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What Is Republic Versus Corporation?

Senior blogs on spiritual subjects takes a look at political world and at economics. Focus is on human rights, namely freedom of speech


I Know Whats Wrong With Me Now!

Realizing this was corporate America changed my perspective and caused me to understand myself better, to question what I’m doing on Facebook, as really, if FB is a corporation too, which duh, of course it is; then everything becomes much clearer.

It’s my problem that I don’t conform with “policy.” I have become the user name FBrefuge on Gab. My mind doesn’t travel down money corridors. I know money is not evil, but then, neither is it innocent and sweet in the way it's used. Now I sort of understand FB makes money off us by selling our likes and dislikes, our data, so to speak, all kinds of information about us we may have thought should be nobody’s business but our own.

This truly didn’t bother me. I have Adblock after all. Also they make money whenever you run one of those Fund Me programs; they take their cut. That’s fine and doesn’t bother me. And I have nothing to hide really as far as personal data to my likes and dislikes being sold to whoever. That could change though in a heartbeat.

I’m sure someone who understands corporate policy and the way money makes the world turn around, could explain things better as to the age of Corporate America that I just belatedly realized we live in. As a former friend said to me, "Alysia, you live in your own world." Well, certainly, don't we all? Live in our own world I mean. The way I see it now we are moving back to an America that we may call a Republic. As soon as March 4rth I have heard. Truly, I never did get around to separating out Democracy from Republican. I cannot say how it is I came to possess a diploma from high school as I don't recall learning anything about anything important.


The future is Here, it's You & Me

This Republic is what we started out with in historic times I hear. It has evolved into something I see as well nigh corrupted.

The Republic as I see it is getting back to basics. Human rights first, government policy second. The constitution came about after all, because of being taxed too much. We, the people, wanted to be sovereign. Nothing wrong with that. It seems we got away from the freedom principles somehow. It seems like big corporations always go corrupt by focusing on the exchange system values and not enough on human values, such as love, trust, caring, respecting rights, listening to another without wanting to dominate them, what else? Really, I'd like to call it Anti Spiritual, Anti God, ect and so forth. Let me slip in an idea I'm sure all baby boomers can relate to, "you can't take it with you Bubba!" When you go, you go back into your spiritual state naked, the way you came in.

Dam! Censored Again!

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Miracles Not Allowed!

When a wee child I was taught the pledge of allegiance. I have scoured the words for any mention of pledging my allegiance to a corporate social forum. Hmm. No, I don’t see any reference to obeying FB policy. Therefore I really don’t think FB is the American way and most assuredly is run by a dictatorship, or corporation if you prefer, (sounds nicer). policy, possibly from other countries. No doubt foreign policy has its fingers in the FB pie too. One cannot be a little bit pregnant. You are or you are not. In other words you cannot have censorship and also say you have freedom of speech as part of the constitution.

It's not all Zuckerberg's fault whats going on here. No doubt he has monetary concerns to protect and bribery could be involved as well as threats. Many people are dying just for their right to speak freely in the world as it stands now. Thats crazy! It has to change. Slowly but surely all the life force is being strangled out of Facebook with censorship. There's no reason to share information, if continually what is shared is touted as politically incorrect. Truly, there is no right or wrong when you realize we are all evolving into all that we can be in our potential to "be great again."

So I shall shortly mosey down the line to Parler or Gab, where corporate corruption has not occurred and if I want to post just two words "Expect Miracles" it won't be ripped down off the platform. This actually happened to me. Although later after my restricted account became less so, the word Miracle was once more allowed. It seemed like a miracle! Ha.

Ever positive I am thinking FB policy will lighten up and that I don't have to leave friends I've made on FB after all. Until then I will certainly be drawn to where all the voices freely speak of those things most important to them, without having it censored for "inciting" or misleading the public. What a crock that is!



Alysia McAlister (author) from Arizona United States on January 31, 2021:

thank you for the comment Manatita44. I like it. Hubpages has changed it's format so I was late to respond.

manatita44 from london on January 22, 2021:

Lovely article. Who wins is a great question and probably without answers. According to the Seers, God is not static, but constantly in motion, self-transcending ... changing Its plans all the time.

It uses both the darkness and the Light, for Its own purposes, which is ultimately that of good or Love, of course. Yet the dark side never stops fighting and sometimes seems to win.

The mystic sees Love in the seeming triumph of the dark, as being part and parcel of the Light and Love sanctions, approves or tolerates, even if nothing happens without Its Will. A tough one to understand.

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