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World Peace a Possibility?

World Peace?

The quest for Peace in Mindanao is said to be illusive ever since . . . it is not because it is really illusive but because someone or somebody or perhaps groups made it so . . . FOR ME there can only be Peace if WE knew how events really started in other words if we really knew what happened, how it started and why it started. If I am bias towards History it is because my discipline is History . . . To give an example is the motto or slogan or whatever you may call it that says: We are fighting the fight of our ancestors, because of that ancestral fight FOR their ancestors they make rebellion as occupation. But my questions is who were these ancestors the indigenous peoples of Mindanao or the new comers to Mindanao. If the ancestors they refer to were the indigenous peoples of Sulu and Mindanao, Buranons of Sulu, Iranun of Lanao or the Ilanun of Cotabato, yet these people were peaceful minded people they were not fighters but since they are claiming that their struggle is religion related then the ancestors that they are referring to were the foreigners that came to Mindanao and spread their religion, can we conclude then that the fight that they are continuing is the fight of early foreigners of Mindanao . . . help me understand please that is why there can never have peace because it is hard to conquer a conqueror . . . Please bear in mind that the Chinese were ahead of the Muslims to come to Mindanao though introduce their burial practices as could be gleaned from the archaeological finds in Butuan, there is no account of war between them and indigenous peoples, they were followed by the Indians that introduced their Sri Vizaya and Majapahit Empires but just like the Chinese there were no records of antagonism between them and the peoples of Mindanao in other words our ancestors were peaceful people can we say then that Islam brought trouble in Mindanao?

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