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Who is Giselle Esteban? And Where is Michelle Le? (Found 9-17-2011)

Focus on Michelle Le and Giselle Esteban's Car

UPDATE: 9-19-2011. It was confirmed tonight that the body found Sat, on Verona Road in Sunol/Pleasanton area was Michelle's. May God give comfort to the family of Michelle - her brother Michael, cousin Krystine and all of Michelle Le's family and friends. They never gave up looking for her, not even after 7 searches, and their determination has brought Michelle home to be given a proper burial. Rest in peace Michelle. Justice will be served in your name, and you have left behind a legacy of love.

Michelle Le, who worked with me at the Kaiser Hayward Hospital, continues to remain missing since the night of Friday May 27th, 2011, when she disappeared from the Kaiser Sleepy Hollow parking garage. Meanwhile on Wed. Sept.7, 2011, Michelle's childhood friend Giselle Esteban has been arrested for the murder of Michelle Le. Despite the fact that Michelle is still missing, the FBI and Hayward Police Dept. have gathered enough evidence against Giselle Esteban to charge her with murder.

Meanwhile, and heart-breakingly, Michelle's brother Michael Le and cousin krystine Dinh along with countless supporters continue to search for Michelle - most searches being focused around the Niles Canyon area. Niles Canyon is an appropriate place to search since police have revealed that Giselle Esteban's phone and Michelle's cell phone pinged along the same paths after Michelle disappeared.

Giselle Esteban- Arrest Photo

Giselle Esteban was arrested on Sept. 7,2011 for the murder of Michelle Le.

Giselle Esteban was arrested on Sept. 7,2011 for the murder of Michelle Le.

Giselle Esteban is in the News - Now where is Michelle?

Meanwhile Giselle Esteban, Michelle's childhood friend, has captured the media spotlight. It's certainly not any spotlight I would ever want shined on me: Giselle has been charged with Michelle's murder. The speculation goes something along these lines: Michelle Le went to take a break from her nursing internship from Kaiser Hayward about 7 pm on May 27, 2011. (it was still light outside) It is theorized that Giselle Esteban killed Michelle Le in the parking lot and then parked Le's car on Ponderosa Ct. by the next day (about a block away from Kaiser) News reports and law enforcement say that Esteban was seen in the parking garage before Michelle disappeared - and that she was also seen leaving the garage after Michelle disappeared (Kaiser has video surveillance in the parking garage) Important to note however that although the Hayward PD say this was murder, Michelle's body has NOT been found. We still hold out hope that Michelle is still alive. Unless Michelle's body is located, that hope will remain. That is why the Le family and the Hayward Police Dept.still need our help to find out where Michelle is.

Besides video surveillance of Giselle Esteban in the Kaiser garage, the Hayward PD also say that Michelle's blood was found on Giselle Esteban's sneaker (Giselle's apt. was searched by police after Michelle went missing - she was considered a person of interest from the beginning) Besides the blood, there was also evidence the Giselle was inside Michelle's car.

To this date however there is still no Michelle despite the fact that there have been numerous searches in the Niles Canyon area and some other local spots that have not been released.

Obviously somehow, and some way - Michelle was taken from the parking lot of Hayward Kaiser - but where is now the question?

Police impounded Esteban's car

The police say that they believe that there was only one person involved in Michelle's disappearance - and they believe that person is Giselle Esteban. Since Giselle's arrest the news has been flying - there is a sudden interest in this newest development - and many people are asking: "Who is Giselle Esteban?", "Is it true that they were friends?", " How could a "friend" murder another friend?".

Giselle's arrest has got the locals talking - just this morning the clerk down the street was asking me "Who is this Giselle Esteban?". "Is it true she was arrested for Michelle's disappearance?" (the clerk knew me because I had posted one of Michelle's missing poster flyers at the store where she works) A supportive community is anxious to find out the latest news about Michelle and bring her home.

I told the clerk as much as information as I knew and we sadly agreed that this was a tragic situation.

Because I had been following Michelle's disappearance from the beginning, I had already gathered a lot of information on Giselle Esteban. I somehow felt from the beginning that she had something to do with Michelle disappearance (along with many others). Some things I found out about Giselle Esteban: she is a single parent to a daughter, she lives in Union City, she worked in childcare (per her MySpace), was involved with Scott Marasigan at one time (her daughter is Scotts child), she has a history of emotional instability and violence, she grew up and attended school wirth Michelle Le in San Diego, Michelle and Giselle were friends at one point (but how close of friends has not been released), she had a restraining order issued against her by Scott Marasigan and was just recently granted supervised visits only with her daughter (her daughter lives with Scott Marasigan - the father). Giselle Esteban also has a history of violence with former boyriend Cole Gabaldon, and she used to have a Myspace account (which has been removed) and what's believed to have been her twitter account in the alias of ellafitz 12...

Was jealousy the motive?

I do know that in most crimes like this questions like motives are carefully considered. One theory is that Giselle Esteban was extremely jealous of Michelle Le because she believed that Michelle ruined her relationship with her babies father. Early after Michelle's disappearance "Esteban told ABC7 News by phone she "openly hates Michelle" for once stealing her boyfriend in high school but is innocent of anything associated with Le's disappearance".

Scott Marasigan denies romantic involvement with Le - and has been supporting the Le family at Esteban's arraignment (Scott's brother has said the family is "relieved" that Esteban has been arrested)

So whether Scott and Michelle did have any type of relationship beyond just friends, only 3 people would know the answer to that - Scott, Giselle and Michelle. And right now no one is saying much (I'm sure this will change as this case unwinds) And despite the fact even if they did have a relationship, it is certainly no cause for violence. Giselle Esteban is also 7 months pregnant now, so that would mean she would have been about 4 months pregnant at the time of Michelle's disappearance. The father of Esteban's baby is unknown. Take a close look at Giselle and if you think you may have any evidence in this case you can anonymously contact Michael Frame (the private investigator hired by the Le family) at or you can contact the Hayward Police Dept. at 510-293-5051.

Michelle Le's Missing Flier Poster

Michelle Le's missing poster flier.

Michelle Le's missing poster flier.

A tragic situation

Sadly, stories like this capture the medias attention because of their sensationalism. Jealousy, passion, instability and crime seem to invoke some kind of morbid curiosity in peoples minds. Perhaps it's because we realize that we could be the one in the Le families shoes, that it could be our daughter, our friend, our co-worker or sister that went missing. And on the other side of the coin, it could be our daughter, our friend or our partner that committed a horrible crime. You hear it many times from people when neighbors have been committed of a crime: "But they were such a nice person". "I can't believe they would do something like that!".

None of us are immune from evil in the this world, but perhaps through stories like Michelle's and Giselle's we make think twice about the kind of people we allow in our lives - the kinds of people we have relationships with - and the boundaries we may need to set with some of these people. Perhaps through the Le families ordeal we will learn how to be a supportive family (the Le family is a stunning example of this) and we will think about the ways we can help families in these situations - perhaps even before a crime is committed.

So who is Giselle Esteban - really? And where is Michelle? We are all waiting and wondering, and hoping and praying that someone, somewhere will come forth with that information. If you know anything about this please come forward and let the Le family have some closure!

If you wish to help in the search for Michelle Le, you can join the "Find Michelle Le" group on Facebook where you can be updated not only on searches but also on the other events that the Le family has been holding for Michelle. Michelle's story is heartbreaking - and everyone is hoping and praying for Michelle's speedy return.

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(Dorsi Diaz is a freelance writer/publisher and took an interest in Michelle's case and is actively trying to help the Le family find Michelle. She does online research and writes about a variety of topics. Please feel free to subscribe to her RSS feed for further updates on Michelle's case. I will updating this article as any new news is released)

UPDATE: Michelle Le search party finds remains

"A search party looking for San Mateo resident Michelle Le found decomposed remains near the Sunol-Pleasanton border Saturday morning, but investigators could not say whether the bones were those of the nursing student who vanished in May.

The discovery was made near Pleasanton Sunol and Verona roads, south of the Castlewood Country Club, in the general area where Hayward police said the 26-year-old's cellphone was traced shortly after her disappearance. A Hayward police officer helping community volunteers and the Le family with the search found the bones about 10:30 a.m. about 15 feet off a seldom-used path amid brush and near railroad tracks that run parallel to Interstate 680, Alameda"

Verona Road Pleasanton Sunol area

A body was found on Verona Road near Sunol and Pleasasnton by the search team looking for Michelle Le. An ID has not been made yet. If you saw any suspicious activity in this area after May 27th, the night Michelle disappeared, please call Hayward PD

A body was found on Verona Road near Sunol and Pleasasnton by the search team looking for Michelle Le. An ID has not been made yet. If you saw any suspicious activity in this area after May 27th, the night Michelle disappeared, please call Hayward PD

Poll about releasing car information

Websleuths forum thread dedicated to bringing home missing Michelle Le


Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on December 31, 2016:

What a tragic story.

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on January 03, 2012:

@Elle) There are probably many women who can "relate" to Giselle, however I'm sure there are few who actually carry through something so horrendous. Truly a sick mind that could commit such a tragic act. And people can only be molded into what they choose to be, Giselle could have gotten help for herself and her children early on. Obviously she took no responsibility for her behavior before or after killing Michelle.

Elle on January 03, 2012:

I know exactly how giselle felt... not that I'm on her side cause she took her situation way overboard. Love can mold a psycho out of you.

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 2011:

@jeff)Yes Jeff it is sad. We live in scary times.

jeff on October 16, 2011:

Thanks for the story. Interesting and sad indeed. Definitely reveal the complexity of human nature. I wish we could have turned back time when everything was more innocent and less complicated. I remembered I didn't have to worry about my safety walking out at night when I was a young kid. But now, I keep my eyes like a Hawk on my kids when they walk out on the street..sad indeed

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on September 30, 2011:

@BlueThunder) Yes. Justice for Michelle!

BlueThunder on September 30, 2011:

May Justice prevail on Michelle's honor!

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on September 20, 2011:

Rest in peace beautiful Michelle. I will never forget your wonderful smile - may justice be served in your name and everyone involved in hurting you be brought to justice.

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on September 19, 2011:

@Connie) So true. We can only hope that when our kids get involved with anyone that their inner sense will guide them on if this a healthy relationship or not. We are still waiting to find out of this is Michelle. A big part of me hopes it is so the Le family can have closure. Thanks for reading my friend.

Connie Smith from Tampa Bay, Florida on September 18, 2011:

So sorry for Michelle's family. We never know who we (or our children) may get involved with. It can be a scary world.

uchsamin on September 16, 2011:

Where is Michelle? We must know and find her.

Maybe its time for waterboarding !

Dorsi Diaz (author) from The San Francisco Bay Area on September 15, 2011:

@hyphenbird) Thank you for reading. Yes,very sad.

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on September 13, 2011:

What a sad and convoluted story. I sure hope this young woman is alive and will be found safe. Bless her. There certainly are some terrible and evil people in this world. When they give in to the demon inside, they hurt many innocents. You are doing a great work in keeping this story in the public's eye.

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