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What or Who is Qanon?

Willow is an observer of American politics, a conservative and an avid researcher of non mainstream media sources.

What is Qanon?

Qanon is an anonymous poster on a website called 8 chan. 8 chan is a billboard type website where freedom of speech is not censored, and every topic under the sun is discussed. It is not a website for the novice user, nor is it safe for all age groups. Q created a board on 8 chan called the "Great Awakening" and began posting "drops" on October 28th 2017, signing their posts simply as "Q". The anon portion of the name refers to the idea that the poster is anonymous. Other posters to these boards who do not name themselves are also anonymous and know simply as "anons". "Q" is known to his followers as "Q" or "Qanon"; it is acceptable to use either name.

After some time using the Great Awakening board, Q's security was breached and Q created a new board called "Patriots Fight". Currently, Q is posting on "Q Research Board".

Qanon's First Post

Who is "Q"?

There is great debate about the identity of "Q". Researchers and anons have boiled it down to a couple of plausible identities for Q. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and it is also the highest tier of security clearance in the military, known as "Q clearance". This security clearance is above top secret. Due to this fact and the type of military language often used by Q, most people think that Q is a group of high level military intelligence personnel. Individual(s) who have every day, physical proximity to President Trump, as proved in several postings on the board.

Additionally, sometimes Q's posts are signed as "Q+". It is assumed that when this sign-off is used, it is the leader of this group of military intelligence posters, or possibly even President Trump himself. Although most anons shy away from the idea that Q is actually Trump himself, Trump's twitter account often validates Q's posts, or is used in conjunction with Q's posts as part of a system of coded messages that covey a deeper meaning for those who care to decode them and gain a greater understanding of what's really happening behind the scenes of politics and our government.

What Does Q Post About?

Q's posts are meant to encourage and inform all "Patriots" or "white hats". If you love the Constitution of the United States, value our freedoms and support the office of the President, then consider yourself a Patriot. The term "white hat" usually indicates a public person who is trustworthy, or a "good guy".

Q writes small bits of information (often called "crumbs") to keep his followers in the loop about what is going on with POTUS, Washington D.C., the military, and within the "Deep State". Posts often have to do with how recent or upcoming events, both in the news and those not considered newsworthy by the mainstream media, connect with national and world players. Q prefers that each person think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. He has warned us that this cold war within the government is not really Republican against Democrat, or Conservative against Liberal, but it is Patriots against evil. Evil people, evil deeds, and the evil misuse of our Justice system. Q knows that the process of cleansing the corruption out of our system is long and arduous, so the individuals who constitute Q created the board as a way to encourage Patriots to stay the course, and be able to spot small changes as they happen, before "the Plan" comes to full fruition.

Q posts randomly. Sometimes there are many posts all at once, and there have been a few times that Q has disappeared and it was feared that he'd never return. Sometimes you will see misspellings in Q's posts, but these are usually intentional and part of the code. Sometimes Q will post misinformation to throw off the "clowns" or "black hats" (adversaries) who also follow Q. This is why it is very helpful to find a source you trust to decode Q posts, and where you can engage in conversation with others, so that you can get the most from each post. To that end I will make a list of sources below that have proved trustworthy in the quest to follow Q.


"There are no coincidences."

"WWG1WGA" (Where We Go 1 We Go All)

"Future Proves Past"

"Trust the Plan"

"Learn our Comms"

— Q

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Coverage of Qanon - YouTube Creators

There are many people on YouTube covering the Q phenomenon and decoding the meaning of the posts. My favorite content creators are:

Craig at JustInformed Talk,

Jordan Sather at Destroying the Illusion,

Dave Hayes at Praying Medic.

There is another YouTuber named War Drummer who dramatically reads posts created by Serial Brain 2; a decoder posting on, whom many say Trump himself gave a coded shout out to during one of his rallys. Serial Brain 2 goes into amazing and mind-boggling depth with his decodes and listening to his stuff will make you realize just how the elite, and even our own government, hide things from us in plain sight! War Drummer - Serial Brain 2 (at Reddit) -

How do You Know Q is Giving Legitimate Information?

Want to See Q's Posts for Yourself?

Since 8 chan is hard to navigate and not really a site for eyes of all ages, some talented people have created a resource for the rest of us where Q's posts are aggregated in real time, as they are posted to 8 chan. Please check out

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