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Whose Lives Matter?

Andre is passionate about solving social issues and discussing world affairs.


The world is slowly becoming a barbaric place, I do not mean to sound harsh but it’s about time we drop the hypocrisy and call it what it is; we’re are losing our humanity. We are not showing love like we use to, things and time have changed, where has the love gone?

I have tried on numerous occasions to figure out why we treat others the way we do. Why do some folks use their privilege to belittle, and feel they are way above others?

In some societies people are categorized; lower, middle, and upper-class citizens. Some of us have gotten so brained washed to a point where we believed we aren’t good enough, and that the man and woman who reside in the mansion on the hills deserve the utmost respect because of their possessions.

This type of attitude has been displayed for years, especially amongst those who are less fortunate. This makes one wonder is it because the upper-class folks have always felt they are more entitled.


The haves and the have not

Material possessions and status are being put above life. Some of us are so much into the luxury and level up in life that our love, kindness, and compassion are fading away without us realizing it.

Every day the gap widens, our pride and ego increase in such a way one becomes arrogant.

Abuse of power!

Police are given the tools, training, and power to maintain law and order. But we are living in a time where some law enforcement officers are abusing their power. Leniency is given to people, depending on the color of their skin, race, and status. Lawmakers are also on the hook, this problem has found its way into some of our highest court of the land.

It makes us ask questions such as; does the law for the rich differ from the poor? It’s so easy to prosecute the less fortunate, but the wealthy person gets away because he or she is considered too important.


Countries Vs Countries

We all have the right to love and cherish our place of birth. Everyone believes their country is the greatest; it’s part of being patriotic. But we start to fail as citizens when we make visitors and settlers who have earned their right legally to be in our countries, feel like they don’t belong. It’s not right to act like one's country is too good for others.

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Don’t get consumed by hatred

“Go back to your own country”

This has become a popular phrase, amongst some natives who believe that people should not reside outside their place of birth. Some are of the view that people are coming to colonize, terrorize and steal what is rightfully theirs.

We have a serious problem if we believe everyone must have “freedom of speech” but not “freedom to travel”.


All lives matters, Blue lives matter, Black lives matter

Whether you are black, white, pink, or yellow we all have one life! And yes it matters! But we’ve become hypocrites when we say our life matters after a life is lost by the hand of someone of a different race.

“When will the world stop making everything about race?” Some folks have asked!

In my opinion, I strongly believe every life is equally important. We will stop behaving as if we are better than others when people in general stop hating and killing each other. The world is big enough for every human being none of us have more rights to be here.

Find back your Humanity

We were once innocent children, peace and love were taught at a tender age. We learned to share what we had no matter how small, amongst our family and friends. These are core values given to us by our parents.

It’s the same way we should see people as people, extend love and kindness to everyone. Gently approach each other, respect others' way of life. Do not insult people’s intelligence or Beliefs, instead, try to be understanding. Let us all enjoy life by living it in a positive and meaningful way.

I hope everyone in the world will find a balance where we once co-exist.

© 2021 Andre Mckay


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 28, 2021:

All lives do matter! Country of origin has no bearing on that simple fact. We are living in topsy-turvy times. Your closing paragraphs are perfect. Let's get back to the core values taught to us when we were innocent children. Bless you and everyone in the world!

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