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The Best Source for Immense Growth

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

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The Best Source for Immense Growth

The African solution to African problems, is to stop singing the same old tune called African solution for African problems.

We are not here to “dingle-dangle,” or enjoy speaking in rhetoric by going around in circles. You and I, are here to contribute to the structure of our home that needs protection and resurrection.

Our home comes first: not some island that we have no knowledge about. Africa is in need of more innovation from creative minds. Where are those exceptional products of our own?

And I am not talking about the basic need products that we all find in the supermarket. How many of us can claim to wear designer clothing that is of African descent.

Take a look at what’s in your wardrobe for a moment and tell me if you are not appalled, to see one or two items of clothing made in Africa and the rest is foreign.

Does this not make you wonder and think or worry for a moment?

We are the largest consumers of Western attire before we can appreciate our own. Whatever happened to that phrase called charity begins at home?

Many justify this problem by stating that it’s all in the quality. Clothes made by African designers do not have that outstanding quality. It’s sad to hear that but it is more saddening to believe such an opinion.

Indeed, there are those products that need to be upgraded but does this mean that all retail that comes from Europe is without flaws too?

We have to analyze the situation carefully. I have somehow realized what it boils down to: people have been highly persuaded by the media propaganda that glorifies European products before African products.

Then again you justify it, by telling me that it is your choice to wear what you want.

Yes, it is your choice. Nobody is trying to put a gun to your head and enforce you to only buy one particular African product.

What is being said here is not a sugar-coated advert. I am saying that it is important to consider home first. In fact, the thought of home first, should not be a state of lengthy reasoning that makes one unsure.

I am tired of how often we belittle our continent. Like I said before, the state of many people’s mind set: is due to ignorance and too much television watching.

It’s like our people are in a fantasy or some romantic escapade with European products. We cannot find delight with such an undermining practice.

Do you even know why these European products are a success? It’s mainly because they have a solid foundation which is charity at home.

Before people abroad can appreciate other products; they engross their whole livelihood in the products from their home.

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What on earth is wrong with us? Are we surrendering to the world and informing them that we are incapable to come up with our own inventions?

I challenge all creative minds in the African continent. Let us begin to work and create products for our home first.

The negative illusion of not having enough money should not even be something to demotivate you.

Are we not a community? I do not want to speak that lie and say start with the little that you have. No!! I want to tell you to be a bulldozer in your community and remind them of the potential that you all have.

Now is not the time to wait for another gospel song from the government. We have heard the lyrics before and they are not appealing.

Let’s creatively write our own verses. I want to be proud to own what comes from my continent.

I am unable to handle the pangs of headaches that hammer me when I see a product that is made in a funny named country.

We cannot observe the pyramids alone and think that is our only greatest achievement.

Are we a continent of pyramids or are we a continent that creates?

Home first is the key point. We should indoctrinate this subject beginning in our educational system.

The concept of only learning to create at university level must not be condoned.

It has to start from the grassroots.

From kindergarten, the child must be cheered to be a creator of things. He or she cannot begin to innovate when doing practical’s at tertiary level.

The foundations have to be laid down when that mind is still as bright as the sun and not weary and withered like a wasteland.

How about we be our own Masters and not always suck up as if we are not.

For a change in our lifetime: let the Europeans be dazzled at what we can create and not that dull shift of us being continuously dazzled by what they can create.

We have sculptors of our own, we have shoemakers of our own and we have tailors of our own. Let us get to work.

There is no better solution than to fill our home with the creations of our own.

We are not a lost people. We cannot allow to be lost in the creation of other people’s products that have found their identity. Africa has much to show and so much to give.

I continue to plead with all creative minds, to unleash your potential more than ever.

Now I know for a fact that there will be many among us who will criticize me by saying, “Does he think he’s a prophet, who is he to tell us what to do?”

Good people of Africa, I am not a prophet but I am human just like you.

The intention behind my work is not to seek glory and be praised as the second coming of puppeteers knows what.

It goes back to that old adage of ‘each one teach one’.

For one to be taught or let’s rather say to be informed, is not a quest of seeking the stature of being righteous.

It’s a reality and not a fantasy to build one another in a spiritual sense of enlightenment.

I believe that the truth in this narrative is not to speak in tongues. All that I am talking about here is the importance of valuing our home first.

I remember a wonderful African woman, who once gave me a message that impresses me up until this day. She told me constructively, “To get your house in order”. The first time I heard that phrase I was slightly confused.

My first dumb reaction to her wise words was: “How do I get my house in order when I have no house yet?”

When I think about my reaction I cannot help but laugh at myself for not reading between the lines at the time.

Today I know better what she meant by that in fact. To get our house in order, is not about a fancy house or mansion that one lives in: literally speaking, a part of that is but the phrase does not justify itself to one definition.

We need to all get our house in order by being human beings, who project a positive personality and charisma in our daily lives and towards our society.

So in other words, we have no choice but to get our house in order. Nobody but us can do that because every human being in every walk of life is an asset.

Let us build home first and not hide behind the titles of our workplace occupations. Yes, I agree, it is phenomenal for you to be Chief Executive Officer, a Manager, a Supervisor, a Chartered Accountant or any managerial position that you have acquired upon merit for that matter.

In the end, the question still remains: “Is home first sorted before we can speak about your exceptional position?”

In closing, I would like to wrap it up by saying that if we fail to cherish home first, we will always be caught in the spider’s web of confusion.

Fingers will be pointed to the next man, blaming each other for no reason. How about we remember that in this life, we are not the first or the last.

The next generation salivates to take over the reign.

Now is the best and most precious time to hand over the baton to them with no regret that we have also put in the work and they must carry on tradition by always investing in home first.

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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