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What is the TR3B?

Real video of the TR3B

Their has been a lot of interest in this Military aircraft,known as the TR3B.The TR3B is a triangular shaped Nuclear powered aerospace craft.Many,like myself wounder what the propulsion is,that makes it possible.Here how Mr.Fouche a physics expert.A circular,plasma filled accelerator ring,called the Magnetic Field Disruptor surrounds the rotatable crew compartment,and is far ahead of any imaginable technology.The plasma,mercury based,is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres,at a temperature of 150 degrees kelvin,and accelerated to 50,000 RPM to create a super conducted plasma,resulting in gravity disruption.The MFD generates a magnetic vortex field,which neutralizes the effects of gravity by up to 89%.

Interview with Edward Fouche

He goes on to say some of his soures said the performance is only limited only to the stresses to the human pilots can endure.With 89% reduction in G's what would have been 4.2g limit is now a 40G limit.The TR3B's main propulsion is by three multi-mode thrusters mounted at each corner of the triangle.The craft is a sub mach 9 craft, at 120,000 feet,and below.Its never been tested any higher,so who know its limits.The first pictures ever taken of the TR3B were in Belgium March 31 1990,it was again sighted in Idaho in 2000 when it flew within 200 feet of some people camping.The one thing that makes it stick out is the three lights,one on each corner,and one main light in the center

The campers said it was noiseless except for a small huming,when it moved.Rumors that the pending official disclosure of the existence of the TB3R a been around for a while now.Most want to know how it works,but I'm sure its going to be a while before it becomes public.

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Dieter Soegemeier on October 02, 2015:

I would like to ask, Who are the people who are misinforming everyone about so called AntiGravity. Antigravity can not exist for the simple reason that opposites attract. ie; Gravity + Antigravity = Pancake. Do not want to believe me then try putting the North pole of a Neo magnet near the South pole of another Neo magnet and see what would be left if there was anything living on either one. Antigravity does not get the job done.

The easiest way to tell if a so called credible person is intelligent or lying to you is when they start telling you about Antigravity and expect you to believe them.

The only way to levitate or hover or fly through a gravity field is with a gravitational vehicle. Don't believe me then see what happens when you put two like poles together or do some research on an experiment called a Levitron and see what happens when you spin a magnet.

The 1st law of gravity is no different than the 1st law of magnetism; Opposites attract and Likes repel.

Test it for selves and see what you come up with.

PS. if you go down this path you will probably have to say goodby to quantum theory to.

yoyo on February 17, 2015:

I love that for the people who haven't seen it still support it because that shows that there are some educated people in the world, I'm going to be honest okay, If I din't see this for my self 3 years ago south of UK then I would be like.. oh wow you people really think this rubbish is real hahaha.. although the fact that I've seen this with my own skys I'm happy to say that I've changed my mind set in a hole! I now think out side of the box and that's all I do, yeah just think religion... people still elieve in these man made religions and so many people act like zombies or just robots and I'm happy that I can see that now although it still upsets me that so many humans have no clue on what's really going on in there own minds.

Jamie Havican (author) from Englewood Florida on January 14, 2014:

The New Show Website For The Show www.JamieHavicanBroadcasting.com

Rob on December 02, 2013:

They come upside my house and froze me

Amazing on September 01, 2013:

3 times I typed out how it all works, each time I deleted it. It's just too dangerous to give these secrets to the this world and the little man.

Mr. Nobody on August 21, 2013:

The guy "yep" above who posted that he saw one above the city of Anaheim is correct. I live near Anaheim and saw one in the sky at night as well. It did not make any sound and was flying in a way that regular aircraft cannot fly. It was amazing to watch actually. I've seen it twice and both times it flew exactly the same way. My wife filmed it on her itouch. Not a great video, but still captured it on video. Lot's of lights too.

YogSohoth on May 24, 2013:

I second gzinecker, this whole thing is a bunch of hullabaloo.

There isn't a shred of evidence that standalone magnetic fields can negate gravitational acceleration and the idea that this might be possible goes all the way back to the 1920s and was speculated seriously by physics in the 1940s. Then in the '50s and into the early '60s there were experiments to test this idea and the result was the same: Abject Failure. Electromagnetic fields have no effect on the mass of an object and furthermore, the tested and confirmed equivalence principle, gravitational mass and inertial are equal to each other.

So if you build a triangular craft with a nuclear reactor and a few generators and include a tokamak chamber, then pump mercury plasma into the tokamak chamber and accelerate it with electromagnets to generate a strong magnetic field, it would be UNABLE TO GET OFF THE GROUND!

Propulsion exploits Newtons 3rd law: The action-reaction principle. Now using a reactor to heat a propellant into plasma and then eject the plasma from exhaust nozzles would indeed work. It's called a nuclear plasma thruster. But hot plasma emits radio waves as well as plenty of heat. The triangular UFOs spotted over Belgium had no visible exhaust nozzles. And many other sightings of such objects do not report any sort of flames coming out of them. Another problem is that to heat the propellant into plasma it would have to pass through the reactor core(assuming you're using a solid core reactor)and that would result in radiation leaking out of the exhaust nozzles so there would be detectable radiation traces.

Veriskopes: What you say about nuclear thermal propulsion is correct but for an aerospace vehicle that can perform such maneuvers as you describe, such a vehicle would have a low thrust-to-weight ratio which would make it extremely slow......Too slow to match the performance of say, the Belgian triangle UFOs.

Courtney Rhodes on March 31, 2013:

I saw something very similar about a year ago, perhaps a newer tech. My husband and I were driving after dark. I noticed a few lights in a triangle shape in the sky out of the passenger window. It was stationary so I assumed it was a helicopter. I looked around and realized that their were more lighting up. They were too low to be stars or satellites. They were evenly spaced, in a grid pattern. There was an orangish light in the middle of each triangle of lights. He kept driving because I got spooked out and after about 10 minutes or so, the lights started to fade out. These lights covered the area of new Katy, Texas which is a basically a suburb to west of houston. I just want to kick myself for not writing the exact date, details or getting a video. It was just 2 days ago that someone mentioned black triangular ufo's called tr-3b's on another website. I did some searching and there are many u.f.o. sightings in the Houston area. NASA and Ellington Air Field are still very busy!

jed on March 24, 2013:

im just concerned about the whole structure of the craft on how it can withstand tremendous centrifugal forces. And also, about the extreme drag upon travelling high speeds.

mark on March 24, 2013:

what were they doing on populated areas above the houses?

Scott C on March 21, 2013:

Isn't it amazing how all of this derived from the craft that went down in the Black forest in Germany [DIEGLOCK]ZENON 525Element 115-116 radioactive isotopes of mercury ...maybe the Germans are the aliens ...how bizzare would that be...have a nice day

deano44 on February 28, 2013:

If aliens landed on white house lawn most of you would shoot at em while the rest would start praying-no wonder they dont! When USA became atomic the whole universe took interest-if they were malevelent none of us would be here now.Airforce even gave press release in 47 at Roswell only to change to BALLOON soon after. Area 51 has been reverse engineering(technology leap in last 65yrs) but these have been top secret projects -shot if you try to get in! Now suddenly leaking data about TR3B. Most of you havent heard of the A12 Oxcart-10yr prototype CIA made & tested to become SR71Blackbird , or atomic energy commision testing nuclear powered rockets. Most , however , would remember Ronald Reagan & the STAR WARS laser firing satellites. Consider a galatic neighbour concerned the USA is getting a bit big for its boots. Countless military personnel are coming forward now with stories of Nuclear silos & arsenals being observed & put off-line by ufo's. Ex-presidents,astronauts,generals & all forms of pilots are eye-witness to sightings-swampgas?flares?lanterns?balloons?clouds?planets?mass hallucinations????? Any of these people would stand in court of law! They have been showing their presence for years-crop circles being a perfect example(Carl Sagan arecibo message). By the way,wheat has been genetically altered so the seed is larger & doesnt blow away with wind-mmmmmm!!!! First accounts of black triangles(TR3B ?) were over Belgium 89/90. If top secret prototype why there? If from US airbase would have to fly over most densely populated areas of Europe. Slowly hovering over towns & cities with lights on/flashing yet silent? If malfunction & nuclear powered think of consequences-devastating catastrophe that couldnt be covered up. No UNCLE SAM , the big-boys are here & slowly letting everyone around the world know it. Time for DISCLOSURE!!!!

Svmozza on February 27, 2013:

Well, for what I know, The TR3B has been split into 4 designs as of 2002. Nevertheless, the government will not reveal this to the public until someone comes out w/ hard evidence.

Sport on November 30, 2012:

There are 2 lots of people who have commented. Those that have seen these craft, and those that are jealous that they have NOT seen these craft. I have also seen them in Sept of 1999. On consecutive nights, one flew directly over my house at no more than an estimated 100 ft, not much higher than the tree tops. Totally silent, with a triangle shape exhibited, only because of the flashing lights, as it was 9.00pm and overcast. The light sequence was unique, one of the reasons I was observing it, and was as follows. A large Orange Light flash fro the front point of the craft, then a 2 second delay, then 2 smaller white light flashes from the wing tips, and repeating. No Red or green strobing navigation lights, no "Plasma" glow in the middle, just flashing light as described in a triangle shape...totally silent and Slow!!

Note I live in a mid size city in a Large Southern Hemisphere country..as far away from the US as you could be..BUT 20 miles away is an Air force base, and this city is home to a high Defence industry. I live in the flight path of commercial aircraft, and the "Triangle" easily flew within the range of the city's main Airport Radar. They fly over pop areas because they CAN!!! Obviuosly to see if there are any report etc from citizens......Im my case, there were No reports of this craft in the Media, and I certainly didnt bother to report it......Why Should I, noone would believe you, AND I got the feeling they are "OURS". This craft flew Directly over me in my backyard, I am sure they saw me waving at them via infared or night vision images, same as the Police Helos use. I felt no "Alien" notion from the sighting.....I just wish they would tell us what they are doing. Oh, and for those that wonder about new tech being secret....The Curiosity Rover on Mars right now, is powered by a "Nuclear Battery" which will last for at least a year and doesnt not need recharging!!! Hello...NASA has a nuclear battery!!, How about one for every household so we can power our houses and do an exhange for a new one every year..........Oh Yes, Secret tech exists.....but not for the benefit of Ordinary man.

boxwood on November 25, 2012:

I have personally observed this craft over the panhandle of Florida on April 17, 1997. I will never forget it. Completely silent and I witnessed the craft do a 180 without slowing or changing speed. The direction change reminded me of throwing a rubber ball against a wall.

Jambanes on August 16, 2012:

Very cool.. I hear some of you saying that if it was real, then it would have been shown publicly. That's flat out false especially if it's military owned. For example, the SR-71 Blackbird was kept secret for decades before being revealed (and soon after retired).

Most importantly-- I beg people from the bottom of my heart to PLEASE use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar when posting. The use of run-on sentences with no punctuation does not lend credibility to your arguments!

DW on August 10, 2012:

When you have seen these not just once ; but twice; there is no way to say that it is fiction any longer! Twice I have seen these and they were very close to me! Once I saw four flying in formation treetop high and then once again later on I saw one following my car into the sub-division where I live! They are either real or they are holograms shot from a circuit of satellites and the space station? If they are holograms ; the technology must be mind blowing to look as real as my car does to me! That is how good or defined they look! It could explain the low to no noise issue in which I have heard that they can project sound as well if they want to! Whether they are real or a lie to deceive the masses ; we better be praying because this deception is not for any good purposes, if that be the case! Listen to what the scripture says we fight against; Eph 6:12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Satan is a deceiver and the world's governments are high places in the sense that they make all the laws and rule the masses! What's taking place right now in the world? It seems that during war more people see UFOs! Something to thing about! Anyway they are something and they look as real as anything I have ever seen! If everyone wants to turn America around; get on your knees and truly repent of your sins! That's the best chance we have of all!!! Voting will not do it!

jleak on August 07, 2012:

What about "scamp". small craft carried by TR-3B. Launches from 3B as fighter launches from carrier.

Jeffrey Schubert on July 27, 2012:

My cousin Robert and I saw this aircraft (U.F.O.at the time) while growing up in Kansas when I was a boy.I told my father (a police officer) about what we saw, and he caught wind of a very interesting report of 2 fellow police? officers of a neighboring department that thought this aircraft (U.F.O. at the time) was actually chasing them. To see this thing in real life is amazing... as it makes no noise. Edgar fouche a previous area 51 worker blew the whistle on the tr-3b project leaving the government no choice but to reveal it.

Robert Hauser on July 03, 2012:

The purported TR3B seems to be more myth than reality as if the reality of what America has become is not already uglier than school lunch special....but the CIA and other kindred rat packs would be so delighted to have you believe that the navy made one of their own destroyer escorts (the USS Ethridge) completely dematerialize at a Philedelphia dockside and then suddenly reappear in the Brooklyn naval shipyard back in '43---yeah right. First Big Bro "leaks" bald faced lies like that out to the drooling public by any of a myriad of claundestine ways then later "denies" them which only manipulates the crowd into more readily believing their lying crap----Big Brother wants you to think he can walk on water and piss Dom Perignon.

It is alleged that the TR3B is rendered counterbaric (weightless) and possibly propelled by a "superconducting circular plasma of mercury under 150,000 atmospheres of pressure" (Lenz effect), etc., etc. Can you imagine the deadly force of the explosion and toxic fallout resulting from an enemy AA round puncturing that toroid of very lethal vapor? And what has the earth's gravitational field got to do with "disrupting the earth's magnetic field" as some idolatrous shills have posted?....I know from the personal experience of having served aboard Coast & Geodetic research vessels that the geomagnetic field is totally independent of the earth's gravitational field. The supposed TR3B is most likely just typical flatulence from Big Bro just to con you into believing that everything you see in the sky is "ours" and that they have everything completely under control-----yeah, right---try to con the ever swelling number of abductees into believing that or the cattle ranchers who have had their livestock mysteriously mutilated in a way that the best surgeons on earth could not duplicate...or the crop formations that all of the fat salaried bureaucrats in America from here to the far side of Hell couldn't dream of duplicating any more than they could successfully forge a digital image of Obama's supposed birth certificate that anybody with two brain cells to rub together would fall for. America has gotten to be just one monstrous LIE that gets more squalid with each passing minute.

DW on June 15, 2012:

Quote "PWigham 3 days ago - I've freakin seen it. No doubt about it. Don't know if it's really called a TR3B or not, but I know I saw it. It's real. End of freakin' story."

Please do not let anyone upset you as many people think because they have seen something, that it does not exist!

I saw four of these planes flying down the rd to the side of my home in formation and treetop high! I am in the very back off of a long dirt rd. They proceeded to make a turn and go behind my house! I ran to my bedroom and looked out and saw them straddling the neighbors back yard and mine! A little higher than my roof! I have since seen another one and I have seen the weirdest round looking craft flying in the weirdest pattern going the top of my home! It could stop , start and turn as if it were on a track of some sort! But just air! had three lights on the bottom together and made a small sound barely audible at all! The triangle craft are real and close up they make a slight wooing sound! You could never hear them if higher up than what I saw them or if I were inside the house! As much as people care nothing about the bible; it makes reference of some of these things going on now! I personally believe some are man-made with help and that all are of terrestrial technology going back to the fallen angels! Everyone better get ready for the ride! If we are all still here at that time? Tribulation, turmoil and famine! Search it out, but do not fear it , if you are a devout *CHRIST*-ian; you have a promise and nothing to fear! But yes; nothing like seeing one to make a believer out of you!

PWigham on June 12, 2012:

I've freakin seen it. No doubt about it. Don't know if it's really called a TR3B or not, but I know I saw it. It's real. End of freakin' story.

Sighting: Lawrence KS, 11pm, 2000

Toni on June 07, 2012:

What about the immense centrifugal forces caused by the rapid spin of the mercury? Wouldn't the ship be torn apart by them?

dan on June 03, 2012:

If this is such a secret, why is on the internet and you can find the plans any where.

Nazim on May 30, 2012:

17th May 2016, the true TR-3Bs

Nathan on May 25, 2012:

Thus is so cool

Blender on May 24, 2012:

so.... to me, its a 50/50% chance it exists, and therefor i believe (or hope) it exists:)

Blender on May 24, 2012:

Its very possible it exists, and its also possible it does not. IF it exists, the technology used is NOT public known, which means that all you nerds trying to deny its existence with facts about KNOWN technology, are wasting your time.

And btw, if it was floating over a military camp, people would know for sure that its a military project, BUT if test flights were done over cities and civil ares, people would think of it as an UFO. IF people believes its an UFO, its easy to deny its existence. People would probably record it, but other people would call it fake. IF, however, the TR3B was spoted over a military camp, they would have to explain it somehow.

chris on May 15, 2012:

I think i saw this thing or something like it over exit 12 on the hutchinson parkway in mount vernon, ny 2 years ago

DW on May 14, 2012:

Absolutely there is something not so pretty brewing and currently taking place! Are any of you right with the *LORD*? You might want to think about it seriously as this seems that it is going to get very bad before there are brighter days! Everything happens for a reason and I have seen things lately in movies showing what is coming! I saw one called steel today that seemed to reveal some of these things taking place! There's one gospel and only one way to be saved! Please search the scriptures with a sincere heart towards the *LORD* as in Mr 16:14 thru 16:16 and Acts 2:37 thru 2:41! I pray that you all have eyes to see and ears to hear! These craft are real and the plan is very sinister! They are not going to give us much of a warning if any at all , other than what we can already see taking place! It will more than likely happen quickly when it does!

unknown on May 10, 2012:

You people need to wake up, there is some recent marvel films been put onto the big screens recently, in these film there is some small knowledge that it give out about technology, consider this for example, interdimentional being and star travel or stargates, in the film Thor, this is shown, iron man with his new found energy, notice how he makes this in ironman 2, speed up an energy like in the haydron colider, and then you have captain America, set in the second world war, they come across a power source, this is later used in a massive triangular aircraft, this sinking in yet???? All of this technology was first found in the 1930's, the only problem back then is that they were restricted to our own technology of the time, now days more and more technology is being developed, and as for the tr3b this is just a diversion, the real technology we have is beyond your dreams, as of to date the star wars program is in full swing, and also we have been back to the moon and we do have contact with other inhabitants there.

BT on May 07, 2012:


BT on May 07, 2012:


BT on May 07, 2012:


DW on April 24, 2012:

There are patients on the internet of what is called MHD systems -(Magnetohydrodynamic drive)! Just google MHD propulsion systems and see what comes up!



Now personally I can see what your point is that you are making; and it makes good logical sense, but there is nothing like seeing these for yourself that makes you wonder what kind of other technology do they have? And is it global in nature with the exception of a few hard to get along with countries? I have to say that after seeing these for myself; I cannot go along with the fact that they do not or cannot exist! What if we all have been duked by the NWO? Is that a possibility? At this point in time and after seeing more countries falling; I can't but wonder what is behind all of this? Just something to think about!

DW on April 10, 2012:

I know that this sounds above any one's possibility to create! I have seen these planes on two different occasions in this past year! The first time I saw them, my son was with his mother and called me on his mother's cell phone and asked me what was flying all over the place! I told him I did not know what he was talking about and he told me to look outside. I went as far as my front porch when I saw a lead plane treetop high coming down the side road of my home in the distance at first! As I watched it and it grew closer, I heard a mild humming sound like a wooing sound and then as I watched it ; I saw three more flying behind the first one. They flew in a straight line and I could see the tops of the planes at first as I stood on my porch. As they got closer to my home they went behind the house and I ran inside to my bedroom window and saw all four flying midway over my back yard straddling my back yard and my neighbor's yard! I have since seen another one flying by itself about two weeks ago and it crossed over the main road as I was coming into my subdivision and I stopped and turned my car around going towards some houses that were lit up. I was going to wait in someone's driveway until it left! When I looked to see if it was were there again; it had left and I drown my road to my home! I once saw a ball shaped craft years back and I will leave it there! But these are real! Whether the engines are what they say they are; I could not tell anyone! If I had not of went out on my porch that one time though ; I can tell you all that I would have never known they were out there! They are extremely quiet! They were going very slow and seemed to be weightless? Maybe a well defined hologram ; but as well defined as my car and house are!!! Anything else; I could not tell you!!!

??? on April 10, 2012:


How many must fly in the air? All over the world you can see them...

And this trinagle Objects have first been reportet/ seen in die 1940...

And I wonder: Why do you can see them only by night?

And: What´s the intention of these objects?

Ans: There are more than one version of these triangle objects... Are these all different military objects???

Kymatica on April 04, 2012:

why keep this tech a secret. i dont want an advantage over the rest of the world. Make this public and forget military strategy. The Chinese would prob make it better than USA anyway.

NO NAME on March 30, 2012:

i work for a military contractor involved in aeronautics and secret space programs. im not going to go into alot of detail, but i will tell you this. This program was real, however it is discontinued. That video is fake, and the illustrations are just artist depictions. It was essential to test the aerodynamics of the craft.

The new version which i worked on flys over mach 12, and is actually an aircraft carrier. it carries small drones similar to the f-35, and it has lasers on top and bottom, and in the nose, for missle defense. it cannot dissapear, or do any other crazy thing you might be thinking, however it is stealth, it can fly in the upper stratosphere, but not in space, yet. The drones are dropped from the belly much like a regular jet launches missles. the drones then land on a short runway on the top, which has claws which latch on to the landing gear, and pull the drone back inside. obviously the main craft must slow down for launch and retrival.

Dan on March 17, 2012:

I don't have an opinion about the craft's propulsion. I just know that I saw one over my house in Rutland, Vermont 2 years ago. I was looking at stars on a particularly clear and moonless night, and saw a slow-moving silhouette of an isosceles triangle with a star-colored light on each point. It moved slowly and silently, in almost a straight line, due east at 9:40 p.m. on April 12, 2010. I reported to the UFO database that it appeared to be small and only 200 feet high, but I have since decided that I was mistaken about its altitude; it must have been much higher, larger, and faster than I first perceived.

nicki on February 15, 2012:

we see the TR3B regulary in walker,louisiana. it usually after dusk and it reminds us of the star destroyer from star wars. we have alot of drone activity also. if u wanna see some action just come to walker. l.i.g.o. is only 5miles away,which we arent sure if that has anything to do with it but its definetly interesting.

Johan on November 03, 2011:

There is no way this craft is manned. The g-forces would kill you. It is no-doubt remotely operated. In this day and age with drones and more and more the military is going un-manned and with the gps and satellites we have up there. The only thing that makes this craft unknown is the powerplant which is believed to be some kind of ducted type nuclear plant

Aaron Smith on October 21, 2011:

Me and my wife saw this exact object in the fall of 1989 on Washington Pike between Washington PA and Wellsburg WV, It was hovering low and had the large bright white lights on each corner, it was black and silent and at least 100 feet Isoselese. Scared the crap out of us. I saw it later being reported europe on unsolved mysteries. Just figured it was aliens.....maybe it was us there is a Military Airforce base between that site and Wheeling WV

gzinecker on October 04, 2011:

This is unbelievably stupid. Ignoring the ideas that the government would not test such technology anywhere near any sort of civilian areas, The physics behind this are so wrong. I will list three reasons why the physics are wrong:

1. The magnetic field created by such a device, if it could be created within the physical boundaries for a flying machine, would kill you. The magnetic field would rip the iron atoms from your blood stream, essentially causing you to explode. Also, the magnetic field would play havoc with the electrical impulses running throughout your body. Your brain would be essentially fried.

2. If this device could be created, how would it ignore the laws of inertia or momentum? It wouldn't. There would still be acceleration, non-instantaneous stopping, etc. The G-forces in such a device would kill you.

3. If the physics of this were possible at all, why do you think that physicists haven't shown that this is possible, mathematically? And do not say that the government is covering it up: that would have to be a global conspiracy, going throughout all the universities, science, and research institutions in the world. That is almost as unbelievable as believing this pseudo-science.

Clark C. McClelland, ScO, STS Fleet on August 31, 2011:

I worked at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center from 1958 to 1992. I met and spoke with Dr. Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works, head Skunk.

He told me that the what he thought was the USA had Black Budgets with very, very high budgets. This secret space program was at least 50+ years ahead of what any of you, tax payers are aware. He spoke with me in either 1969 or 1970. Please open my website at www.stargate-chronicles.com Please assist me by opening the three book chapters on the website. Read what the evil in our present government did to me. They committed a crime against me. Thank you.


Toby on August 06, 2011:

Anyone who denies that the TR3 exists is a moron.

Alpha+ on July 30, 2011:

wnettles idea is good.The Holographic Insert

A Holographic Insert is a technology which also uses Keylontic science and manipulation of the Partici Grids, and it cannot be orchestrated on a mass level without a Frequency Fence. The Holographic Insert employs the Partici Grids within the molecular structure of elements within the air as well as the Grids within the Earth's crust.

Once the Frequency Fence is in operation and human perception is biologically confined to specific bands of frequency, more contrived EMPTs can be digitally projected into the Earth's atmosphere within the harnessed frequency bands and anyone who is biologically "tuned" to those frequencies (via the Partici Grids in the DNA) will experience as three- dimensional physical reality the illusion created by the Holographic Insert.

Believer on July 27, 2011:

We were fishing at santa ana river lakes in Anaheim CA .On july 23, 2011 at 11.06 PM time. A sound less triangular shaped crafted with 3 lights flew over us.My wife was so scared, she made me packup and go home. Why would they fly this craft here ???

get_a_clue on July 09, 2011:

you dummies that believe this is real are beyond stupid. you are probably the same dummies that vote for lying scum sucking politicians time and time again believing what they tell you and then wonder why the govt is so f'd up isn't that right? rofl. why would the usaf or any branch of the military want to keep this top secret and then fly it over a major populated area? think about it, it's pretty counter intuitive. this isn't rocket science, it's common sense. you don't expose something you're trying to keep secret. not to mention the class action lawsuits that would come down if the thing actually crashed and killed hundres of people. you know mecury vapor is deadly right? govt has gotten out of control but not so out of control that they would ever be able to cover up something like that happening, so why would they ever take the chance? would they test fly the next generation of stealth fighter jet over a major city? probably not right? and certainly NOT over a major city in a foreign country. it makes no sense and is highly illegal in fact. not that it would stop the govt these days, but that's another debate isn't it--if you don't like the govt and how it works, stop voting the same idiots in time and time again. now wake up and remember whenever you wonder why the govt can get away with misinformation, mismanagement and general bonafide bullshit, just remember that you dummies are the ones that put them in power rofl.

aleksandarm on May 13, 2011:

But seriously folks, why on Earth would the US military buzz heavily populated metropolitan areas of the world with an ultra-secret aircraft ? It is so grossly counterintuitive and irresponsible. Imagine if one were to crash in the middle of

Paris. In addition to the nuclear fallout, can you imagine the political fallout of

such a blunder ? Something is certainly being seen over our cities, but I don't think

it is Aurora / TR3B. The Pentagon couldn't possibly be that stupid.

aleksandarm on May 13, 2011:

Alien tech !

xxx on April 11, 2011:

No need to cool them, just look at Japan

nano on April 07, 2011:

it is a gravitomagnet (if that excists) and not a electric magnet and in what way could it manipulate gravity in space outside a gravity field? yeah sure us government has got some secrets but isnt this to go just to far and how do you mean that o container made of anything could withstand a pressure of 250000 atmhosperes, seriosly? and how are they supposed to kepp a nuclear plant there when the gravitomagnet already takes so much place, there is no way you could fit all the stuff you need to have in that ship and even if you solved all those problems this wouldnt work for long jorneys because a nuclear plant needs to be cooled and how could you fit a tank with 1000(or more) cubic metres of water in that ship

Angel from Orange Park, Fl on March 24, 2011:

My mom and sister saw this hoovering very slow in top of Sears in Orange Park Mall.

Just so you know on March 18, 2011:

Ok really. What is wrong with all of you? Thanks for all of the math and science. Does it make you all feel good to brag about how smart you all are? I can cut and paste from the wiki sites as well. Most of you on here should be investing your time trying to invent new technology so we can all have a better life here on earth. As for believing if this real I do as I am a veteran by the way of the US Coast Guard. I have seen just about everything in the sky just not this one :). I have extended family in all levels of gov including a distant cousin who works for NASA in a high level position. Can't wait to see the media and the publics reaction when some new technology is released in the coming months. You all will be believers then. God bless the US and our tech savvy government.

H on March 06, 2011:

Saw this in Jersey City, NJ and was filmed by several people that same evening all over Hudson County which is directly across from NYC. No sound, slow hover. Two of the videos were shoen on a cable documentary dubbed something like the Hudson UFO.

ET on February 19, 2011:

AA9SH, I like your attitude! there's far too much hokum about- however it occurs to me that even when all the hokum is debunked, there still seems to be a giant electromagnet powered by a nuclear reactor.. so to numbers.

Give 13.6 tonnes of mercury (~1 cubic metre) about 25GJ of energy (this would be the pressure of about 25GPa that "sources" purport, a Gigapascale being a gigajoule per cubic metre), and about 36% of it is singly ionized. you now have a charge of 1.7x10^9 coulombs, assuming you can strip the free electrons off and put them out of sight and mind. Spin your positively charged plasma up to the requisite speed (833 revs per second they say) and you have a whopping great current of 1.9x10^12 amps. 833 revolutions/sec around a coil 100m or so in diameter (their numbers again) is a staggering velocity of 261 km/s, so there'd have to be some pretty hefty shielding against centrifugal force there..

One's electromagnet is now generating a magneton of 1.11x10^16 J/T (or Am^2). The earth's is about 6.4 x10^21. To get a magnetic force we multiply these together, then by some constants, and divide by the radius of the earth^4. You find that there's about enough force for the (massive, extremely dangerous) magnet to lift itself against the Earth's gravity.

With a core for the solenoid more magnetically permeable than air we I believe I believe I am right in saying the magneton generated would increase. Iron has a permeability of 5,000, but if we chose a material able to amplify the magneton by just 15 times (if that's possible with such a huge alue to start with) we could generate enough force to lift the coil, shielding 15 tonnes of nuclear reactor and the roughly 70 tonnes superstructure involved in building an aircraft 200m across. :)

AA9SH on January 09, 2011:

Veriskopes - Some good observations! Please look back to my previous blogs on this site. Perhaps you can critique what I've written. I'll check back for your comments.

AA9SH on January 09, 2011:

Sean- I am glad that you have a good handle on both the present & future state of the physical sciences so that you can so accurately denounce the present state of affairs. I thirst for enlightenment. Yet, I read the previous blogs, & am greatly disappointed by the ignorance displayed & conclusions voiced as to the TR-3B's operation. Only veriskopes blog was worth reading. (I am the quack-quack-canard-guy.) --- Just what have you studied to make such prognostications? How many laboratories have you worked in? What familiarity do you have with rocketry or aircraft? Do you have a grasp of the present "basics" of the physical sciences? Are you on a level of theory with the likes of Stephen Hawking or John Nash or Onkel Albert Einstein? If so, I shut my mouth & bow deeply toward you to listen w.rapt attention. Your turn.

Sean on January 08, 2011:


The mainstream materialist-reductionist science (or should I say, scientism) of the present day is, in a word, junk. Most of what we are taught in schools and universities will soon enough be consigned to the trashbin of history where it belongs. The science of the not-too-distant future will render many of our current theories obsolete, and make our greatest technological triumphs look like the child's play.

geoff manser on January 02, 2011:

the best place to see these used to be hackpen hill near wroughton in wiltshire i used to see them alot ,they defo used to test it there exactly same craft ,we even watched 1 have a tiny craft come out then go back in ,that was about 6 of us see same thing ,that i found weird but you can tell we made it, looks cool but it was silent but slow ,didnt seem to shift much pretty boring slow,could have been early stages i see it at but ,defo exists ,

Veriskopes on December 28, 2010:

In reference to the horrible misunderstanding of the purpose of the nuclear reactor(s) of the "TR-3B" (supposing there is one) that some (again, not all) of the commenters have demonstrated, the nuclear reactor(s) of the "TR-3B" are supposedly used to power the Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD) and other onboard electronics AS WELL AS heat the working fluid of the multi-mode Nuclear Thermal Rockets (NTR)s (a concept well-established within the aerospace community with working engines already tested-google NERVA or NUCLEAR THERMAL ROCKET for more information). NTRs heat a reaction mass (usually liquid hydrogen) to extremely high temperatures by directly or indirectly transferring heat from a nuclear reactor to the reaction mass. The high-temperature plasma created is channeled through nozzels at extremely high velocities to create thrust. Burning liquid oxygen in the plasma stream (like an afterburner) increases thrust, but lowers the specific impulse (basically the efficiency). It would appear that cooling would be one of the biggest problems with the "TR-3B". When the engines are running, much of the heat from the reactors (which, depending on the type, could be anywhere from 5,400 degrees F to 45,000 degrees F) is carried away with the reaction mass. However, when the thrusters are not running, onboard cryogenics (which are limited), outside air, infrared radiators (in space), or some other similar method would be required. These methods of heat removal all require large systems (many of which depend on limited supplies of something that must be stored on the vessel) that are very difficult to integrate into an air/space craft. Another issue is radiation shielding. However, this would be somewhat less of a problem if "gravity shielding" really is possible. I do not see how gravity shielding would affect the mass of an object, much less the effects of acceleration on it. Weight, as many (really all) people who have passed high school (or junior high) should know, is the acceleration due to the Earth's gravitational force multiplied by the mass of an object. Even in "zero gravity environments", objects still possess inertia (resistance to change in motion) and mass. The G-forces encountered during non-gravity-induced acceleration should still have the same effect on an object regardless of the state of the distortion of spacetime around the object (gravity). Also, unless there is a counter-rotating mass of either equal mass and speed of spin to the plasma in the MFD or a counter-rotating mass of lesser mass but greater speed (or vice versa) than the plasma in the MFD, the entire vessel (except possibly the crew compartment, which is supposed to rotate), would be set spinning at an absurd rate while getting the plasma up to speed. Assuming the vessel got the plasma up to speed while being supported on the ground, and assuming that it could keep that rotation from bleeding out into the rest of the craft, there would still be the problem of the immense gyroscopic and centripital forces acting on the vehicle. It would resist changes in position because of gyroscopic inertia and be rendered unsteerable. A counter-rotating mass could solve these problems, but it would be basically like having an entire extra MFD system (in size and weight) added to the vehicle. All the alleged leaks and other information about the TR-3B seem to suggest that the MFD is one of the largest (mostly by diameter) part of the vehicle. I have never heard of any counter-rotation systems being involved with the TR-3B, and it would seem that there really isn't that much space to put one in. I hope the TR-3B is real, but it is hard to just throw physics as we know it out the window and just believe it is real because it's appealing to think such things are possible and real. All I am saying is that people need to look at information as objectively as possible and not totally dismiss it at a glance, or accept it when they don't know what they're accepting. Take all information about secret government technology, aliens, UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, etc. with a bucket of salt, not just a pinch. Open minded is not the same as optimistically accepting any quasi-scientific-sounding rumor, conspiracy theory, DOOMSDAY THEORY (cough, 2012), or "leaked information" without actually investigating YOURSELF whether or not the information is fact or fantasy. That means REAL science, NO PARANOID-SCHIZOPHRENIC SOURCES (in general) ;), and proper logic. Don't determine to see something wrong or right; FIND THE TRUTH.


Let the truth be revealed.

saturnx311 on December 21, 2010:

What are you "canard" people talking about? CERN is a toy. Just a science project.

This is off-world technology for sure. In fact, a lot of it is documented: I watched a video interview on Project Camelot a while back that had this dude who simply did some exhaustive research on PUBLIC knowledge. He was speaking of aircraft that uses an electrogravitic drive, they called it. It used high-voltage, low-current charges built up in the front and rear of the craft, which actually used gravity to form a "gravity wave", which the craft "surfed", allowing it to stay aloft indefinitely and fly at speeds nothing short of incredible.

As I said-- all public knowledge.

The Tr3b is absolutely real. I've seen it fly over my home in Orange County, CA, a few times. I tried filming it one time, but the speed-- something like 3000 MPH, I'd estimate-- was just too great for me to catch it. Too bad. But it exhibited the same physical characteristics: the triangle shape, lights in each corner and a huge "ball" of light in the center.

ASH on December 18, 2010:

Twice sightings of triangular craft, exactly 6 months apart and the same time, following the same path and height, I live in rural area where military flight lane and civilian cross. See traffic all the time. Two of us saw it in April and my father whilst walking the dog saw it, as I had described it to him. He was sceptical, not now. The geographical area has little street lighting or population density, it seemed to be changing course North from N.E England up towards Scotland via North Sea coast, as others also tracked.

I know my physics and military hardware, this craft was like the TR3-B described above and did manoeuvres no thrust aero-dynamic plane could do.

This is no isolated incident, I believe they have been operating out of a Scottish Air Base for years.

Ken on December 15, 2010:

Hello, sunday i was in Beringen (Belgium) with a friend at the old mines, i looked up and i see a black triangle on a hight of 50 meters and it was not so fast, then it goes behind a wall and i had to walk 10 meters to get behind that wall so i start running and when i came behind the wall the triangle was gone. It was the size of a car and looks more like a piece of a pizza and there where no lights like i have seen on the pictures that i found on the internet. Could this be the TR-3B? First i really thought that i have seen an UFO.

NetiYeti on December 13, 2010:

Please don't assume that the TR-3B hasn't been tested above 120,000 ft. The TR-3B (Astra), bristling with exotic technology including nuclear power, "mercury engine" (Magnetic Field Disruptor for local gravity nullification), and corner-mounted rocket engines/thrusters, is the putative backbone of the "secret space program", domiciled within the US Navy's 10th Fleet. (See also US Space Command and Naval Space Command.) These advanced aerodynes are designated USSS (United States Space Ship). They are indispensable for the heavy-lifting necessary to service secret bases in Earth-orbit, on the Moon and on Mars.

Kristi on November 30, 2010:

I had never heard of this before but coming home from a night out Nottingham in Jan 2010 I had to slow down because a lorry driver had driven over a bollard and had pulled over at the side of the road. He was looking up at something so I looked myself and saw a dark triangular shaped craft with bright lights at the corners hovering above some trees to the right of us. I couldn't believe my eyes and just couldn't work out what I was looking at. The craft then started to slowly move off, making no noise at all. I was completely baffled, as was the lorry driver by the looks of him. I couldn't wait to get home to search on google for what it could be. I typed in a description of what I had seen and up came the TR-3B. Images online look exactly like the craft that I had seen. I swear that this is 100% true and accurate. To this day I am amazed at what I saw as it was so unlike any other flying craft I have ever seen in its movements and shape etc.

AA9SH on November 09, 2010:

Re USUL UK - Good points about sightings & of one technology coming on line to replace another--I get it. I remember when Pres. Johnson unveiled the revolutionary A-12 (before the SR-71) in 1974. It replaced the U-2 spy plane. I saw an early F-15 & F-16 fighter strut their stuff for the Air Force. If the TR-3B, or whatever they call it---terrific! But if you have read & considered the

descriptions of the craft & its operation---it seems to be either gross disinformation, or the blather of some UFO enthusiast. Perhaps some bloke has written his fiction so to play with the heads of others, to read their reactions & to laugh attheir reactions. I am no physicist, but application of relatively low level chemistry, physics & math along with some thought--- dismisses the operational description to the level of ignorance or fraud. Read my previous musings in this site. No one has refuted anything that I've pointed out.

What say you?

USUL UK on November 07, 2010:

For the second time this year almost exactly 6 months between sightings, people around the UK have seen without any foreknowledge or back ground information a black triangular craft, with 3 bright equi-distant red plasma like lights. I live in the North East of England, East of Durham City near the North Sea Coast. In April I saw a triangulat craft decelerate from no where at approximately cloud level, with 3 red lights below it. Last night my father who was sceptical saw a similar craft, following nearly the same route then accelerate off at a terrific speed toward the Sea in the East.

I believe this is an American craft harnessing some of the research touched upon in the book Secrets of Anti Gravity propulsion, by Paul LaViolette. Face facts every one out there the US does`nt retire redundant Technology like the Black Bird or the Stealth Flying Diamond, unless there is an over lap or stop gap in technology until their newest projects are fully up and running.

The increased activity of these sightings has strangely seen our Russian friends sending its aging Bears out over the North Sea over Scotland and the North of England. We all suspect some Black projects to be based in an RAF/US Airforce base in Scotland for some time. The sighting in Belgium in 1993 can only hint at the length of time this has been going on.

Any doubters of a TR3 B like craft being Science Fiction better think again, with the world as it is today a small security deterent is a welcome thought. Especially as a Mach 9 intercetor to react to any terrorist threats, i.e 911 flying bombs.

AA9SH on October 29, 2010:

Hello EB- Re. the Alcubierre Drive- I don't know how much of the Wiki. article you took in. Did you read any of the objections or problems with A.D. theory posed by other theorists? Did you read up on any alternative theories? And, look at the year that Mr. A. published his theory? Einstein's General & Special T.s of Relativity have been around 100 years & we've only begun to grasp implications & applications. Mr. A's theory has been around little more than 10 years. Also,quoting you, "the craft wouldn't move at all, but just be bending the space around it." You understand amiss. Also, look into the math indicating it would take the energy of some 3 solar masses,(matter converted entirely to energy) to accelerate one small atom in Mr. A.s scheme (as I recall).

Hello AMAZING- Re your latest post. Remember that gravity & magnetism are different items altogether. Look at the TR-3B blurb-the start-"Magnetic Field Disruptor".

Not a Gravity Field Disruptor. Also "magnetic vortex field"? That has nothing to do with GRAVITY. Also, CENTRIFUGAL FORCE does not exist. See Inertia, Mass, Acceleration, etc. Did you ever study basic physics in school?

P.S.-earlier, I was mistaken. When Hg freezes in normal conditions, it does freeze into a crystalline structure, not amorphous. But, an Hg plasma at 150 Kelvin & 250,000 atmospheres? Sheesh! Quack, quack,quack.

Amazing on October 25, 2010:

This thing only evades planetary(local)gravity, The rockets are for out-of-Earth gravity range propulsion and guidance. Once Gravity is confused sufficiently, the centrifugal force of the spinning Earth causes the device to rise(Inertia-eject). Remember Hutchinson's home movies: The bowling ball and pudding did not hover, they reached a certain point where they suddenly ejected to the ceiling of His swank Apartment. Gravity evasion is Chapter 1, Gravity control is a whole different Textbook.

EB on October 25, 2010:

Could it be that it is using some version of the Alcubierre drive (Warp Bubble)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcubierre_drive

Then the craft wouldnt move at all, but just be bending the space around it

Jeffrey on October 14, 2010:

I saw one of these hovering over the trees at the ramp where I-675 meets I-75 in Stockbridge, GA in 1999.

AA9SH on October 12, 2010:

Have you also noticed the three intakes on the top of the vehicle? Why more intakes & nearly atop the rocket locations? Won't intake duct-work crowd the engines & tanks for the H and O propellants?-- Gravity? According to Einstein's GENERAL Theory of Relativity, any mass--a person, a planet, a star or a galaxy---causes a warping of the "time-space continuum" - (like a bowling ball in the middle of a trampoline) that causes any other mass or photon to veer toward it. I don't see where you will cancel gravity, though you might be able to effect some cancellation of a magnetic field- (the earth has one). Remember however, magnetism and gravity are two different things. P.S. Do not think that I have written off the existence of something like the TR-3B. There are many craft that I would have liked to see, some that I've looked for, & some unexpected aloft. I've flown a C-131 to Copenhagen, & identified a crashed airplane from its oil cooler scoop! Oh,it would be interesting to see the TR-3B (if it exists)- but I'm truly put off by all the blather. I'm challenging someone to say something substantial. If I want to read engaging fiction, I'll read C.S. Lewis' so called "Space Trilogy"- beginning with "Out of the Silent Planet." Bye

AA9SH on October 11, 2010:

Len- Look at my 3 previous comments. Those variable vector intakes are not my only considerations. JDEN or JDENEUA (same person or two diff.??) speaks further of the intakes (don't forget the vectored exhausts). Are they for propulsion- an air breathing engine? Are they for "silent running" when they are moving at a slow speed near the ground & not using the 3 rocket engines at the corners. Seems to me that enough room would be taken up by crew, rocket engines & fuel/oxidizer, and the "gravity disruptor" & maybe nuclear reactor to power it--what room is there for all that duct work on three sides for to move air? If the craft is so advanced, why does it need to push air around? Next, if they can "fool" gravity, MASS STILL WOULD NOT CHANGE UNLESS THE TR-3B IS TRAVELING AT NEAR LIGHT SPEED. In that case, mass INCREASES EXTREMELY GREATLY as one approaches light speed. Ain't no way to DECREASE mass, & its companion INERTIA by fooling gravity! It's nonsense. Lastly, what kind of physics reduces the boiling point (of a liquid) by INCREASING PRESSURE (to 25,000 atmospheres yet)on Hg at 150K (-189.7F)(which would make the Hg a solid block in a normal pressure condition. At 25,000At & 150 degrees Kelvin-- the Hg would likely go from an amorphous solid phase to a crystalline phase- likely a orthorhombic lattice of some sort---NOT A PLASMA at 150K FOR PETE'S SAKE. Give me a break. Quack, quack, quack. What are these folks smoking?

jden on October 06, 2010:


the air intake vectors (at least 3)are probably centered on a pivoting plane allowing for movement in all x,y,z coordinates.

if u remember from basic physics the gravitational force of two objects is dependent on the distance from the object and the mass of the object. by reducing the mass you reduce the gravitational attraction and its mass.

its moves

Len on October 05, 2010:

What gives this Hoax away is the Variable vector intakes for Variable vectored hydrogen/oxygen rocket engines. WTF You can see dumbies are easily fooled. And then how can you reduce gravity down to 89 percent when there is no such thing as gravity waves of energy. I mean how can you say something going to work when humans have not figured out what gravity really, gravity is still in theory form. And then since this so call technology has been out for years whats the point of keeping it a secret, when we could advance space exploration about 89%. IDIOTS, PLEASE STOP!!! And if you answer this comment please don't skip to the conspiracy theory before responding to the air intake vectors (I chuckle just writing that).

And last but not least how does it move? I see it can move up and down, what propulsion forward or backwards, and when it is traveling at 2.5 mach plus what keeps the triangular brick airframe from being ripped apart by drag( if you got rid of gravity, you haven't got rid of air resistance.)

Practically impossible. But if you believe in ghost it will always be real in your head.

jon on October 04, 2010:

I actually saw 3 of these clearly back in 2005, 2 of which were right over my house. So there's definitely no question about their existence to me, after having seen them first-hand. And I do live near Dobbins AF Base, which I knew was one of the locations of the infamous Montauk Chair as well. So no surprise there. lol.

JDENEUA on September 30, 2010:


JDENEUA on September 30, 2010:

Still no takers on the 150 degree Kelvin (150K) Mercury plasma.



Phase diagram for mercury up to 67 GPa and 500 K

Phys. Rev. B 48, 14009–14012 (1993)

harry on September 28, 2010:

i worked for air force and maintained the blackhawks and other black op's aircrafts and trust me they would run special training missions in big cities and fly right over houses and buildings a night and none of are aircrafts had tail numbers but they were written in black just like the color of the air crafts we were testing. think about it if they were to tell people we had been visited by aliens there would that would bring in to question all religion's and then you would have nutt ball'z praying to the sky and everyone's thinking would change.i have probaly said to much. but people are told what they need to be told!!! we really know who gave moses the 10 commandments on that mountain.

AA9SH on September 19, 2010:

Still no takers on the 150 degree Kelvin (150K) Mercury plasma? Also, "relativistic" speeds aren't faster-than light, but only "approaching" the 300,000,000 meters/sec. speed. CERN in Switzerland/France needs a huge amount of hardware and power to spin a small bit of Lead plasma to such speeds. Read up on both the General and Special Theories of Relativity- Einstein! Also Richard--the XB-40 was built in 1943 as a heavily armed and armored B-17 variant. It wasn't even Mach 0.3. Rather, look up the X-43 and X-51 scramjet birds. Experimental only, and nothing near Mach 20. Off hand, I think that you'd see Mach 20 on re-entry from orbit, and no scramjet is needed for that flight envelope. Lastly, look at the picture up top of the page. Why "Variable Vectored INTAKES when pointed forward"? For Pete's sake--It is supposed to have 3 "variable vectored rocket engines" burning Hydrogen & Oxygen. It is not supposed to have any air breathing engines-no turbojet, no ramjet, no scramjet engines. Why any intakes at all? Where will your TR3B carry all the chilled liquid O and H to feed 3 rockets? Your nuclear reactor and gravity disruptor toroid are gonna take up lots of space. I'm wasting my time here--quack, quack, quack, quack,quack.

It's a CANARD!

The Gray Man on September 09, 2010:

Those who talk do not know. Those who know, do not talk. - It is highly likely this vehicle exists in one form or another.

electricsky from North Georgia on August 06, 2010:

Wonderful hub about ufos in the government.

hannibal on July 15, 2010:

I've seen this bolt from a hovering speed to just being.. gone, in an instant, it spun while it was immobile for whatever reason, I live in between two large military installations in the south east, we get a lot of civilian aircraft, all the time too..

I am not a trained spotter, but I can discern the difference between a gigantic, floating triangle with non blinking dark dark green lights flooding off of it and a common aircraft, I assure you folks, the thing was remarkable, and its real.

For those of you asking for blue prints of something that would, "if" real be the most devastating weapons platform imaginable, are morons of the highest caliber.

AA9SH on June 19, 2010:

You all said nothing about the 150K Mercury "plasma".

Anyone know anything about MHD (magnetohydrodynamics)?

Can anyone explain how electrons are to be accelerated to super-light speeds? By the way- a canard is either a duck, or by the second definition---a hoax. OK - if the thing is a real flier, I still don't buy the authori-

tative explanations for propulsion. Sounds to me like a piece of disinformation. Who is sucking strange smoke?

Daniel on June 13, 2010:

The aircraft does not exist. Even if it did exist I'm sure the USA would not test it above huge cities, it would be tested in other places.It is a UFO

stephen on June 09, 2010:

i just know that this planet is mark 2 if not three or four we are only here as an experiment to higher beings mars was the 1st planet they tried but that failed for obvious reasons the is more than we can comprehend so just enjoy the ride while your here cuz when your gone who knows where you'll end up

Richard on May 30, 2010:

Hey Guys Can You Spell? As far as the TR3B is concerned , it exsists. No one pays $6,000 for A toilet seat or $10,000 for a hammer. Black Ops is in full swing. They have stuff they don't know about. Witness the Mach 20 XB40 scramjet making its debut in Newsday about a year ago.

AA9SH on May 28, 2010:

I think that the thing is a "canard." The "mercury based plasma" at 150 Kelvin which is given as fact is one clue to me. Plasmas usually have temperatures measured in thousands of degrees, or thousands of electron volts. 150K translates to -123.15 Celsius or -189.67 Fahrenheit. Cold! Mercury is

a solid block of metal at only -37 F or 234 K. and melts

to liquid form slightly above that. Mercury plasma at 150 Kelvin? I think 150K is a joke, folks! Unless I'm missing

some aspect of magnetohydrodynamics, no plasma at 150K. Next, "Amazing" writes of "accelerating electrons slightly faster than the speed of light". Nonsense. they can't even do that at the CERN super-collider. That flies in the face of both the General and Special Theories of Relativity.

IF there is a "TR-3B" then the "experts" who describe it's

operation are blowing smoke (or is it plasma?)

Violet on May 04, 2010:

Heh, psycoelement, how many people need to observe something before it can be incorporated into the prevailing consensus reality?

Anyhow, I find it vaguely comforting that this frequently reported phenomenon has its origins in something as familiar and finite as human craftsmanship. Here is one less flying object that is unidentified! ;)

Amazing on May 01, 2010:

If you accelerate electrons slightly faster than the speed of light, it "Confuses" Gravity and reduces the weight attraction of the Earth's and surrounding Gravity(an easy trick). The Gravity strings are unable to focus on the matter within the disruption with regularity, but it is still there. Instead they focus on each other temporarily, which causes local endothermic events. 89% evasion is pretty good, but 100% would be better. The Nazis played with this, and some Russians tried a circuit-turntable just recently(a low-tech cheater). The problem is that even though mass-gravity is disrupted, mass-inertia still exhists, 40G's is just a fairy tale.

George on April 17, 2010:

I think is real because something like was seen by a lot of people in santo domingo, Dominican republic, specifically april 17th, 2010 during the night.

old97polarcat on April 12, 2010:

I like the way it flits out in a ball of light at the end. Is this supposed to be actual video or CGI?

psycoelement on April 04, 2010:

so where is the evidence,all we have are eye witness accounts and anecdotes both of which are terrible forms of evidence and scientifically,not evidence at all

mcsmellemy on March 30, 2010:

pfffft u wud think nettles here built it with the way hes talkin!

wnettles on February 22, 2010:

A three dimensional matrixed form of scalar electromagnetic interferometry is employed to change the optical properties in and around the ship. It is known in military circles as the "Tesla Shield" and has been in development for about 80 years now.

The mass reduction of the craft is achieved by a g field bleed off of energy from a torodial plasma accellerator. All of the electrical power generated to run the ship is nuclear.

The public is not likely to hear of this officially for a while, as it is still considered above top secret. However, some folks have managed to get some video of the craft using infrared night vision video camera while the craft was not in full stealth mode. You probably have already seen this on the web.

Albert Einstein gave us the basics of the mass reduction system, Nikola Tesla gave us the stealth technology, and a lot of hard working folks have developed the rest. This is a military spacecraft with some awesome capabilities, and, an expensive craft, at that.

We will not be giving out all of our technology secrets very rapidly. We wish to maintain a significant technological edge for national security reasons that, I am sure, you can understand. With that said, enjoy what you can see of our "UFO". Cheers.

del on February 19, 2010:

Video is FAKE but the aircraft is real. Saw one 5 years ago in wiltshire uk, daylight at about 250yds, we knew then it was a military plane not an alien ufo because of the way it acted. Not sure about the gravity shit, but when it went after about 5 minutes it was extremely fast, literally byond eyesight in 2 seconds. Regretfully I have no footage but believe me, the aircraft exists.

KillerKendra on February 17, 2010:


Black Project on February 12, 2010:

In the centre of the TR-3B is a Mercury Plasma that is circling around with the help of a magnetic field which guides it. This is called a Magnetic Disruptor and disrupts the Gravities power making Anti-Gravity. This is how it floats, but uses Nuclear power as an efficient fuel. The circles you see underneath is where the exertion of power is coming from. I've researched this for quite a while =)

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