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Where Is NATO's Red Line Against Putin?

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Situation March 9

Situation March 9

The Ukraine Intimidation

While the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has galvanized NATO countries and many others (but not the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) against the atrocities Russia is doing against Ukraine, NATO is still dithering when standing up to Putin.

NATO's redlines to where some intervention might occur (other than supplying weapons to the Ukraine Army) is very elusive. It seems it is Putin's redlines about intervention that scare NATO's interference while we all just sit watching the Russians demolish and destroy Ukraine, a country that wanted to be a member of NATO. It is so frustrating to just sit one the sidelines and allow Russia to commit atrocities with no direct and immediate action from the West. Yeah, those sanctions are great but they take too much time to be effective and will they be lifted after Putin achieves what he wants and will it be his condition to lift them in exchange for a ceasefire? Will NATO just bend over?

Putin's Greater Weapon

It's just intimidation. The threat of this or that, whether it is chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, leveling once beautiful cities, all has NATO in check. It is that fear element of what Putin may do should one of his redlines be crossed. What are NATO's redlines?

Is it the use chemical weapons? Putin has used them before in other areas and there was not a lot of response, just useless talk. Putin's threat of using a tactical nuclear weapon on a city or even tossing into the Black Sea, seems to totally freeze NATO's position. Should the West call his bluff and see what happens? This is a war with a poker face. Putin is a bully and they always bluster and bluff because he knows NATO together could cause real damage also. It becomes of who will use it first, if at all.

Putin allows for NATO to send in all kinds of weapons to help the Ukrainians. His redline is NATO troops entering in any form. NATO screwed up the Polish MiG-29 situation. Poland was to send 24 of them to Ukraine. Poland wanted to give them to the US in Germany because of a Putin reprisal. The US nixed the idea for the same effing fear! This is so pathetic and shows Putin how weak the resolve really is. After all, the MiGs, just like the Javelin and Stingers, are weapons. The original idea was that the MiGs would be made available to Ukrainian pilots in Poland. They would then fly them into Ukraine. How is this crossing Putin's redline of NATO intervention? They are being flown by Ukrainians, not NATO pilots. Putin could not claim that NATO was any more directly involved than before. Poland would be just supplying weapons of war.

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Putin knows that intimidation and threats work in war. He knows NATO is not willing to fight, not really, not like Russia obviously is as Ukraine shows. The Biden talk about defending every inch of NATO territory should Russian cross is looked upon by Putin as a challenge once Ukraine is done. He will test the NATO responses and redlines later and may even test them more in the Ukraine war with atrocious attacks on civilians. They might use limited chemical weapons to test NATO. Putin sees NATO as weak in resolve when the "shit hits the fan". He has already said that the West has declared an economic war against Russia. This could really put him in a difficult place as time goes on and force him into desperate measures. This also scares NATO.

It seems just about everything scares NATO when it comes from Putin. Just when will NATO push back to show Putin that NATO's tolerance of Russia in Ukraine does have limits? But, what are they? I am sure Putin is wondering also. How far will they allow Russia to decimate Ukraine?

There seems to be no end and no answer from NATO. Pathetic.

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