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White Privilege: Much Ado About Nothing

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

White Privilege: What does it Mean?

“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.” ~ Rosanna Arquette, Actress

White Privilege is a concept taught to children as young as five-years-old in some of our schools. The basic idea is that those with white skin are bad people. And since white men founded America, it is a horrible country. If any white children grow up to become successful adults, it will not be due to their talents or efforts. It will be because they have white skin.

Lecturing Americans about white privilege has become a big business. One ‘expert’, Robin DiAngelo, is paid $10,000 an hour by corporations to blast their white employees for believing in racist notions such as “objectivity,” “rugged individualism,” “hard work,” “self-discipline,” “delayed gratification,” and “being on time.” Howard Ross raked in three million dollars in one year from taxpayers to shove these ideas down government employees' throats.

According to this view, even war veterans suffering from PTSD, jobless coal miners, destitute hillbillies, and toothless crack heads living on the street are privileged if they are white. But billionaires with oceanfront mansions, private jets, luxury yachts, and 12 Lamborghinis are victims of society if they are black.


Who Invented White Privilege?

We should not be surprised that the poisonous pen of a professor, Noel Ignatin, created white privilege. Nor is it shocking to learn that he was an atheist, communist revolutionary who hated America. Ignatin taught that white people should repudiate their skin color and give their good jobs, schools, and neighborhoods to black people. To be a traitor to the white race, he lectured, would make you a hero to humanity.

Another professor, Peggy McIntosh, would bring white privilege into the mainstream. Due to her efforts, teachers' college training manuals and public school and university curriculum would include the concept. She explained, As a white person, I realized I had been taught about racism as something which puts others at a disadvantage but had been taught not to see white privilege, which puts me at an advantage. I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets, which I can count on cashing in each day.

To her credit, McIntosh also noted a multitude of other unearned privileges individuals might have in American society. They might come from being male, born into a wealthy family, a Christian, sexually normal, tall, young, able-bodied, physically fit, with good eyesight, well-spoken, having an extensive vocabulary, reading and writing well, athletic abilities, high IQ, motivation, determination, from an intact family, a better neighborhood, with better teachers, better parents, from having been loved more, and even your place in the birth order. Having any advantages irks communists, as their vision of utopia is human sameness.


White Privilege on Campus

White college students are bombarded with white privilege. "Check your privilege," they are told. Kowtow to people of color. Your very presence on campus is oppressive. If you perform better than others, you will enrage those from 'disadvantaged groups.' Whiteness is evil. You should be ashamed of yourself. Apologize.

Criticism of white people creates hatred of them, incites violence towards them, and even justifies white genocide.

The only group discriminated against is those born with white skin. Bill Gates funded research by Georgetown University that found if college admissions were based solely on test scores, there would be less of every other group of people. At Yale Law School, a student with one Hispanic parent is five times more likely to be accepted than a white person. Every ethnic group gets preferential treatment over whites. Keep in mind that affirmative action was only supposed to benefit blacks. It was not supposed to be used as an anti-white racist policy on behalf of every other ethnic group in the world.

By indoctrinating our intellectually and emotionally immature youth with the dogma of white privilege, educators teach them to hate themselves if they are white, hate whites if they are not, and hate America either way. The fact is, anyone born in America is incredibly privileged. Anyone who is granted legal immigration to America has enormous privileges. Anyone who attends our elite universities is among the most privileged people on the planet.

Kids graduate from college adept at virtue signaling by using the approved slogans of the Left. Kids of color learn that crime is justified if they do it, and victimhood is where it is at, not character, performance, and personal responsibility. White kids are taught to keep their mouths shut, even about known facts and statistics, lest they be condemned, villainized, and purged from polite society.


White Privilege in Workplace Training

Washington has for decades rewarded people with special privileges for not having white skin. The benefits include preferential treatment in education, employment, and government contracts, laws that protect only 'minorities,' and ignoring widespread lawbreaking by them. In this way, the state intends to ensure the success of all non-white groups (and women) and undermine white men's prosperity.

Workplace training for corporations and governments includes shaming individuals for being white and blaming them for Western Civilization's sins. "All white people are racists who oppress others" is the mantra they are forced to chant. They are taught that the expressions “America is the land of opportunity,” “the most qualified person should get the job,” and “we should be judged as individuals,” are racist statements, as well as “competence is important,” “we should all be colorblind,” “there is only one human race,” and the most dreaded: “All lives matter.” (Not to mention “blue lives matter.”)

You will be made to favor people of color in hiring and promotion. You will be made to understand that giving money to far left-wing extreme extremist causes is your social responsibility. If any person of color does not prosper, it is your fault for breathing. And you will be made to apologize for being alive—or lose your job. To top it off, if you deny any of this, it proves you are a racist. If you criticize white privilege, you will be fired. If you don't feel guilty for being born white, you are a racist. Grown men must be made to grovel.

Mountains of research have shown that all this toxic training has zero benefits to anyone. At the cost of billions of dollars, the only result is resentment.

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Asian Privilege

One of the problems with the white privilege explanation for all iniquities in America is the remarkable success of immigrant groups, particularly Asian-Americans. Suppose the country is rigged so that only those of European ancestry can succeed. How does one explain that Asian-Americans do better in school and college than whites, and then as adults make more money than them? One 'expert' ludicrously answers, "Asians also benefit from white supremacy." She did not elaborate.

Asian-Americans are more likely than whites to graduate from college and to hold an advanced degree. They have a lower unemployment rate, and whites are three times more likely to be homeless than they are. The average income of whites is $62,000; for Asian-Americans, it is $78,000. The secret might not lie in the skin but behavior. They are much more likely to be raised in intact families, much less likely to get divorced, far less apt to have a child out of wedlock. Not only that, they study twice as many hours as whites, who themselves study 60% more than blacks.


Black Privilege

After fifty years of transfer payments to the tune of trillions of dollars, as well as race-based preferences in college admissions and employment, not to mention various other benefits and side asides, as well as being protected from legitimate criticism, it has been argued that what we have in America is Black Privilege.

Roughly 90% of African-American students at our finest universities would not be there if their skin were not black. The same goes for jobs with major corporations and government. Other groups are responsible for their own successes and failures and for their behavior, not viewed as eternal victims who must be shielded from scrutiny and cannot make it in this world without the help of Democrats. Anyone will be vilified who might dare point out that it is daddies not marrying the mamas of their children and not caring for their children as fathers ought, that has resulted in the millions of maladjusted individuals and malevolent men, who fail at life and resort to violence in the black community.

And let us not forget that immigrants from Nigeria have an average income higher than whites, despite their skin being blacker than African-Americans.


The Post Truth Era

In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries declared "post-truth" the word of the year. The definition: "Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief."

There isn't a company or a college in America that is not bending over backward to hire or admit every black person they can find. Reverse discrimination against whites is systematic and institutionalized.

White Privilege is certainly an anti-Christian concept. It directly attacks the Christian worldview that individuals are responsible for their personal virtues, sins, and salvation, not identity groups. White Privilege is, in fact, a concept that is racist and totalitarian, based on covetousness, envy, and vengeance. It posits that an entire race is rotten because of skin color. Every group except that one is encouraged to be proud of its ancestors, however meager might be their accomplishments. Whatever grievance any group can come up with, white people must be made to understand it is their fault. They must be made to feel guilty and ashamed and eager to grant any demands.


The Wrongness of White Privilege

A house divided cannot stand. The purpose of white privilege is to divide the American people between those to be hated and those to be celebrated according to nothing more than their skin color. What could be more divisive and racist?

According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, white progressives' hatred toward whiteness is only hatred toward whites that are not progressives. The study revealed that after being taught about white privilege, white progressives did not grow to love impoverished black people. They only grew to hate impoverished whites more.

To blame every white person for 'systematic racism' insists that every poor white slob has a say-so in how schools, colleges, corporations, banks, government bureaucracies, mass media, courts, prisons, and police departments are run. They don't.

White male workers that did not graduate from college have seen their real wages drop by 33% since the 1970s. Now, the Left wants to scold them about how privileged they are and insist they give up everything they have left. Any objections by them are automatically considered without merit and greeted with derision, along with jeers of “racist!”

It is like the white male is being told: “You guys built an incredible civilization, something we failed to do in other countries around the world. If your ancestors succeeded and ours didn’t, yours must have cheated ours. We do not have the smarts to build such a great country, even if you gave us an entire continent to work with, filled with natural resources. We are not strong enough to storm your castle and take your treasures from you. We hope to convince enough of you to betray your side, open the gates, and just give it to us.”


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on March 02, 2021:

KC McGee ~ Thank you for coming back by with your additional comments. I do agree with you. As you say, "Marxists in our country has half of the people believing Trump's a racist based on how they define it. Marxist Democrats are now in control of this nation and are using how they define racism to destroy our Constitution that once made this country the greatest nation the world has ever seen."

Ain't that a shame.

KC McGee from Where I belong on February 27, 2021:

The greatest problem in our country we're facing right in is the fact that we have allow marxist to redefine the words racist and racism to the point that it has affected all aspects of our lives. It is embraced by Democrats who now uses it as a political weapon to force new laws upon the American people. Democrats have are now force feeding this marxist definition down the throat of Americans who refuse to except it.And they are now using their definition to determine and identify those Americans who, as they believe, are a national threat.

Just think about it, Marxist in our country has half of the people believing Trump's a racist based on how they define it. Marxist Democrats are now in control of this nation and are using how they define racism to destroy our Constitution that once made this country the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 26, 2021:

Ken Burgess ~ Thank you for visiting and reading my essay. I appreciate your sharp analysis. I do believe you are right on the money with this: "If they didn't break down people into races and sexes and pit them against one another, the people might actually focus on what their government is doing and put the blame on a corrupt government/establishment that serves the wealthy not the people."

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 26, 2021:

Nolen Hart ~ Thank you for taking the time to read my work. I appreciate you sharing your anecdotes. Perhaps once upon a time 'driving while black' was a real thing. It’s not true that black men are constantly stopped by the police for no reason in 2021. Indeed, black men are less likely than white men to have contact with the police: 17.5 percent versus 20.7 percent. Similarly, a black man has on average only 0.32 contacts with the police in any given year, compared with 0.35 contacts for a white man. Only 0.08 percent of black men are injured by the police each year, approximately the same rate as for white men. These statistics come from the Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS), which, as its name suggests, provides detailed information about contacts between the police and the public. It’s conducted on a regular basis by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 25, 2021:

Oscar Jones ~ Thank you for coming back by with your additional comments. I surely agree with your closing statement: “Lets share the opportunities and face the adversities together as much as we can.”

After the civil rights revolution of the 1960s, the day was supposed to come when all races and ethnic groups had equal outcomes in America. At least, this was the view of the Left, with its presupposition from Marxism that all people and all groups of people are the same.

All Men are Created Equal means that no man is born with the right to rule over me or you (without our consent). All men are equal in the eyes of God, meaning all men and women will be judged by the same standard. All men ought to be equal in the eyes of the law, equal justice, or blind justice.

The Left with its Marxist foundation takes this further to all men must have equal property, income, cars, houses, clothes, medical care, education, leisure, etc. The fact that all individuals and all groups have not achieved the communist dream of parity of wealth and income leaves the Left with two options: 1) All people and groups are not equal in every way, for instance, in creating wealth by inventing goods and services that others will gladly pay them for. 2) The group doing the best must be oppressing the others. Option # 1 is unthinkable to a leftist.

Ken Burgess from Florida on February 25, 2021: