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Why Can't Rebel's MC Members Hold Down Top Jobs

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Who Said Rebels, Their Families and Associates Can't Hold down Top Jobs

“Rebels in top positions of trust

Emblazoned across national newspapers with claims of members of the Rebel MC Members and their families and associates are in positions of power/trust, inclusive of ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Services), Department of Defence. Our government and their moronic robotic law enforcers, continue to show the Australian public that they are nothing less than spineless little worms, which deserve nothing but the profoundest contempt. And most expressly as a people of this country we insist that you try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are all brain dead continues to be obvious each morning that we switch to popular mainstream media and our newspapers.

What are they afraid of?

That those Members, families, associates will discover their crude plan to annihilate and take the people of this country back 50 -70 years where the everyday Aussie Battler was nothing but mere dirt under the finger nail of the rich greedy imperialists…? Well it may be the year 2015, but it is very obvious that concept has not changed one iota.

As a little reminder, hmm, no f**k it! As a f**king huge reminder to the government and the robotic Muppet’s who enforce their corruption, everyday people who get their arses into positions of power have worked damned hard to get there. Hours and years of burning the midnight oil, working several jobs to pay for their educations, loaned close to $100,000 Higher Education Contribution from the Government for the mere privilege of attending a State university. They spend 5 years if not more, paying higher tax brackets to pay back their HEC’S loan to the government. Whether they are members of the Rebels, a family member to a Rebel or an associate, they have earned their right to be in those jobs and they obviously have the damned goods to be there! And even though we are well aware the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed at the United Nations General Assembly on 10th December, 1948 that Australia was a signatory to, doesn’t protect us from dictatorship that is this sovereign nation of ours; at what point do we say enough? At what point do we remind the government that this universal declaration defies every tyrannical law and oppressive step they are taking to stand over us? At what point are we going to see the general public rise up and say loud and clear that they are not sheep and they know what is being said and done and they will no longer tolerate it?

I know as an Australian that has worked her backside off to achieve an education, that I have every right to support my family, friends, and brothers with that education and provide the basic survival amenities to them with all my guts and glory. Many bikers, members of their families, associates, are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and so on and so on that are highly successful people, who just happen to be members , family or associates of the Rebels MC, or any other club for that matter. They have earned their right to be in those jobs, and the fact that the government, and their stooges waste another $64 million dollars on taskforces such as ATERRO, RAPTOR; How can they justify this when the Nation’s crime statistics do not back nor support their claims and continue to waste the peoples taxes on their bilious laws and actions? How can they justify this wastage when we have hospital bed shortages, rising homeless, minimal resources for our public schools, rises in electricity costs, 63 women dead from domestic violence alone this year and the government has cut funding to all these issues. We know how far we can take this list as the neglected citizens of this country; this waste of money makes us sick! And due to their stupidity and superiority, the fundraising efforts of bikers such as the Rebels MC and others, is no longer given to the people that so desperately need it because the government has made it unlawful. Sorry Royal Flying Doctor Service, several hospitals throughout the country, Fire Departments, Schools, Salvos, and St Vinnie’s, etc., etc... But unless these benefactors are willing to stand up and support the bikers that support them… There isn’t an awful lot we can do. Are we all pussy whipped Australia? Have the staunch Aussie battler and protester that our grandfather’s genes made damn sure we had been bred out with fear and dictatorship? How many are willing to prove the Aussie DNA isn’t dead?

Should The Government Have The Power To End A Person's Career Without Having committed A Crime?

Why Do You Think The Australian Government Is Flexing Extreme Right Wing Fascist Laws Increasingly In Australia?

There are increasing examples of the Australian Government passing laws and interfering in Australian way of life. Share with us your thoughts and examples on this matter and what you believe is the only way to stop it. Should we be voting outside of the two party preferred system to hold them accountable for what they are doing?


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George Devic on September 27, 2015:

Completely agreed,I get that treatment in court for example,English yugo bloke,not the same but similar since I've been here since 1968 & worked paying taxes from 14yo,,"Yes Give the real Aussie Battler some freedom to be Australian again"

Smith on September 27, 2015:


SPYDAH on September 26, 2015:

The Australian Governments have,for the past 45 years,been trying to dominate,infiltrate and annihilate any one and anything that does not conform to their twisted values. The pensioners of Australia are another example,they live on or below the poverty line while the politicians enjoy multi-million dollars perks!

The Governments,whether they be Liberal or Labor,have set out to create a Country controlled by the Police. Once this happens,and it will,anarchy will reign supreme and our Country will degenerate into a third World slum probably controlled by the overwhelming number of migrants,legal and otherwise,of the Islamic faith (Cult).

As an ex-serviceman of this Country I am appalled by the obvious ignorance of the general population as they continue to vote these fools into power,at least Hitler cared for his own people!

Just because a person has tattoo's and rides a Harley does not make him/her any less a person or any less educated than anyone else!

If the Government bans motorcycle clubs then they MUST also ban knitting clubs,fishing clubs,bowling clubs,RSL's etc etc.!

Leave bikers and bikie's alone and GET REAL,GET A LIFE!

Aaron on September 26, 2015:

There is no half way crooks

Either your. A outlaw or not make your bed and lay in it

Jasmine on September 25, 2015:

Best people ever

Jason Lonnon on September 25, 2015:

These laws are unjust. Freedom to the people!

Jessica on September 25, 2015:

So over this goverment trying to contol every aspect of our lives. I thought we were so suppose to be a free country. Our country mem gave their lives at war so we may live free. This is just totally un Australian.

thelma laws on September 25, 2015:

our Government cannot criticize other governments for being dictators when they are doing the exact same thing by playing big brother...i have had enough of this beaurocratic bullying. Concentrate on more important issues...like corruption in the police force and higher levels

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