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White House communications director resigns


Alyssa Farah resigns as White House Director of Communications This information was reported by CNN online on Thursday.

Alyssa Farah said during a statement that she was leaving the White House for a replacement job.

Alyssa Farah described having the ability to serve within the Trump administration for the past three and a half years as an honor for her entire life.
The Washington Post reports that Alyssa Farah is leaving the White House.

Alyssa Farah is leaving the Trump administration a month after the November 3 US presidential election.

In the presidential election, Trump lost to his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden. But Trump remains reluctant to concede defeat. He doesn't even seem to simply accept defeat. consistent with the US Constitution, the new president will start on January 20.

In addition to the White House director of communications, Alyssa Farah has held two other positions within the Trump administration. He was first the press secretary to vice-chairman Mike Pence. He later became the press secretary of the Department of Defense.

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