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Who Stole America?


Always follow the money

When Americans went to bed on the night of November 6, 2020 they were certain that Donald J. Trump had won the election. Upon waking, they had found that somehow, miraculously, Joe Biden pulled ahead and won. In the weeks and months that insued, false ballots, voting machine errors and bad actions by election officials all came to light. At the heart of the suspected voter fraud, arose the name Dominion Software who was responsible for the voting and tabulation machines used in many states throughout the election. The knee jerk reaction was to accuse the democrats of rigging the election, but the democratic party did not have the funds to pull off anyelection fraud on such a massive scale. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, "donated" $400,000,000 through his "center for technology and civil life (CTCL)" , a contributor to liberal causes. What the "charity" did was to place concentrations of ballot collection boxes in typically democratic areas and sparser concentrations in republican held areas; it also funded the centralization of vote tallying locations where we saw such events as poll watchers being denied entry etc... The next logical conclusion would be that Zuckerberg stole the election, but alas, this too is false. Under a half of a billion dollars would still be a drop in the bucket compared to the money needed to pull off such a massive voter fraud.

Another logical suspect would be China, more speciffically, the CCP. While there were some Chinese interests communicating with Dominion machines as evidenced by IP addresses and MAC addresses, there were several other nations in on the fix as well. China historically has always tried to seize control of key parts of the economies and financial sectors of countries around the world. None can fault them for that, after all, it is capitalism. But China is not the instigator, nor the perpetrator of the stolen election and the installation of Joe Biden as president.

Whenever anything requiring a large amount of cash is involved, people automatically mention the name George Soros. While George Soros did fund and finance many secretary of states and governors, as well as state attorneys which appeared as bad actors in the election of 2020, he too is a minor player. In fact, even George Soros does not have the capital needed for such a massive shifting of the will of the American people.

"So who is it?", you may ask. The answer comes from following the money, linking the bad apples to common financial ties. One name that keeps coming up when researching the players is BlackRock investments, a company founded by Larry Fink in 1988. As I will lay out for you, they are responsible for the censorship of not only the Hunter Biden story prior to the election, but the wave of censorship after the election too.

BlackRock, in spite of being around only since 1988, has a portfolio which has soared to a value of 7.78 Trillion USD. to give the reader some perspective, the United States has a GDP of just over 21 Trillion, while China has a GDP of just over 15 Trillion. Now you may be asking yourself the following:
Who is BlackRock?

Blackrock is an investment firm which has plenty of activity in shadow banking which was founded in 1988. They operate on a global scale that gives the public and investors a bright, socially positive image. They dabble in many companies (and governments) worldwide who would have benefited more than anyone else from a democratic outcome.

The benefit to BlackRock would be the democrat party's affinity for deficit spending in order to affect the massive infrastructure projects that the democrats wish to undertake as well as the green new deal and social equity programs that they spout. In fact, the democratic platform looks like it was pulled from the BlackRock mission statement on their website. They are not socialistic though, they are anarcho-capitalists. Remember defund the police? One of the tenants of anarcho-capitalism is the incorporation of private police forces. They are so bold as to make their web pages principal colors yellow and black, the anarcho-capitalist flag. They do not believe in national borders and are in line with the Soros Open Societies Foundation. They are the epitome of the globalists. In fact, one may go so far as to say they are the globalist deep state.

BlackRock has a long history of playing both sides of the fence when it comes to social issues. While they champion environmental causes and the green new deal, they invest in companies that are involved in slash and burn activity in the Amazon. Although the green new deal claims to be against petroleum, BlackRock is invested in Mobile, Exxon, Iraqi oil as well as oil from the Sudan (yes, Sudan as in where genocide is occurring). They have funded the President's operation warp speed (notice that the democrats did not complain about the funding?).

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While George Soros has invested and dropped BlackRock stocks from time to time, and even had a BlackRock member sit on his board, we will see that he is just a flea on a very big dog.

BlackRock is a major investor in not only social media, but mainstream media as well. They are the second largest investor in Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Amazon, right behind Vanguard capital in most cases. While vanguard does not seem to be a deep state player due to its small investor strategy, BlackRock on the other hand has the financial clout to command every one of these companies to do its bidding. This is why we saw a censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story, as well as the elimination of the "stop the steal" movement and ultimately the silencing of the President of the United States. It is not only the social media, but BlackRock also is a large investor in CNN, ABC, CBS, and yes, FOX NEWS!

So, apart from the similarity in the BlackRock mission and the democratic platform, what other links are there to the Biden administration and what would it benefit BlackRock? Adewele Adeyamo,a former chief of staff and adviser to Larry Fink, the company's founder, the global head of sustainable investing, will be the top official at the US treasury. While the company's Brian Deese has been tapped to head Biden's National Economic Council, serving as the top economic advisor to the President.

Kamala Harris has selected Michael Pyle who is BlackRock's global chief investment strategist who also worked in the Obama administration to be her chief economic advisor.

In fact, the BlackRock board is loaded with Obama staffers. During the previous economic crisis, it was BlackRock that was asked to bail out Bear Sterns and AIG. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton eyed the company's founder Larry Fink to run the treasury department should she win.

BlackRock also manages pension funds, and who other than the United States Government has a larger pension fund? The goal of BlackRock is not to strip citizens of rights directly, it is simply interested in makin money and acquiring power.

They are being given the keys to the fed, and to further underline their motives, they will finance every one of the democrats deficit creating plans to the detriment of our great, great grandchildren who will be stuck paying the interest to BlackRock; essentially making Larry Fink the ruler of the world.

So, how has BlackRock pedaled its influence within our government?

A National Security Advisor to Barrak Obama, Tomas Donilon, who is a Chief Manager at BlackRock Investment Institute was involved in the money laundering scheme in Ukraine and is currently a shareholder in Franklin Templeton, the firm that funneled money into Latvia for the Yakunovych family to the tune of $7.4 billion US. It is believed that this is what triggered Joe Biden to insist on the firing of the Ukranian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin. This individual is being eyed to head the CIA.

While Fink heaved praise upon the President for his tax cuts, BlackRock investments have been in bed with the democrats and RINOs to undercut the President. In fact, most politicians on the republican side that voted against an audit of the election on January 6, 2021, received campaign donations from BlackRock.

Our country has been taken over, but not by another sovereign state, but a corporate entity with the power of a nation. China is less likely the invader here, although Chinese resources may have been applied. China itself has too much overhead to finance such a massive election theft; it has a country to run as well as a military. An investment firm the size of BlackRock does not.

It is interesting to note that while they scream for defunding the police and open borders, Blackrock is also one of the largest investors in prisons and detention centers.

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