly what freedoms has he abused,other than perhaps your freedom to be a hate filled bigot? Explain the vitriol he has been the target of,before you and your ilk,even knew who he was. Plus,I would really like to see you answer Arizona Jacks question.

Arizona Jack on September 09, 2014:

@Dr. Jean Reno Ten you wonder why conservatives are seen as narrow minded. You see and hear only what you want to see and hear,and nothing more. Just because Rush Limbaugh says it,does not make it gospel. Hey DOCTOR! How much extra revenue are you going to generate for yourself from Obamacare that you hate so much?

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on September 09, 2014:


Yep that's hilarious!

I only check this hub once and while and don't usually like to comment, but sometimes, when I see someone post something so hateful and stupid.

I will comment and hopefully hold up a mirror, that shows them that, although their self-absorbed hatred and disrespect for President Obama, makes them think they are saying something "intelligent" how painfully stupid and self-serving their comments really are.

But I'm not going to go back and forth commenting with them because I think it's a waste of my time.

I leave that for you with the facts and others who don't mind doing that.

stillsurfin on September 09, 2014:


:) LOL

I always find it "interesting" when a human (I’m assuming) like dr. jean reno above (a psychologist ? hmmm) posts lots of words without a single fact to support their nasty opinions and beliefs.

Yeah.... every morning when he wakes up .... the President of the United States punches himself in the white side of his face and tries to bite his own Caucasian ear - he hates the whiteys so much.

VC L Veasey (author) from Detroit,MI on September 09, 2014:

You think President Obama hates his white mother and grandmother who raised him and the "white" part of himself? Hahahahaha!

The hatred, disdain, and disrespect you express toward President Obama makes you exhibit number one, of the very thing you're upset and commenting about only in reverse

stillsurfin on September 08, 2014:


I hope a few "facts" isn't what would drive her away. But, you never know.

I thought it would be very interesting and enlightening to see how she responds and reacts to facts she may or may not have been aware of ..... which provide history, context, and background about the subject she is obviously concerned about.


I just provided the facts, data, and credible sources that you could consider relative to your current belief and opinion.

And, hopefully I haven't offended you in the process .... if so, I apologize.

just me222 on September 08, 2014:

Ok,I suggest that we get a posse and go look for jman. We can start by checking the Faux News viewers. Surely a few facts would not chase her away,do you think?

Arizona Jack on September 08, 2014:

Wow! this stuff is just a bit too deep for this crusty old Non Com. I think I will sit this one out. Jman. Any remarks I have made previously that offended you,pleas accept my apology.

stillsurfin on September 08, 2014:

BTW, If you curious WHY the States pressured Congress and the Obama Adminstration to act on the 2009 GAO Recommendations - there are some basic reasons.

Many States were not getting the payroll tax revenue they were supposed to get to help with Unemployement insurance and other Expenses.

State Legislatures were also getting pressure from "Honorable" Companies who were doing the right thing and classifying employees correctly ... which resulted in higher operating cost for them.

Dishonest and unscrupulous Employers who miscclassified employees as Independent Contractors did not pay the State Payroll and Employee taxes that they were supposed to and that gave them an "unfair competitive advantage" over Honest Companies.

When it was just a few Dishonest Companies it was in the "noise" level... but the problem over the last 40 years has become significant with rampant abuse.

A classic example is the State of South Carolina.

The State of South Carolina did an audit from 2011-2013 of a number of South Carolina Companies and found that about 12 percent of all the companies audited misclassified employees as Independent Contractors.

12% is a huge number and represented a big problem for South Carolina.

A good article from the State of South Carolina that explains it much better than I can is below:

stillsurfin on September 08, 2014:

oops. sorry, I hit the wrong cut and paste.... I had already provided the 1977 GAO report on the subject earlier.

What I meant to provide was th 1979 GAO report which was missing above.

So just to be complete:

Yeah, it's funny this "attack" on Independent Contractors was started by the US Congress 37 years ago when President Obama was 16 years old ....but, somehow it's still Obama's fault today.

just me222 on September 08, 2014:

Thanks,your reading material always interests me. But,I like facts. Thats Justme.

stillsurfin on September 08, 2014:

Just me,

:) yeah facts are really inconvenient things for some folks.

Oh, if you're really interested in some late night reading..... here is the 1977 GAO report on the subject.

just me222 on September 08, 2014:

You know stillsurfin,you just don't get that those ugly FACTS get in the way of their hatred for that scary black guy in the White House that is not the butler! And oh how they love Rush Limpdick and Faux News..

stillsurfin on September 08, 2014:


I thought we already covered, this…. but maybe we didn’t finish.

The FACT is that the “secret Obama Administration attack” is FAR from “secret” and FAR from Obama’s “attack”.

Simply, the problem is this:

1. Unscrupulous Employers - there are many (and have been) unscrupulous employers who, to avoid payroll taxes and employment taxes that ALL Honorable Employers pay, misclassify some employees as “independent contractors” even though they should be classified as employees.

This allows unscrupulous employer puts more money in their pocket…... but, the employee ends up without the protections and benefits which they should be entitled to.

2. Unscrupulous or unaware workers - many employees who were classified as independent contractors didn’t pay and withhold their own payroll taxes and and employment taxes required by law (laws going back decades, not some NEW secret Obama law) - either by intent or because they weren’t aware they were required to.

This issue is OLD and not secret.

Congress first tasked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to study this problem in 1977, 1979 and again in 1992.

The GAO issued findings and options back then to correct the problem … but nothing was done and the problem grew bigger and bigger.

In 2007, the problem became so large that the States took action and did their own studies and uncovered that at least 150,000 workers were misclassified.

The States put pressure on Congress and 4 bills were introduced regarding worker misclassification in 2007 (when Bush was President).

Again (this time in 2008, when Bush was President) the GAO was tasked to study the issue and come up with recommendations.

The Investigation completed and the report was finally issued in August 2009.

The Report was clear that the problem had become so large and widespread it had to be addressed.

The States and the IRS pressured Congress and the Administration to act on the GAO Recommendations this time.

Here is the link to the August 2009 GAO report:

Here is the GAO 1977 GAO report on the issue:

Here is the 1992 GAO Report on the issue:

And, interestingly, Here is the GAO Testimony before the House Ways & Means Subcommitte on Oversight back on June 20, 1996

And, here is the responsibilities of the subcommittee on Oversight, in case you weren't aware of it:

But, of course Obama Haters will claim that stuff like is proof of a NEW “secret” Obama WAR on America that he just thought up by himself and started on his own ….. or some such nonsense like that.

Unfortunately, instead of looking for FACTS and TRUTH ….. the fictional stories are just too “tasty” for Obama Haters ….. so they spread like wildfire among the Obama Haters.

All the while, the FACTS about the situation evaporate in the fictional story telling.

Jman from Texas on September 08, 2014:

In response to the above , I was "quoting" Stillsurfin's own statement from previous days about whites being a minority. (Stillsurfin's own words -not my belief- and Stillsurfin responsed negatively on how wrong that statement , his own statement, was... lol.. oh well no big deal his later reply was on tone was respectable and postitive) .. How about something more interesting..

Things like Revoking the right to work freely: A secret Obama Administration “attack” against US micro (1-4 person sized) businesses and independent contractors sometimes called “1099 contractors”. Did you know that over 1 million have lost high paying contract jobs in the last year alone and forced to take much lower paid W2 paid staff positions strictly because on a 2012 IRS/DOL/DOJ task force design specifically to force out independent workers by forcing big companies NOT to hire independent businessmen and contractors and instead pay them much less as big company employees. Basically mandating a 25% to 40% effective pay cut with the savings going to the big company, insurance and the goverment.

HOW? By blackmailing large oil& gas companies, Microsoft and others to comply or suffer IRS audits and DOL lawsuits to force them to pay contractors full benefits if they use contractor. Some 1099 contractors are trying to resist and leave to work at others firms not yet being blackmailed by the government task force. This high end staff lose hurts the bigger firms since they are not happy about damaged productivity and lesser innovation.

WHY? Government estimated ~$4,500/ annual per person IRS loss on income tax from this group of around 10 million high paid contract workers. W2 employees almost always pay more in taxes on smaller salaries than contractors do.

The bigger reason is control of the working class since contractor scan usually retire earlier and that means having good productive people not paying into the near bankrupt income tax system as long.

People are being forced to take lower paying jobs in high demand growing industries because off a corrupted government plan that is leveraging Fair Labor Standards Act ( FSLA) 2.0.6. Govt even created a protection payment option called VSPA where companies that fire all contractors and don’t rehire can pay the govt a “fine” for a promise that the government wont sue them later for past contractor use.

That is the real deal happing in America under our current government. Forcing American workers to keep slaving away into their 70’s to maximize their tax contribution and minimize their non working lifetime. Non tax generating retired workers having much short retired lifespans by working into their 70's means lower long term medical costs.

This is a government attack against the upper middle and lower upper class. Believe it or Not but it is true.

heinz57 on September 07, 2014:

@stillsurfin I understand your feelings but you have not done anything to feel shame over. We all run on wobbly wheels every so often. As I tried to tell Jack,we all have different methods of expression. No,we should try never to let others push our buttons,but everyone has their boundaries right?

arizona jack on September 07, 2014:

@heinz57 Thank you for that. I must admit I get a little overly zealous with my words. It is based on what i have seen,heard,and read,from the right. My late wife,rest hr soul,was much like our friend stillsurfin. Well educated,cultured,and very well informed,as well as pragmatic. She always said I was a graduate of the Don Rickles school of charm.

heinz57 on September 07, 2014:

Jack. You are 'eloquent" too in your own way. I have noticed that you have a considerable intolerance FOR intolerance. You may not be as cultured as stillsurfin is,as I have seen you express at times,but you do make your feelings obvious in no uncertain terms,and you do it without the use of the profanity I have seen that permeates many of the anti Obama sites i have accessed. so,don't be so hard on yourself for being passionate.

Arizona Jack on September 06, 2014:

@stillsurfin Let's you and I make a deal. You hit them with the facts and the reasonable rhetoric you are so very eloquent with,and I will be the "hit man" It's more up my street.

stillsurfin on September 06, 2014:


Thank You !

I'm ashamed to admit it but that Jman with her constantly calling me a liberal and a dangerous lunatic without ever reading the actual "words" I had posted ..... It did get under my skin and as a result I have recently posted too many "opinions" without factual substantiation.

I try to stay restrained, factual, logical, and unbiasd as possible .... but, I've failed recently.

Sorry .... and, Sorry to Jman & AFCapt, too

Hanging my head in a bit of shame here, guys.....

Anyway, thanks for gently "calling me on it" - I needed a sanity check and you've helped realize I've been out of line.

I'll try do better in the future to stick with the facts and tone down the rhetoric & opinions.

arizona jack on September 06, 2014:

Glad to "hear" from you again proud vet,hope to read more from you soon. Hey guys! I think I have a program of recovery for our right wing extremist friends. NO,Really1 just read and tell me what you think. 1)I admitted I was brain dead,and I had become a Looney Toons character,and my thought processes have been hijacked by Rush Limbaugh,and I need an exorcist. 2) Came to believe that the power of common sense,(or Joe Biden,whichever comes first) can restore me to sanity3)Made a decision to turn my will and my life,over to the care of Elizabeth Warren.4)Made a inventory of where I get my information.5)Admitted to Obama,myself,and Ed Schultz the exact nature of my wrongs.6)Was entirely ready to remove all my character defects by turning off Fox News,and putting in a V chip so I can't get it anymore.7)Put away my AK-47 and took a good look at my shortcomings.8)Made a list of all the nasty things I have said about Obama,and actually admit that he IS President.9)Made amends to others,except when doing so would cause me to go into convulsions. 10)Continued to take personal inventory,and when I waswrong,promptly blame Sean Hannity. 11)sought through prayer and meditation,instead of beer and medication,th maintain contact with the real world.12)Having now had an awakening,I vow to try to carry the message to other lost right wing nut jobs, and tell Ted Cruz,and Michele Bachmann to take a flying leap. Well,what do you think? All in jest of course,hopeless is hopeless.

proudvet on September 06, 2014:

Hi folks. I know I have been away a long time,but you know,life happens,and usually when you are making plans to do other things. I have scrolled back quite a way to see what i have missed,and boy has the fur been flying! Even stillsurfin,who has never posted anything without the facts to back it up,seems to be getting a bit testy of late. But I am very happy to see that there is still "fire in the belly' I do not have much to say about recent commentary,mostly because you guys have said it all. But I 'll be back!

heinz57 on September 05, 2014:

Jack, You may have something there. Funny how one disappeard so fast and the 'other showed up. I know Jman posted a while back but it still looks a little odd.

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