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What is Humanity Now?

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At Its Finest

At its finest, humanity has become an antisocial circle of people who would rather spend their time connecting on social media. They avoid face to face interaction with strangers and develop anxiety to an extreme point. Now, humanity is more than just their social status.

Though, how we act in society helps define who we are as a person, society doesn't define humanity. Different actions can help shed light on this. Imagine that we go to war, there is a draft. Some would run, others would stand with pride and defend their home. However, who is condemned by their choices? Both types of people are frowned upon, as much as they are praised by like minded individuals. This helps define humanity though. We are very judgmental now days. Humanity has become creatures of habit who tend to focus solely on themselves as opposed to their neighborhoods and neighbors.


Where Do We Go?

Now we ask ourselves, where do we go from this point in life. We have turned our backs on the very people who we used to look out for. There was once a time when our kids could play safely outside. Now we have to keep our doors locked because of the fear of people. With good reasons, crime rate has grown significantly since the days where our kids would play street light superman at dusk.

For those who don't know, street light superman was a prank that kids in my neighborhood would play. There would be a flock of adolescents that would pretend to be beating someone up. When a passerby would stop to help, the kids would run off leaving the 'beaten' guy behind. He would hop up and say 'It's alright, I am streetlight Superman!' and run away with his friends.

Nowadays, no one would stop. So where do we go from this point? Has humanity gone too far to coexist with each other? We used to allow people to immigrate to this country and help them start their lives anew. Now we chastise foreigners, labeling them and greeting them with bigotry. Not just immigrants, but our own neighbors face these same issues. Black is hating white, white is acting like a jackass. The world hating America, Americans hating everything.

It is true when I say that humanity has been corrupted by fear and technology. These factors have made us soft, scared, and weak. However, there is hope. There are those who seek to do good, even if just by a smile to a stranger, they strive to make something more of this world. That is what we all should do, bring back the kind in humankind.

We should all make it a point to involve ourselves in our community, get to know our neighbors. Look out for the streetlight superman. We as humans are creatures of habits, but we create bad habits to follow. We need to make the streets safe for our children. We need to shut off the electronics and turn on our hearts to the world around us.

Who We Are

We have forgotten what it was like to live peacefully, mainly because it has been so long since we have felt peace. There has always been war and pain. However, at one time, you could go to the store without fear of being carjacked.

We are all people. We all bleed and we all feel. We need to remember that our actions, every action, effects someone else. There is never a victimless crime. When we choose to step out our front doors, we are making the choice to cross paths and influence someone else's life.

Knowing this, considering this, we need to remember who we are. We are humanity. Though we choose to consider only ourselves anymore, we are part of something that is bigger. Something that is whole. We need to start acting like it and continue to improve life for everyone, not just ourselves.

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In The End

In the end, nothing will change till we change ourselves. That is an action that can't start to happen until people realize that the world we live in is falling apart because of us. So let this be an eye opener for someone. Share it with you friends, loved ones, strangers. Let people learn about streetlight superman, while making them evaluate themselves as people who would stop and help, or drive past and ignore the young kids. No, this article may not be as deep as a different write could have made it, but it is as true as you will find anywhere. Humanity is shit the way it is now. We can do better. Thank you for reading.

© 2018 Kristoph Mac


Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 29, 2018:

I agree with you about people looking out more for each other before. Today, we are afraid to be involved for the consequences are often not something that will help us. Like the other day, our grandson noted that we are the only people who still offer rides to hitchhikers and we responded, we choose as we are also afraid of being victimized. However, there are still ways to make judgment and if you fail, at least, it is because you cared to do something right.

Kristoph Mac (author) from St. Louis, Mo on April 27, 2018:

To an extent I agree Brad, however, there were some social graces that were more present in the times before our current reigning generation. We used to look out for each other more than what we do now. Yes, there was still war and hate. However, there used to be more love and respect then, rather than now.

Brad on April 27, 2018:

Humanity hasn't changed since recorded time began. The players may change but the evil and lack of humanity is ever present.

Just look back in history around the world, and then see if we have been any different in recent times.

Billy Haynes from Paragould, AR on April 27, 2018:

You have a point, less and less people are stopping to help others. I think a large part of this is the fault of our legal system. Over the last decade or two, it seems those who attempt to help victims end up in court as well.

For this reason, Wal-Mart and other major companies have a policy against workers trying to stop a shop lifter.

For example, one story I recall from a couple years ago involved a man attempting to steal the purse of an older women in the Wal-mart parking lot. A worker seen this and stepped between the attacker and the lady, protecting the victim (and customer).

Instead of praising the actions of the worker for stepping up and ensuring the safety of a Wal-Mart customer (and fellow human), he was fired because 'he broke policy'.

Really, they was afraid the attacker might try to sue the company because one of their workers "assaulted him".

What has society come to, where a person committing a crime has the right or ability to charge someone for protecting or defending against their violent actions?

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