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What to Do With Your Scrap Metal


Scrap metal is defined as leftover material that wasn’t used or was removed from various projects or products. This would include items such as car parts, used soda cans, or the extra metal roof shingles you ended up not using when you redid your roof. The difference between scrap and waste is that scrap still retains monetary value, whereas waste is simply garbage with no other uses. It’s possible for you to do something with scrap, such as selling it or using it yourself.

Deciding what to do with scrap metal and similar materials could be a lot easier than you might think. From simply finding a new use for any items that you may have been prepared to discard to recycling options that can allow you to trade your unused scrap metal for cash, there are plenty of options to choose from when you’re not sure how to proceed.


Finding a new use for scrap, junk and those items and materials that might otherwise be bound for the trash is often the easiest and most environmentally beneficial solution. The process of disposing of scrap metals and other construction materials typically involves many additional steps, many of which often produce additional pollution or carbon emissions as an unwanted byproduct. Repurposing is often the greenest option as it means scrap means keeping your metals intact and simply finding new ways to make use of them.

Donating Materials

Not everyone has the time and effort that may be necessary to repurpose the old metals they thought they might have a use for. Donating your scrap to a job site, charity, or one of the many organizations that dedicate themselves to ensuring scrap metal and other junk are put to good use can often be a more convenient and altruistic alternative. Donating your scrap can create jobs on building sites, supply those build sites with more material to work with, and actually drive the cost of metal down should there be enough donations. Learning more about opportunities to put your leftover materials, scrap, and other junk to good use might allow you to make a bigger difference than you might think.


Often the most popular and lucrative solution, especially when you find yourself with an abundance of scrap metal, metal recycling can allow you to trade in what you have and exchange it for cash. There are several metals that retain the bulk of their value regardless of their state or condition, and electing to recycle your leftover metals could allow you to turn a profit while disposing of your junk. The total value of what you can get from the scrap metal salvaged varies from metal to metal and from location to location. Some states may price different metals higher or lower than others, especially depending on what metals they might need. Before turning in your scrap metal, it might be worth an internet search or two to find the best possible deal you can. That being said though if you have enough of it, you’re likely to walk away with a decent amount of money no matter what.

Reducing Waste

Manufacturing and refining many metals are obviously going to have a rather negative impact on the environment. In an effort to preserve what we have, finding ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste can most definitely be considered a worthwhile effort. Doing what you can to reuse, recycle, and reduce both the waste and the scrap metal you generate in general may allow you to save money while also doing your part to protect the environment.

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To reduce scrap metal, manufacturers have taken to using automation to reduce the chance of parts breaking thanks to human handling. It also takes using the right tool for the job in the first place, reducing the chance of the mistakes that lead to metal material going to waste. For jobs that require human hands, proper training can cut down on simple or rookie mistakes, as well as using well-maintained containers and cleaning tools for the metal parts until they’re ready to be used. All of this can reduce any possible chances of damage to your materials until they’re ready to be used.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or trying to complete a personal project, the advice remains the same. Handle what you have to with care, use the proper tools, and maintain your storage and cleaning options for the materials you’re working with.

With so many different options to choose from, deciding what to do with your scrap metal could end up being much easier than you might expect. From finding clever ways to reuse old materials to recycling your scrap metals for a profit, there are many metals and other materials that may still be quite valuable regardless of what shape they happen to be in.

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