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Who will be Ms. Clinton's VP?


With apologies to Bernie Sanders; fairly or unfairly, Hillary Clinton looks to have the Democratic nomination sewn up. The big question now (aside from how disruptive the Democratic Convention is likely to be) is who she will pick for VP,.Among some of those speculated:

- Deval Patrick- Pros: The former governor of MA may keep the faithful black demographic bloc excited and motivated and help to keep liberals in the fold. Cons:Ties to Bain Capital an uncomfortable reminder of Clinton's ties to Wall Street and banks. If Clinton can't rely on winning Massachusetts on her own, she might as well concede now. Ditto the black vote.

- Bernie Sanders:- Pros: Disgruntled Bernie voters may become considerably more gruntled if their hero is chosen, Appeals to wary liberals. Not likely to make a future presidential run/have own agenda.Cons: Ideological differences and bitter campaign may make Clinton wish to keep her distance. Vermont should be easy win state for Clinton. "Socialist" label equivalent to "boogeyman" in some voters' eyes.

- Elizabeth Warren: Pros: Easily the most intriguing choice as it will be an unprecedented two woman team. Could keep Sanders voters in the fold as many rooted for Warren to run before Sanders got in. Cons: Ideological differences may be too large to overcome. Clinton should have Massachusetts in the bag. All woman ticket may be too much of a risky gamble.

- Jim Webb: Pros: Lends moderate/conservative cred as former Reagan Administration member turned Democrat. Could tip the scales in swing state Virginia. Cons: '16 campaign fizzled fast.

- Julian Castro: Pros: Young, appeal to needed Hispanic vote. Cons: Cuban (not Mexican). Hispanics likely to be in Clinton's corner anyway, particularly if Trump continues to espouse perceived anti-Hispanic views. Texas unlikely to go Democrat no matter what.

- Jeanne Shaheen: Pros: could turn purple New Hampshire red. Cons: Vacated NH Senate seat could go Republican. Two woman ticket a gamble.

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- Tim Kaine: Pros: Fluent Spanish speaker, could help carry swing state Virginia, early Clinton endorser. Cons: Relatively unknown.

- Janet Napolitano: Pros: Could tip Arizona to Dems. Cons: Once again, two women ticket may be risky.

- Sherrod Brown: Pros: Could swing the important swing state of Ohio. Bidenesque blue collar appeal could sway blue collar voters leaning toward Trump. Relishes attack dog role. Cons: Puts Senate seat in competitive play.

UPSHOT: Expect Clinton is leaning toward Castro, but Brown might be best strategic choice.


CJ Kelly from the PNW on May 22, 2016:

No one else but Brown. No need for a Latino or a woman. She's got that vote wrapped up already. Ohio is a must. Her negatives among men are growing.

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