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What is the proper role of Government in 21st Century America 2021?

Who is and who is not a 'real' American? What are our individual rights and responsibilities?


So let me get this straight . . . All school children in public and private schools have been mandated to receive the jab, per the Governor of California. It's no longer the decisions of parents, or of free Americans to make decisions about their kids. Obviously, Gavin Newsom makes those decisions for us now! This is tyranny and insanity. Many people in California are outraged. This could set precedent for other States. This is not how America and being free was intended.

How in the hell did this happen? How did a freedom loving people, a nation built on individual rights and liberties all of a sudden be transformed by elitists who decide to tell people how to live their lives? I truly believe, from the beginning, the 'plandemic' was by design. It's about power and control. Nothing else . . . That in itself, is another article.

Virtually every part of the American constitution is about expanding human freedoms. Except now, we have ever increasing vaccine mandates and compulsory mask wearing in which human freedoms are being limited. Which by the way, squarely negates the actual science. This subject could be another piece as well.

How much, without reservation, can we tell other people how to live their lives? Can we regulate society? Can we really fix the covid problem once and for all, even though we now know that even the jab doesn't prevent you from getting covid? This has become another great example of how different groups of people and their ideologies can dictate what types of behavior are acceptable for others and to hell with your autonomy and freedoms.

I believe when people cross the line between our essential character as Americans by some, imposing their ideological vision of what they think we should do, then we have crossed the line. To the basic point, it has come down to bullying people who feel differently than you. It's that simple.

Is there a solution? How do we end this impasse that continues to keep many Americans divided? “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”- Thomas Jefferson

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