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Why Aren't These Stories of Random Mass Shootings All Over Mainstream & Social Media; Why Are They Hidden From Us?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Heart-wrenching Interview


I had not heard one word about this particular mass shooting.

I came across the heart-wrenching interview, quite by accident.

"Three men, African-Americans with dreads" jump out of an S.U.V. and begin shooting at everyone and everything in sight!

How does that not "make the News"?

Apparently it is quite common, especially in the big cities.

Such a tragedy!

My heart breaks for these families, especially these families affected by violence, time and time again.

They must always be on guard, constantly looking over their shoulder, how could they not be? Perhaps it has gotten to the point, where they feel forced to leave the place they've always called home, because things never get any better for them, they only get worse. As their neighbors, their family members, no matter their ages, fall victim to such rage, such violence, such callousness, such evil....

Apparently, these types of mass shootings, which are commonplace in Chicago and in other big cities, every weekend, aren't even on the radar of the leftist crusading gun- grabbers!

The long holiday weekends must be the most dreaded weekends of all for the many law-abiding citizens of these cities!

The carnage is always so much worse - an extra day for the gun-weilding thugs, to up the death count...for that's how they celebrate holiday weekends!

Why aren't these stories on every channel and throughout social media 24-7 and why was I able to find this one, only by accident?

Because these stories don't fit the current narrative of the current administration...

They have no place in the constantly crammed down our throats messaging that guns kill, not people; unless, of course, they are white people, unless, of course, they are MAGA supporters.....

Drug Lords and their street thug enforcers in these bang-bang-shoot-em-up cities, will never follow any laws, much less more restrictive gun laws - only law-abiding citizens follow the law!

Any person who thinks differently, doesn't have their head screwed on straight!

The only ones hurt by gun grabbers, anti-gun crusaders and by more restrictive gun laws... are law-abiding citizens(.) period

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Problems with Priority

These street thugs are no different than the mobsters who used to run and rule the big city streets decades ago.

The difference...

No one is after them.

They aren't a priority!

No one is cracking down on them.

These big city Democratic Mayors and Democratic city 'leaders' are much too busy cracking down on Police Officers and on law-abiding citizens!

The more they tie the hands of Police Officers and of law-abiding citizens, the more powerful, these street thug mobsters become!

The weakness and incompetence level of these so-called leaders, has led to such brazenness.

Not just with these like-clockwork weekend mass shooter gangs, but with up-and-coming bad guys, as they loot stores regularly in these cities, harm their neighbors, destroy public property, shut down businesses....and respect no one!

God-fearing families, law-abiding citizens, entrepreneurs and shop owners, completely at the mercy of such horrible and heartless people, throughout these big cities, such as Chicago!

Crickets from the Democratic leaders, who preside over these cities, because their focus is warped!

Their focus is political, selective and occasionally - reactive, never are they proactive!

As a result of their ignorance and ineptness, another innocent child, only 18 years old, will be buried by his family.

Yet another family will be grieving for a long time, while constantly having to look over their shoulder, while sheltering the youngest, who haven't been targeted - yet!

Here From the Beginning

While the left remains focused on inanimate objects, guns, the rest of us wonder when things went so wayward, so wrong.

Why are black men shooting other black men regularly? Even kids and babies aren't safe, in the streets of Chicago and in the streets of other major cities in America!

Why are young Caucasian, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mid-eastern, etc., men targeting parades, churches, shopping centers, night clubs, schools, etc.?

These so-called soft targets, once known as safe spaces; have become targets for that very reason, a true domestic terrorist's ideal, an advertised gun-free zone, an assumed safe space!

These former safe spaces now riddled with empty shell casings, interrupted dreams, broken hearts, blood splatters and permanently ended lives!

Parade goers and marathon runners/spectators, having to watch for vehicles, wherein the driver may, in fact, be targeting them!

They must also be aware of suspicious packages, which may contain improvised explosive devices, designed to do as much harm as is possible, to no one in particular.

Those who place such packages, seek easy targets and mass carnage, for they are consumers of evil.

We do have a few epidemics going on:

An epidemic of overly prescribed medication and easily accessible street drugs

Too many homes without Fathers

Too many Mothers in la la land; home, but not really there

Abortion on demand, no regard for life, in many of these American cities

Movies and video games which are much too realistic and violent

America has forgotten about the Covenant which was made with God, at our inception, not so very long ago.

America has forgotten about God

All of the above have contributed to where we are present day.

God was here from the beginning and so were guns.

If it weren't for a firm reliance on God and an armed militia of young and not so young men, made up of farmers, merchants, teachers and preachers, we wouldn't have a Country.

That's a fact!

Although guns have been a mainstay in this Country ever since the earliest days of Revolution, they suddenly get all the blame, for the numerous, senseless, modern day, killings!

It doesn't add up, it makes zero sense to me.

The Monsters are no longer in the closet or under the bed

It is not what is held in their hands, but rather what is...and isn't, occupying their hearts and their minds.

What's consuming them is corrupting them and with just the right imbalance, they become monsters that no one ever seems to recognize, nor see coming!

Confusion, constant distractions, mind-altering drugs, a lack of discipline, too much discipline, fear, loneliness, exclusion, rejection...

Whatever the case, when mixed together, they become a toxic cocktail, leading to psychosis, causing weakness, allowing evil, which seeks out, to seep in and destroy!

Nothing in its path, is safe.

Until we can fully understand what is truly happening, we can't begin to fix it!

But the focus will remain on inanimate objects, "guns". The focus will remain on how to get them out of the people's hands and how to further tie Police Officers hands.

They will only succeed in taking them out of the wrong people's hands and nothing will change for the better. I am afraid, it will only get much worse!

I am praying tonight for the many grieving families and for this hurting Nation to somehow - find its way back!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 A B Williams

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