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The Democrats Have No One To Blame But Themselves For Trump.

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The Truth About Trump

Many people saw Trump as sort of a joke when he announced he would be running for office with on the Republican Ticket. Here we had an obnoxious guy who has a very shady, demoralizing past and a history of making very poor business deals and filing bankruptcy. In fact, the only thing the public (aside from native New Yorkers) really knew Trump for aside from his many beautiful, foreign wives was his ridiculous TV Series 'The Apprentice.' 'You're fired' was the tag-line of the Trump-bully; and Americans decided that watching this show was definitely a guilty pleasure. So, how does a man with a horrible orange tan, a toupee (or a very awful hair cut, not sure which), and years of failed business deals become not only a serious candidate for president, but in fact, become the President of the United States? Read on..

Young Donald


No One Admits To Voting For Trump

If you read any Facebook or Twitter feed, it may seem as though many of your friends have become obsessed with bashing 'Trump Supporters.' I mean, let's fact it- he's not exactly helping himself win friends and influence people. There are some people who are absolutely obsessed with berating the President on a daily basis and some people who have made it their sole purpose to complain about the stupid things Trump does. So, where are are the people who voted for him? What happened? What are they saying now? Does he even have any supporters anymore or was the election, as many believed, rigged? How's it possible that a person who makes an ass of himself on a daily basis was voted by the people to represent the great nation of the United States? Is this real or are we all trapped in a long nightmare?

Here are some factual statistics about who voted for Trump. All of these statistics can be found at this following link:

1) Hillary won the popular vote. So, in fact, more people voted for her (or against Trump, or for the Democratic party,) than voted for Trump. However, we all know that in the United States the popular vote doesn't count when it comes down to it. Trump won more Electoral votes, so he became POTUS.

2) Polls show that voters in the past election were 42% men and 52% female. given that statistic, one would think that Hillary would have won.

3) Now that we've discussed the female/male ratio, we must remember to break down voters in age groups. While more young people voted for Hillary, 64 percent of voters were comprised of people 50 or older, and more voted for Trump over Hillary.

4) White people accounted for 50% of the vote, and the majority voted for Trump. African Americans accounted for 12% of the vote, while 88% of those African Americans voted for Hillary. Other minorities also had majority votes for Hillary.

5) 64% of voters who voted in the last election made over $50K a year. While those who made less than $50K mostly voted for Clinton, those who made over $50K per year had more votes for Trump than Hillary.

7) Of all the voters who placed their vote by political affiliation, 35% of the people were Republican, 26% were Liberal and 39% were Moderate. While the liberals and moderates mostly voted for Hillary, there were several moderates, some liberals and most conservatives who placed their vote for The Donald.

It Really Happened


So, Who's To Blame For This Mockery of a Presidential Candidate?

Well, if we want to go into numbers, it's the fault of several different groups.

1) African Americans. When President Obama was re-elected in 2012, 64.7% of eligible African Americans voted. In the year 2016, 59% of eligible African Americans voted.

2) Older People. 64% of all voters in this past election were 50 or older, and the majority of them voted for Trump.

3) White People. Of all the voters in the last election, 50% were white and the majority of those people voted for Trump.

4) Middle to Upper Classes. Of the voters in the last election 64% had a median income of over $50,000 and the majority of those people voted for trump.

Looks like there are quite a few people to blame for this scenario. But, of course, we haven't got into feeling the burn quite yet.

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Feel The Bern


Hillary Even Blames Bernie..

When Bernie Sanders announced that he was running for the Democratic Presidential Nominee, most Hillary supporters blinked an eye and carried on. Bernie was thought of as a far-to-the-left windbag who never stood a chance on the DNC ticket. However, that wasn't the case.

Bernie Sanders became a sort of super hero to those who had lost faith in politicians, and the two main parties that can never seem to do anything but blame the other for the previous 4-8 years. Democrats and liberals welcomed Bernie as a fresh voice and an alternative to the status quo. Bernie, a self-proclaimed socialist, had a captivated audience who swore allegiance to voting 'Bernie or Bust.' Refusing to vote for Hillary who did not speak for them because of her proposed 'more troops' policies and the 'email scandal' at the time of the election.

When Bernie dropped out (Hillary thought it was way too late and he should have done it long before she did), Bernie's supporters were irate and many refused to vote for Hillary instead. In fact, many voted for Trump, who after all, was also anti-establishment and did not fit in at all with the status-quo.

The impact of the Bernie supporters was especially favourable for Trump. Studies show that 12% of Bernie supporters actually voted for Trump, and without those voters Trump likely would not have won Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which won the election for The Donald.

So- given that data, we can also blame Bernie supporters for the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Did You Support Bernie Sanders?

What Exactly Has Donald Trump Done Well Since He's Been Elected?

Many would say that Trump has done nothing well at all, and who can blame them? His twitter posts are childish and some of his comments are simply idiotic. However, believe it or not, The Donald has done some good.

1) GDP Growth, inflation and unemployment have improved.

2) Trips to foreign countries have been wildly successful.

3) Trump has made great strides in dismantling the administrative state. Regulatory costs which have been imposed on Americans have reduced to the tun of $70 billion. And, going forward there will be two regulatory costs elimiated for each one made.

4) He said he would be anti-establishment and by golly, he'd done everything he can to not be like any other POTUS. From tweeting attacks to famous people and being completely transparent, he has knocked the class of the presidency down a few notches. But, isn't that what his voters wanted? A real change?

5) There is tighter border control (although the infamous 'wall' has yet to be built).

Numbers Don't Lie


Regardless of Who You Voted For, What Do You Think of Trump?

So What Now?

The Donald seems like the butt of every joke these days. He makes a complete ass of himself daily, and he sometimes acts like a child throwing a tantrum. He embarrasses the conservative Republicans who are abhorred at his behaviour. He offends women, minorities, African Americans, all Americans and countries around the world every day. It seems as the The Donald was just as shocked at winning the election as the people watching the polls close. Does he do what he does for the shock effect? Does he make silly distractions for the 'sheeple' while he is busy running the country with important stuff? Is he going to get us into another war, or far worse, a nuclear war? Will social security vanish? Will people be unable to get medical insurance who have pre-existing conditions once again?

All the bad things are the assumptions- but I guess we'll have to wait for the answers.

Ok, So Who's To Blame- The Answer To The Question


Who's The Goat?

Well, although every Liberal or Democrat on every social message platform and any news outlet blames Trump's victory on Republicans. 'The Republicans wanted him, so his idiocy is all the fault of Republicans.' However, sources show that Bernie supporters, the lack of votes from African Americans and immigrants and younger people, and other factors take effect when it comes to Trump's election.

The two party system is the actual culprit. Giving people only two parties to choose from leads to a tremendous imbalance of power that is switched every 4-8 years so that one philosophy can get rid of all signs of the other. People are sick of a system that never gets anything accomplished. People are sick of watching political circuses. A viable third party is the answer. Maybe Bernie should have ran independently instead of pushing Democrats to vote for Hillary. Maybe that would have started a strong political third party that might compete with the status quo in the future. Hopefully, something to this effect will happen and we'll never have to be 'Trumped' again.


Alternative Prime from > California on October 23, 2017:

Congratulations on an Exceptional Article Summer ~ Excellent Observation & Analysis ~ I'd like to inject more FACTs if I may, unequivocal notations which must be FACTORED into the HISTORICAL Equation of how this Mentally Deranged Individual was placed in Our White House ~

Mr. Trump's Inaugural Crowd was Remarkably Small in comparison to Barrack Obama's & past presidents which leads us to believe it was not a crowd indicative or reflective of a candidate who received 46% of the General Election VOTE Total, more like perhaps 30% ~ For those of us who understand basic mathematics, it's inconceivable that an individual who legitimately received 46% would realize such an impotent showing for his "Celebration & Swearing In" ~ It's inconsistant & just doesn't make logical or scientific sense ~

The answer might be found in the FACT that Russia via Vladimir Putin's Direction, infiltrated Facebook & perhaps other internet platforms, and illegally placed approximately 3,000 Pro-Trump Ads at the same time Donald was "PEDDLING" a "Trump Tower DEAL" in Moscow as revealed in the "Trump Dossier" ~ Coincidence? I don't think so ~

Foreign Money Injected into a Presidential Campaign is UNLAWFUL Activity & According to REPORTs, Trump Jr, Paul Manifort & Jared Kushner who are under investigation, were apparently "Colluding & Conspiring" with several RUSSIAN Operatives Symultaneously ~ At least ONE Meeting that we know of occured, a meeting that Trump Jr. willingly intended to obtain and be the recipient of "Secret INFO" given to him by Russian Agents ~ INFO which would be DETRIMENTAL to one party ~

Combine this with Recent FACTs which indicate Russian Operatives did indeed INFILTRATE the actual VOTING Machines, some of which were located in Key Battleground States", would lead many coherent individuals to conclude Mr. Trump NEVER Received 46% LEGITIMATELY ~ All the FACTs point in a different direction ~

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