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What If It Was Hillary or Obama and Not Trump?


Here's a very simple question

If you are able to consider a different opinion than your own, give this a try.

I believe it will suggest one of two, or both, possibilities.

(1) Republican right-wing propaganda is defending the indefensible

(2) Attacks on Obama's Presidency and the prospect of a Clinton White House was over dramatized and manufactured

(3) All of the above

If you haven't voted, consider these questions

What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...



What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...

(1) 230,000 Americans had died on a Democrat's watch?

(2) After 10 months, there still weren't enough tests?

(3) After 10 months, N95 masks, the most effective facemask, were few and far between? That health care workers and first responders were either reusing PPE or using less effective PPE than N95 masks?

The Federal Deficit and US Debt

At the end of fiscal year 2016 (September 30), the US operating budget deficit was -$620 billion.

Tax revenues were $3.2 trillion. Spending was $3.9 trillion.

What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...

(1) As of September 2019 (pre-COVID), the annual deficit increased from -$620 billion to -$992 billion?

(2) Federal spending increased to $4.5 trillion while tax revenues grew to $3.5 trillion?

(3) That the spending increase of 15.4% was only partially offset by a 5.9% increase in tax revenues which created an increase in the annual budget deficit by 60.0%?

(4) That the US debt had increased from $19.6 trillion to $23.2 trillion, or 18.4%

What happened to cutting spending? Balancing the budget? Being fiscally conservative? Where's the Tea Party? Where's that damned can that's being kicked down some road, somewhere...?

The COVID affected 2020 deficit is expected to be -$3.3 trillion with the debt increasing to $27.0 trillion. While fighting COVID is certainly an extreme event, did the Republicans ever give Obama any consideration when he handled the credit crisis and the largest recession since the Great Depression?


The War on Terror and Nuclear Proliferation

What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...

(1) They had moved 60 soldiers from a base in Syria, under no threat of attack, which opened a direct path for the Kurds to be attacked? Keep in mind, it was the Kurds who fought and defeated ISIS

(2) That during the attack, an estimated 10,000 ISIS prisoners escaped?

(3) That the US vacated the Iranian nuclear treaty that was being upheld because they could get a "better deal" and wound up getting no deal whatsoever?

(4) That in lieu of a "better deal" treaty with Iran, North Korea was deemed a better country to negotiate a nuclear treaty with, which again, wound up resulting in nothing?

(5) That we went from one nuclear treaty that was being upheld to zero nuclear treaties?

(6) The US embassy in Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as the country's capital. Jerusalem was previously an "unclaimed city" given all religions groups have a claim on the city, historically. While these moves are certainly nice gestures for pro-Israel donors, the net impact is a dangerous loss. We've lost our standing to be a negotiator for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, meaning Israel is that much less safe. Given our military and foreign aid commitments to Israel, the US now faces a higher risk for military or financial aid in Israel. And all of this for nice gestures for pro-Israel donors.

Trade Wars

What would the GOP say about a Hillary or Obama Presidency if...

(1) Upon imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, China retaliated by imposing tariffs on US soybeans, which had been the US farm belt's largest export. In 2017, the US shipped $21 billion abroad. In 2018, China reduced its soybean purchases by 74% by volume.

(2) Brazil and other countries stepped in immediately, exporting soybeans to China. Whether China ends those new soybean deals to return to US farmers is uncertain. Trump's subsequent trade agreements to replace some of the lost soybean exports has yet to return to 2017 levels.

(3) That US farmers were then given a $28 billion government handout, the largest subsidy ever provided to farmers for a non-natural disaster. Again, it is uncertain whether those soybean exports will ever return.

Fattening Your Own Pocket and the "Golfer in Chief"

What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...

(1) They averaged 1 out of every 3 days at a resort property or playing golf?

(2) That taxpayers paid $1.2 million to the President's own business because their staff and security were billed for staying on vacation trips?

(3) That, in 2017 and 2018, $73 million in revenue was paid to the President from foreign countries?

(4) That from January 2017 through the end of 2019, Forbes (Steve Forbes is a Republican) puts the President's earnings at $1.9 billion?

(5) That, the IRS commissioner, who has not released the President's tax returns to Congress, collects rent from a pair on Trump condos in Hawaii?

(6) That Kushner, Ivanka, former deputy national security advisor K.T. McFarland, former adviser Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Reince Priebus, Gary Cohn, Betsy DeVos all used private email accounts?


Congress' Power to Investigate and Subpoena

Regardless of your feelings on possible Russian collusion...

What would the GOP say about an Obama or Hillary Presidency if...

(1) They had ordered their staff to not testify to Congress?

(2) They refused to provide documents subpoenaed by Congress?

(3) There were reports bounties were paid for the murder of US soldiers?

The Answers?

They'd SCREAM about a failed Presidency if it were Hillary or Obama.

They propagandize that Trump has done no wrong.

To the original question, (1) the Trump Presidency is pretty horrible and (2) the Obama Presidency was a lot better than the GOP made out.

When you vote on Tuesday, what will your answer be?

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Alvie Dewade (author) from New York, NY on November 02, 2020:

These are all facts. Can you provide your much needed "additional background discussion" that will make federal spending, the budget deficit, and debt to have not increased?

Is there context to 230,000 people having died? Inadequate supplies of tests or PPE?

So, the facts are evident, unless... Can you provide facts that show the information provided is untrue? If the information is cherry picked or out of context, can you provide the additional factual information that leads to a different reasoned conclusion?

But meanwhile, please find some facts. I'm always welcome to incorporating new information and facts into my world view.

Not sure where you'd get the race card crying. There is absolutely no reference to race whatsoever. Pretty sure you're the one who brought it up.

Kayode Doyak on November 02, 2020:

If anything is a piece of propaganda it is this article!

Cherry picking issues out of context (without background discussion) and posing questions and answering them yourself with your biased viewpoint is not an exercise in “reason and facts.”

The only person you are kidding is yourself.

Next I’d expect you to play the race card to my criticism cause you are nothing but a political hack.