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What Is A Sovereign Individual? Am I A Sovereign Individual? Am I Property Of The Government? Do I Have Freedom?

Am I a Sovereign Individual?

There is a momentous change in the thoughts of humanity. The change is an alteration of history when it comes to power of Nations to that of a new type of individual. The new power structure of the individual is to place the actual power in the hands of the individuals themselves. These people refer to themselves as sovereign individuals.

The definition of a "sovereign individual" has come to describe individuals that choose to live a selective lifestyle and is used by many persons of this belief. Some of these beliefs are the perception that the human being is owned by the individual and government has no claims to their person as being property.

They maintain an active obligation to the rights of the individual. They hold no trust in a political democracy, or a market insurrectionist. They also do not agree with a natural order personality.

Sovereign Individuals are free from the restraints of Government!

Sovereign Individuals are free from the restraints of Government!

Their beliefs maintain the right to both financial privacy as well as personal privacy. They are enthusiastic to think and act outside of the government imposed box. They do not hold respect to be obligated to being ruled by existing Nation States.

They use participation in a strategy of banking outside the borders of the nation in which they reside and various other methods to protect their wealth from government intervention.

A "Sovereign Individual" is similar to the label of "Perpetual Traveler" as they both hold similar concepts. The "Sovereign Individual" lives wherever his/her living, breathing body resides. They have no address that is registered, as they cannot live in two places at the same time. Therefore they live wherever there body is at any given moment.

Tax Slave or Sovereign Individual?

Another term which is similar to the "Sovereign Individual" is the term "internationalist" which is defined as a person that thinks globally and holds no allegiance to any government of any Nation State.

The lifestyle known as the sovereign individual is a combination of many ideas, all relevant to the idea of self-ownership. Many persons are sovereign individuals without ever realising or knowing exactly what the idea represents.

There have always been human beings that have lived their life and their thoughts reflect that of the sovereign individual, they will usually refer to themselves by a different label. The main ideas and concepts is an alteration of how the individual views the world and their place in the world.


It is the concept of raising oneself over the impression of being owned by any government entity. They also do not believe that they have any need to acquiesce themselves to any controlling foreign establishment.

The Sovereign individual demands that they are self-reliant and free from the restraints mandated by any government entity. Claiming the label of a sovereign individual is much more then acting in a particular way or doing certain things. Just as an example, simply because a human being creates an offshore bank account or forms a company offshore it does not make them a Sovereign individual.

Sovereign individuals resides more in the way they live their life, it is a way of thinking and acting accordingly.

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Life has many paths, the possibilities are endless. The sovereign individual is the human beings that follow the path that is less traveled.


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H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on March 17, 2012:

Yes, you have raised a question beyond limitation. We are hearing sovereign nation and not a sovereign individual. In a sovereign nation, a citizen of the country is enjoying his or her individual right in adjustment with the right of the community of the nation. If we can make the Globe only belonging to one nation, we can ask for individual right. Yes, it is possible only when we are ready to accept the sorrows and happiness of every individual equally. We are equal in the eyes of almighty but are we so in the eyes of the administration of every nation?

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on January 12, 2012:

Excellent commentary. But, it's difficult to feel "sovereign" with things like taxes, laws you don't even know about, privacy violations, etc. Voted up!

John Harper from Malaga, Spain on December 25, 2011:

Glad I found you, and yes it was from the forums!

I am a 'denizen' of the world.


John D Wilson from Earth on December 11, 2011:

Hey Reality,

Great article, great subject.

Well written.


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