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Who Owns and Runs the F.D.A. (fda)? Updated.

America's new beef supply for the family table? FDA approved

Where are the FDA priorities today?

genetically modified foods = mass experimentation on unsuspecting citizens?  Not an unheard of concept for the U.S. government.

genetically modified foods = mass experimentation on unsuspecting citizens? Not an unheard of concept for the U.S. government.

Food industry poisoning our foods supplies for higher profits

Food industry poisoning our foods supplies for higher profits

obscure and obsolete regulations that protect the consumers

obscure and obsolete regulations that protect the consumers

Who owns the F.D.A.? Updated 12/19/2015

A Government of and for the People or Corporate America?

Reality check:

Corporate America owns the F.D.A.

And soon all those other consumer "protection agencies" that can not be bought, will be dismantled by the political party of the corporations. These are not speculations they are promises being made by aspiring GOP presidential candidates vying for corporate approval for elections in 2016..

Check out the video and you will quickly learn why.

It certainly is not part of the U.S. government that i used to know.

Political corruption at its worst

They (F.D.A.) are about to legalize the genetic modification of salmon.

Update: FDA approved GMO salmon in November 2015 in spite of an overwhelming demand by the majority of U.S. citizens not to do so.

copy/paste to search engine for the entire story:

This transmutation process of such a wonderful and nutritious fish will be one of the worst disasters in our history.

A veritable crime against humanity and a crime against nature.

Once these trans-genetic mutations are introduced into our oceans, lakes, and rivers; the salmon, as we know it today, will be lost forever.

These mutations are a bigger, more aggressive and corrupted version of the salmon in the wild.

Their nutritional value will be lost to the past as well.

And the food industries won't even have to tell us we are eating these trans-mutated monsters.

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Thank you very much, Mr. Bush. (It was the G.W.Bush administration that changed the food labeling rules to accommodate the expansion of unguided rights, or restrictions on, their Corporate American political benefactors.)

Unfettered "Greed" is truly a crime against humanity

Just how far will these villains go to make a buck?

What i do not understand is that the very people exploiting and contaminating our food supplies will be eating the same foods - or will they?

They obviously have enough money to buy the F.D.A., so it is reasonable to assume that they have already made provisions for their own private source of non-mutated foods.

Corporate America protects itself

Let's take a new realistic look at the people who want to undo health care reform and give control back to the insurance companies - and why this has anything to do with GMO food labeling.

It is imperative that the insurance companies take back their control before these transgenic mutations are released for public consumption.

When the genetic mutations start to manifest itself in humans, there will be no cure available.

This will cost the insurance companies trillions of their outrageous net profits, in claims.

This is why this "insurance reform" issue is the first one to be undone by the representatives of big business, now in congress. (And these uneducated corporate representatives have infiltrated both parties that rule the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The New U.S. government czars and tyrants

Make no mistake, this will come to pass, because the new Plutocratic government will not allow anything, or anyone, to stand in their way to gain total control of all U.S. (and global) funds.

And now they are after the total control of our natural (and healthy) food, and water, supplies.

Giving back total control to insurance companies will override any economic and job recovery efforts that might hamper attaining the ultimate goal to the take over by the new "Radical Right Wing Government".

The FDA is essential for the right wing corporate American industry to maintain.

It insures laws that protect them against the people.

Another FDA "Shame on you"

There is a serious plea to the public for assistance to help stop the political corruption and demand for food safety for all the American public. Most other countries have already legislated GMO food labeling, and banned GMO product production in their country but the USA is the greatest ally for Corporate America deception, lies, and grand theft. This massive effort has been defeated by our very own Congress representatives without rhyme or reason. They gained thousands of private money when the public lost the right to know what is in the foods we eat and feed our children.

The Biggest Food Labeling Scam of All Times: (the following is part of the original article written in 2013)

( A new report by the Organic Consumers Association. They are one of the major group who are actively fighting for food safety in this country for you, your children, and generations to come. We can no longer stand idly by and allow this massive deception to be perpetrated on the people of this great Nation - all in the name of higher profits - without any regard for human safety at all).

''Last week the junk food industry tested the limits of credulity when it asked the FDA to officially allow food manufacturers to use the word “natural” on labels describing foods contaminated with genetically modified organisms.

It’s just one more reason we need to push harder than ever in 2014 for state GMO labeling laws and country bans.

Ever since GMOs invaded our food supply, the Junk Food Giants have been hiding the truth from us—and getting away with it, thanks to their cozy, revolving-door relationship with the FDA.

But it wasn’t enough to slip their unsafe, untested—and unlabeled—GMOs into our food.

Once food manufacturers realized that consumers would pay a premium for anything labeled “natural,’ they took their deception to a whole new level.

Absent any legal definition of the word “natural,” they slapped it on everything in sight—including foods containing genetically engineered soy, corn and beets and had the gall to charge higher prices to add insult to injury.

Now that the FDA is about to finalize its (voluntary) guidelines for GMO labeling, food companies want to be sure the FDA doesn’t crack down on one of the biggest food labeling scams of all time.

A major update: Today {12/19/2015} i received the following email from presidential hopeful Marco Rubio of Florida. He is a Tea Party republican with radical ideas that only benefit corporate America.

Dear (d.william)

Thank you for contacting me regarding genetically engineered food. I appreciate hearing from you and would like to take this opportunity to address your concerns.
Over the past twenty years, advances in biotechnology have led to the increased use of genetic engineering to produce many of the food products consumed by Americans. Originally, genetic engineering was used to enhance the production yield and resiliency of field crops, like tomatoes and corn, but modern techniques have expanded the use of genetic engineering to a wide range of commercially available food products, like dairy, fish, and meat. Additionally, genetically engineered food products have been safely approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
As you may know, Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) introduced H.R.1599, the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015," which would establish a federal standard preventing mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food, unless the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finds such foods unsafe. On July 23, 2015, the bipartisan legislation passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 275-150.
I believe common-sense, market-oriented solutions based on sound science are the best approach to protecting consumers. I will remain mindful of your concerns should legislation addressing genetically engineered food come before the full Senate for consideration.
Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It is an honor and privilege to serve the people of Florida in the United States Senate. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact my office.
Sincerely, Marco Rubio, United States Senator

The current atmosphere of American politics clearly demonstrates the lack of concern for public health safety and the demonstrative lack of understanding how GMO will affect the genetic make up of human beings. This was the result of a bill written by Monsanto to protect itself as well. This clearly demonstrates where the congressional loyalties lie. The government has been inundated with requests from nearly 90% of the American public begging them to not allow this non disclosure of GMO products to be implemented. Congress chose to side with Corporate America against the American people. This is a travesty of justice and a crime against the people.

3rd major update: Link below to article on poisons found to be toxic is GMO soy.

The small wins in the past against these invasive giants have been totally undermined by this legislation and the only winners are the politicians who were bribed to vote yes, and the manufacturers who will gain billions in net profits at the expense of the public's health and their vehement disapproval.

by: d.william 12/25/2013. Updated 12/19/2015

It can't get any clearer than this

U.S.A. dropping the ball

© 2010 d.william


d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on January 05, 2014:

My Esetoric:

thank you for reading and adding your comments to my article in a positive way.

When any government agency ignores the safety and welfare of the U.S. citizens, they have been corrupted from their original intent.

There are many ways to "buy" an agency and the corrupt corporate world knows them all.

Politicians are not educated in the effects of nutrition at the genetic levesl and only have testimonials from the likes of Monsanto stating it is safe for human consumption.

I have added two important videos to the bottom of this article to try and explain what i am talking about.

There is no legitimate reason for this poisoning of our foods, unless it is a deliberate attack on the America people.

Most people have no idea what GMO foods are all about, and believe our government will protect us against this kind of attack. But they are dead wrong.

Splicing foods with poison, creates poisonous plants that attack on the genetic level when ingested. There is no cure for these mutations and can be passed from generation to generation.

Even if by some miracle there would be no effects on humans like there are on animals, this experiment on the American people should have been halted immediately, and not encouraged by our very own government.

Nanotechnology is an entirely different subject, although potentially dangerous as well, they will not alter the human anatomy on a genetic level as these poisoned plants will do.

The GOP is now controlled by corporate America and they are also uneducated on the effects of ingesting GMO foods, and even if they were they are mere puppets that do the bidding of the wealthiest factor of our society with little regard for any other class.

Does this sound paranoid? Every other country around the world is banning GMO food products to protect the safety of their citizens, except the USA, who is going at it full throttle.

As each government agency is weakened, and becomes ineffective, the country as a whole is weakened as well.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on January 05, 2014:

While many of your points are spot-on, @d.william, I think they get lost in your overarching claim that the FDA is corrupt and "owned" by Corporate America.

Before explaining that, let me say I have my own bitch against the FDA for an entirely different reason, they have temporarily barred genetic testing sites, such as, from presenting the health related results from genetic tests on samples like me have sent it; for the moment, they can only be used for genealogy. The claim by the FDA is that the results are unreliable and that the companies selling such services make claims about the results which can't be substantiated. I can't speak for "other" companies, but went out of its way to make sure you were aware that you can't rely on the results without a doctor's oversight. I have written one letter to the FDA guy responsible and got back a stock answer. I will return the favor in his own language, since I spent a career with the DoD bureaucracy and learned it pretty well.

On the 23andme blog sites, many speak as you do, that the FDA is in it for the money or is the tool of large corporations who don't want the competition (I don't think these people know that Google owns 23andme.) I am certain the first allegation is not true, unless certain people at the FDA are taking bribes; not the first time but highly unlikely. I DO suspect the latter reason, however; mainly for a watered-down version of your rational.

Once upon a time, when the USDA was set up, it really did do a great (and independent) job of protecting the American public from the scourge of unethical Corporate profit making at our expense. That began to change with the Reagan administration when the power of many regulating agencies were cut and the rules changed such that getting in bed with the corporations they were responsible for regulating; revolving doors, instead of being rare, became matter-of-fact between the people who worked in the regulated industry and the regulator or biased politician. Things got little bit better with Clinton, but he was mostly stymied by the Conservative Congress. Then it all went to hell with Bush 43 and the Conservatives have kept Obama so busy putting out other fires, he hasn't had time to address the situation.

Then add to the funeral pyre the huge cuts in funding all these regulatory agencies have and will be sustaining. Even if it WAS back to the good ol' days, the agencies would be powerless for lack of funding, a Favorite Conservative tactic.

As a consequence, I don't hold the FDA, or other similar agencies, very responsible, rather I hold the politicians who created the environment for your wrath against the FDA, as well as those who voted them into office without understanding the unintended implications, ones you have highlighted very well, of their ideological vote.

In interest of full disclosure, I don't have the same problem with genetic and nanotechnological engineering, although if left un- or under regulated, then your concerns are extremely real.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on February 05, 2013:

Thanks for your comments.

Sorry about the time delay in answering. I somehow missed this comment when it was written.

You are correct in all of your assertions. I am an avid advocate for the promotion of food safety and openness by the food manufacturers.

But money does talk louder than "the people", and it will take some catastrophic results from this tampering with nature before people wake up and stop this assault on our food supplies, simply for the better bottom line net profits of the greedy in this world.

I just hope that when this realization comes it is not too late. Once these genetic "mutations" are introduced into nature, it is unclear whether they will ever be able to be eradicated completely.

I sometimes wonder if all those "alien encounters" experienced by people around the globe, who describe them as "gray, insect like creatures" are not viewing what humanity has become in the future from all this tampering; and who are here via time travel to find out how they got to be transformed into what we will become some day in our future?

Sounds like science fiction? So, did airplanes, and space travel in days of yore.

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on December 29, 2012:

The FDA is "owned" by Monsanto and its ilk, with their deep, deep pockets. They spend billions of dollars to prevent the American people from having a safe food supply--all in the name of corporate greed. In addition to the genetically modified salmon, or "frankenfish", they spent billions on a fraudulent, deceitful ad campaign to defeat California's Proposition 37. However, there is a growing grassroots effort to force labeling of GMOs, and protect organic foods. People are getting tired of worrying about the foods they feed their families.

The FDA is run by a former Monsanto attorney. Enough said?

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on November 30, 2010:

Thanks for reading and your comments. I had not considered the EPA as a co-conspirator but i will look into that one too. This is really personal to me as salmon was my favorite fish. I could not knowingly eat it if it is genetically altered. Just too disgusting for me.

Old Empresario on November 30, 2010:

It's sad. Claiming a patent on wildlife? Thanks for writing the hub that addresses this topic. I should think this is an EPA issue as well as an FDA issue. We lived in Alaska for a few years and ate a lot of local salmon. I hate to think of what will happen.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on November 12, 2010:

Thanks for your comment, although i do not have the slightest idea what it means.

GNelson from Florida on November 12, 2010:

There is a big difference between what can be done and what should be done. Profit does not differentiate between the two.

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