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What Is the Reason That People Believe in Fake Messages and Videos Randomly?

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Era of fake news

⦿ On the basis of zoology, there are a large number of frightening creatures in the group of humans who feel safe in the group. Therefore, the method of deciding the majority of 60 people (of the majority) is not based on what is reasonable or unfair on logical grounds, but on the basis of what they believe is appropriate in order to maintain their acceptance in their flock. , Or what their flock believes is benefiting.

In Sartre's words, it is called bad faith.

⦿ It is found more among the archaic people, who are often on the political agenda of the right; Because of fear and insecurity.

⦿ Research on the study of their minds has also been clear that right-wing ideology is more common among people who are more fearful and make decisions based on fear, and they choose to surrender over logic.

⦿ A similar dedication, however, takes place irrespective of political/religious views but joins the cult of a leader and gives rise to the same fear-inducing collectivity as North Korea or China. In.

⦿ So, where people start sacrificing their conscience for a group, the atmosphere of fake news easily flourishes. Right now some people say that 'Freedom of the country is on lease', which is such a terrible untrue that even a person of minimum rationality should raise questions on how this thing is making fun of so many freedom fighters and all freedom movement.

Should be accepted… but not when people want to believe it neither think of the freedom movement nor the idea of ​​big thinkers. They see only the benefit of a political party and the opportunity to discourage one person.

⦿ The brain of most people prepares them not only for the task of mixing the yes of the group, but also to make their idea of ​​the idea of ​​the flock in such a way that their brain is not an independent brain Start assessing everything according to the profit or loss of the flock and constantly keep telling the truths that satisfy their prejudices - whatever the facts may be.

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⦿ This is the reason that if the leader of a big group declares himself to be a deity and has great support with him, then there are a very small number of people who have the mental courage to resist it on their own logical assessment.

Most people's fear of independent existence does not let them get out of the den of collectivity and they keep on deceiving themselves that their thoughts are actually their thoughts, and they do not behave rationally while watching any news.

⦿ The problem is that most people accept his statement as true because the feeling is that if it is written on the internet, it will be true. Therefore, to control rumors, fake news, and hate speech, freedom of expression will have to be strengthened, and strong news of rumors can only curb fake news.

Problems of internet media?

⦿ There is no doubt that internet media has emerged as a powerful medium of learning and reading along with freedom of expression but news on social media or any other platform is right or wrong - understanding about it It is also very important to keep. This is not a problem that can be solved alone.

⦿ It is worth noting that nowadays it is shown by various sources on how to earn income through online advertising etc. through fake news. Recently Facebook and Google have made some positive efforts in this regard.

⦿ Recently in other countries of the world, many politicians, companies, and governments have used fake news to serve their interests. We have seen this during Brexit and the US presidential election as well. But the challenge is how to deal with it effectively_________

What should be the way forward?

⦿ But if we really need to get rid of the problem of fake news, then people have to be made aware so that they can understand and they will be able to differentiate between rumors and fake news and serious journalism.

⦿ If someone tells or denounces fake news, then one has to appreciate it rather than adorn it with words like a communist, traitor, and raise his voice.
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prem on November 17, 2020:

nailed it bro!!

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