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Sunak: Too Slick to Trust?

Ex Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Leadership Hopeful.


Let's be honest it's easy to get hooked by Rishi Sunak and his slick demeanour and image. From Sunak's slick video selling himself as the right Prime Minister to his talk with Kay Burley last night, it is easy to come under his spell. The man seems to be to good be true, nothing seems to phase him or bother him. Even when a lady in the audience challenged him that his 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme had spread Covid. His reply was that his scheme had saved small businesses from going under. Obviously, this is true but those gathering at pubs, restaurants, cafes, etc, would have spread the virus also.

His leadership rival Liz Truss current Foreign Minister in Boris's dying administration has been ahead in polls. These polls were conducted amongst Tory members and those are the only ones who can vote on who will be the next PM Truss or Sunak. After the debate on Sky News, last night will Liz Truss still be ahead? After the debate last night Sunak had won over many Tory audience members. Liz by contrast looked very wooden and her behaviour for not apologising for past mistakes reminded one of Boris. This debate was the last debate of many broadcasts featuring the 10 Downing Street wannabes. Throughout all of these Liz Truss has been riding high now with Sunak's shining performance last night could this change?

In Parliament, half of all Conservative MPs backed Rishi Sunak. Now those Conservative members viewing Sunak's polished performance last night might turn to Sunak. Both Sunak and Truss were strong on some issues and weak on others. However, Sunak seemed to display his polished performance always when asked about helping consumers or standing up to Putin. Nothing seemed to make him lose track of what he was saying whereas Liz became stubborn on some issues. This was noticeable in Truss as she would not retract past statements only to say she had learned and moved on. Sunak seemed to handle such issues better rather than digging in as Truss did.

If there is nothing to Sunak other than a polished performance then many will be taken in. Yes, Sunak was good with the furlough scheme, eating out to help out, help with energy hikes for consumers, but Sunak is an actor. Sunak is a very intelligent, crafty, operator as was proved with his time with Boris. As soon as Boris was on the ropes Rishi resigned and plunged the metaphorical knife in. Rishi denied being at any of the gatherings Boris was at who subsequently got fined. It turns out Sunak lied and was also fined £50 for breaking lockdown rules. So, Sunak like Johnson is a liar and indeed, a performer like his former boss. Whereas Boris is clown-like in his appeal Sunak is more of a serious actor.

Given the fascination with so-called celebs and their lifestyles in this world today Sunak fits that bill. Sunak with his dark looks, suave dress sense, and cool, intelligent, manner, will take many in. Not only Tories but the general public when it comes to things like the next general election if he becomes Prime Minister. Sunak is charismatic yes, just as Tony Blair was and he even sounds like Tony Blair. Compared to Sir Keir who many see as boring Sunak would wipe the floor with him in those stakes.

However, let us not forget that both Sunak and Truss, are/were part of Boris' corrupt regime. Forget charisma, people felt that about Boris, and look where a Prime Minister with charisma and no substance has got us? Do we really want to make that mistake again by putting Sunak and even wooden Truss in power?

Sir Keir did have the decency to say he would resign over beer gate and he would have done if found guilty. Sir Keir was Head of Public Prosecutions and as a barrister sometimes represented clients for free. Sir Keir is not perfect but he has not been guilty of the shenanigans or vile policies of this government. Sir Keir and Angela Rayner are from working-class backgrounds not that that makes them saints. However, instead of charisma, people should want a person to lead them with a good track record of decency in public life and that is Sir Keir.

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Whoever is chosen as the Prime Minister must act to protect the people whether that be for consumers or the war in Ukraine. Sir Keir was used to facing Boris across the dispatch box and he will have to face either Sunak or Truss when the MPs return from their break. Let us hope he has done his homework on them and is ready for either one when that day comes.

Finally, let us hope when it comes to the next general election people will have the good sense to throw this lot out and give someone else a go.

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