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What Will Happen If the Islamic World Unites

All the Islamic countries should be united as we are all brothers to each other and spread the message of peace.

Most Basic Resource!

As we all know that the most valuable resource in the modern world is OIL. No surprise, but if you take a look at the countries producing and exporting oil and petroleum are almost all the Muslim middle east countries. So, what happens if all the countries refuse to export oil to other countries except the Muslim world. Which means the Muslims control the WORLD!!!

Geological View of the Oil Producing Muslim Countries.


What If All These Countries Refuse To Export Oil!

  • OPEC generates approximately 44 percent of the world’s total crude oil production and approximately 21 percent of the world’s natural gas production.
  • Moreover, OPEC owns more than four-fifths of total global crude oil reserves, and more than 48 percent of global natural gas reserves. Given the high dependence of the world economy on oil and gas, OPEC’s influence on the world market is evident.
  • If these countries refuse to export oil except all the Muslim countries.
  • Now, no country can survive without oil in this modern world.
  • So, basically, Muslims control the world.

Oil Usage of some countries

Note that this is the usage and cost of only one DAY!

countriesoil use per daynet worth in US $


19.96 million barrels

1.09 billion $


4.5 million barrels

245 million $


7.5 million barrels

409 million $

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