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What's Wrong We Are Doing to Get Gender Equality

We, as a human being are trying for soo long to gain gender equality but still not successfull. Here I am listed some factors and solutions.



Gender equality is a term that is often used to describe an ideal situation in which all individuals have the same opportunities and rights. In theory, gender equality would mean that women and men would have an equal chance of achieving success in their careers and lives. However, in reality, gender equality is far from being a reality for many women and men around the world.

There are many reasons why gender equality is not yet a reality for many women and men. Some of the reasons include the fact that women are often paid less than men, they are more likely to be victims of violence, and they are less likely to be promoted in their careers.


What Is The Problem

For a long time, we are trying to get gender equality but still, we haven't achieved it. Here are some factors which are avoiding us to achieve our goal:


There are a number of policies that should be put in place for women in the workplace. These policies can help ensure that women have a fair and equal opportunity to succeed in the workplace.

Some of the key policies that should be in place for women in the workplace include:

-A policy that ensures that women are provided with equal opportunities for promotion and advancement.

-A policy that provides maternity leave and paternity leave.

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-A policy that ensures that women are able to work from home if necessary.

-A policy that provides women with equal pay for equal work.

-A policy that provides women with harassment and discrimination protections.


The government trying to empower women by providing some policies that favor woman empowerment, But these policies haven't made the impact that they have to do because the government only start focusing on providing them reserved seats in the election, school, colleagues, and even in government jobs instead of providing them proper protection.

Here are some suggestions
— Government should increase the number of police for patrolling especially at late night.
— Government should promote women to engage in transportation and inspire them to become a driver of cabs, buses as well as local automobiles. This helps women to safely travel at night.
— At the local level, all women of an area should come together and form an association that petrol their area turn by turn at night.


There are many laws that apply specifically to women, both in the United States and around the world. Here are a few examples:

In the United States, women are protected by the Equal Rights Amendment, which states that "no law shall be made which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States." This amendment was ratified in 1972 and has since been used to fight for women's rights, including equal pay, access to education and health care, and protection from domestic violence and sexual assault.

In many countries, women are legally required to receive a divorce or a legal separation if they are married, in order to protect their rights and property. This is often seen as a way to protect women from being financially abused by their husbands.

In many countries, women are protected from discrimination in the workplace, including in salary and promotion. In the United States, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing these laws, and organizations like the National

Unfair laws

There are many laws to protect women but still, the number of violations of laws against women doesn't seem to be down. Protest against these have started, This is because the government provides special laws to women to protect them but some women who belong to the city (generally) or have a criminal mindset use these laws to exploit or hare men while the women in a small village who need such laws are not aware of these laws. That's the main reason why these laws are fair they exploit ordinary men.


The main points
—Government is focusing on giving better careers to women by reservation. instead, the government should focus on providing better protection
—Government should modify laws that give extreme power to women by which some women exploit men.


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