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Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose the Presidential Election?

What Happened?

With her chances of becoming the first female President of the United States high off the heels of the final term of the first black President of the United States, a person is left wondering what could have possibly gone wrong.

It isn't that the country wasn't ready for a female president; you can pick any article written about it over the course of the past two years and see that the country was more than ready, and many were asking why it hadn't happened yet.

Was it the Benghazi controversy, or maybe the classified email scandal that blew Hillary out of the water? Maybe it was her inability to reach the people on the issues that concerned them most? Could it have been simply because the country wanted the kind of change she wasn't offering? my opinion, those aren't the reasons that necessarily sunk her.

Then what could it have been?

Trump had done sleazier things; more degrading things, and on top of it, he scared people with his outbursts and temperamental displays of being a person who couldn't even control himself, let alone be in a position where a government would control him.

Yet he won.

And it wasn't by any near margin as the polls suggested it would be in the beginning. Hillary was really nowhere close to beating him.

I think Hillary lost the female vote here.

A guilty Bill admits his "indiscretions" as Hillary looks on.

A guilty Bill admits his "indiscretions" as Hillary looks on.

Not a Big Head Scratcher at All

Something that seems all too apparent with the human race is our ability to easily forgive or completely forget the past. We forgive that the politician told us one thing yesterday, and something completely contradictory today. We forget when a sitting President tricks us into a war we don't want, and therefore don't think it could ever happen again. We forgive the celebrity who may have raped someone in their past because we love the person we thought he was.

What i don't think any of us forgot was that Hillary Clinton forgave her husband for cheating and humiliating her.

That's the bottom line.

I personally lost all respect for her when she didn't kick him to the curb, and I believe it was a thought many other women had and still have as they look for a strong female to take the reigns as our first female president.

What kind of an example has she set for women throughout the country who are in abusive relationships? Is betraying and humiliating someone not abuse?

I've heard women defend Hillary's actions in this regard saying that she couldn't leave him because of her ambitious career. This excuse only makes the situation worse. This only tells me that Hillary stayed with a lying, cheating husband because she didn't believe she could pave a political road for herself without him. That she needed the support and reputation of a man to take her to the top...did she believe women would think she was strong for staying with such a man?

If she did, she was very, very, wrong.

In an LA Times article dated back in 1999, Hillary blamed her husband's infidelity on abuse issues from when he was a child. She said his infidelity was, "out of weakness, not malice," and she stayed with him, "out of love and loyalty."

Okay, first of all, does any man cheat out of malice? If they do, I seriously doubt it's the majority of them. Now we can fairly use the excuse that men cheat out of weakness and the women who put up with it stay out of love and loyalty. Maybe it's an excuse we could live with if it was a one time deal, and he wasn't the President of the United States! But it wasn't Bill's first trip to the cheating arena as the same article indicates, AND he WAS the President of the United States! He abused his power, and his wife, and she stayed out of love and loyalty! All she did was show us she believed women should put up with abuse.

Another article suggests that Hillary was, and is, judged too harshly for her staying with a cheater and that many women choose to stay for various reasons; weakness and loyalty being among the selected few ( What the article fails to mention is that Hillary isn't just another woman stuck in an abusive relationship. She's a political figure who was attempting to be the poster child for American women everywhere. She wanted to be the first woman President of the United States, for crying out loud! That puts her in a slightly different position than the average abused woman and it means she has a responsibility to be a role model. Showing women what it means to be strong and stand up for themselves; that they don't have to accept a miserable life, and that they can make it on their own. She needed to be a woman who did not have low self-esteem or low self-respect and would not accept any kind of abuse from anyone, no matter how much she "loves" them. It means having the confidence to accomplish her dreams without needing a male to boost her career.

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A cheating man isn't a "flawed" man as the article goes on to say. Cheating means different things to different people, but in essence, when someone has made a commitment in a relationship to remain faithful to their partner, when that commitment is broken, it's a betrayal. Plain and simple, regardless of whether it was for malice or out of weakness. The woman who stays, whether it's because she could recover from it, or not, appears weak, no matter how you slice it. For a person in power, this is not a positive image to portray. Nothing irks me more than when someone uses the word "flawed" when describing a cheater; especially a repeat offender.

Just to be fair, I feel the same way about the man who cheats. I agreed with Bill Clinton's impeachment over the matter simply because I saw him as an extremely weak man who wasn't fit to be our country's leader. The fact that he cheated out of weakness only makes it worse. If he had done it out of malice, I would've had a lot more respect for him simply because that would've shown he was at the very least in control of his own actions.

Trump is also too weak of an individual to lead our country, but on an even more dangerous level. He objectifies women and sees nothing at all wrong with it. But it doesn't stop with women. He seems to be out of control with all of his biases; unable to even refrain from saying how ugly or stupid he thinks someone is. I'd like to see him pull that crap on North Korea's leader., I wouldn't like to see that, and I pray I never will!

Do I think Hillary lost the election because she chose to stay with Bill? Yes, I think it has a lot more to do with it then we're admitting. After all, Bill would've been the First...Husband? That's almost worse than having Melania as first lady.

According to wbur, people are more lenient of sexual differences in our society in this day and age, but when it comes to sexual hypocrisy and abuse, there's little forgiveness (

I'm tending to agree with that.

A Weak Leader


Pat Harty on January 24, 2017:

From Jan 1989 to Jan 2009, both the George Bushes and Bill Clinton,who served as US Presidents combined, ruled America for 20 years......

As a result,the Americans did not want Jeb Bush and therefore did not want Hillary to start the same Dynastys all over again.

Oddly enough, this fact is hardly mentioned by the main stream media, although this may have contributed to Hillarys downfall.

Her constant sticky smile in all her debates, made her appear false and also a defender of the Political status quo which Trump suceeded in exposing.

LLS on November 30, 2016:

"Trump had done sleazier things; more degrading things…" Please name some and contrast them to the magnitude of Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, security compromises, and other abuses of Hillary.

“he scared people with his outbursts and temperamental displays...." Hilary Clinton is well known for her foul mouth. contempt for people around her and fondness for alcohol, reported numerous times in the media and by former associates and subordinates. Where are the reports of this behavior on Trump's part?

Wild Bill on November 11, 2016:

The HRC campaign is blaming everyone from Russia, to Comey, and even Obama, but the fact is she is to blame. Democrats didn't want her in 2008 and the country doesn't want her now.

Ken Burgess from Florida on November 09, 2016:

People are going to dig for a lot of things... but what people forget is that politics goes off of one thing, more than anything... economics.

What happened just before the election?

News that Obamacare (Health Insurance) rates were going to go up at least 25%, for some states it was much higher than that.

It is not really something that "liberals" want to admit, but Obamacare was a failure, it is costing families thousands of dollars more a year, rather than saving them $2,500 a year and allowing them to keep their doctors, as promised.

Those people being affected by Obamacare that are paying extra thousands of dollars every year, aren't so happy with it.

And it was a lot of little things put into effect over the past few years, H1-B and H2-B visa program that has cost tens of thousands of Americans to lose their jobs to foreign workers brought in to work here in America (outrageous to any American to lose their job to a foreigner just because they will work for less)... the Cross-Border Trucking Deal which allows Mexican drivers to take their loads anywhere in America, cutting out American Truckers from doing the job of taking those loads from the border (again, thousands of Americans were put out of work).

TPP following already horrible trade agreements that have been on place for years, like NAFTA, CAFTA, and China's non-tariff status.

As Bill Clinton said back in 1992 "Its the economy stupid" in general the Obama Administration has provided new taxes ( and Hillary was promising more), Obamacare, and had cost hundreds of thousands of Americans to lose their jobs (tens of thousands from NASA alone many years earlier, and more and more as time went on from various fields)... and this was what cost Hillary the election... all those workers that have lost their jobs and are now struggling to get by.

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