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2020 What a Crazy Year

Election Stress

Every election is filled with 20-30 second advertisements for a candidate. Well that statement is only partially true. It seems that most ads are about bashing their opponent(s) and not about them or what issues they want to take on. Incumbents are trying to save their job, so they look for dirt on the other candidate. In the meantime the other candidate can look into the incumbent's record and side dealings. The negativity is so depressing and people are sick of it, literally.

On top of the advertisements, our county has become divided. The partisan bullshit is so disheartening that it's going to take years to recover. WHY? I believe we have stopped listening to each other. Friends have become enemies. They no longer speak to each other. All of this is CHOKING THE LIFE out of the country.

People seem to forget that our country allows us to have a difference in opinion and that you should not be chastised for it. Our differences is what makes us great. We need to be able to debate topics and had have the other LISTEN RESPECTFULLY to the other. Try to understand where they are coming from.

Rioting and Protesting

I believe in the right to assemble and freedom of speech. I've been watching all of these cities where people are rioting and looting. Parts of demonstrations are peaceful. It's the demolishing of businesses and personal property that disturbs me. I live in a medium size town in Illinois just north of Chicago and just south of that small town of Kenosha, Wisconsin (in the national news for an officer involved shooting). When Chicago had looting and protest riots over the summer, buildings were destroyed. Windows were smashed by bricks and bottles, merchandise was stolen or demolished and owners were left with the clean-up. Some of the neighbors helped with the clean-up. This behavior filtered to the suburbs like mine. People driving their cars right up to the door loading whatever free stuff they could get their hands on. What is sad is people don't realize that doing this is the reason prices go up. The cost of rebuilding, replacing the products taken/restocking the shelves, and new security systems/protocols all goes into account. In some cases, I thought to myself, "If I owned one of those businesses, I would seriously think about not reopening.

A few weeks past by and the shooting in Kenosha happened. What they discovered is people were being bused in to loot and destroy the town. The police observed people on a bus buying gasoline in 2-5 gallon canisters to put on the bus and incinerate it later that evening. Unfortunately, this was on the second day of looting and a large portion of the city had already been set on fire, vehicles vandalized, and businesses stripped to bare bones.

Come to find out, in most of these incidences, the local citizens were NOT involved. I find this unacceptable behavior. I have a couple of friends on the police department in Kenosha as well as my hometown. I was in fear for their lives and their safety. It was very tough sleeping for a few days and I'm glad they are OK and safe.

Covid-19/Corona Virus Pandemic

Covid-19 has spread across the world. Here in the United States, it had divided an already polarized nation even more. It is sad to see. It doesn't help that the President's rhetoric has influenced this national split. The science is continually changing from day to day because they learn something different about the disease. When something is new, it is impossible to know everything about it. People don't seem to understand the more the experts find out about this disease, the more refined their recommendations become. To keep the citizens informed and up to date, the scientist try to give their best advice AT THAT TIME. Unfortunately, this means they may need to contradict a previous statement.

We get daily updates, have access to websites, receive email from work and the health department, along with a host of other resources to stay in the know. However, from the beginning officials have said to follow the three "W"s. WASH your hands, WEAR a mask, WATCH your distance (6 feet).

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Washing your hands and watching your distance is easy. The hard part is getting people to wear a mask. Some people just resist to resist. They think the virus is fake or that they cannot be affected. Others say the mask hinders their breathing. My response to these people is the virus is not fake. I know quite a few people that have gotten sick from it and a couple of people who have died. Anyone can be affected or can contract the virus. Some may show symptoms some may not. These atypical carriers can pass this disease along to others. As far as wearing a mask, doctors and nurses do it all the time for hours on end.

People with weakened immune systems, the medically high risk, and the elderly are the most susceptible to contracting Corona. The people who refuse to believe this is real or flat out just don't care, are knowingly putting these people at risk. These people could be their grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, friends, or me. And why? Because they don't believe the science or they don't care.

Here's to a New Year!

As this year comes to a close, I urge everyone to realize that we all have different opinions. Different opinions shouldn't mean I'm right and you're wrong. We need to listen and love a little more. Work together to amicably settle our differences. Instead of complaining about a political policy, do something about it. Offer suggestions to your alderman, trustee, mayor, county board member, senators and representatives (both state and federal), governor, and/or the president. Get involved.

If you know protests are coming to your town and you see something suspicious, call the police. Next thing you know, a business you support or someone's home is gone.

Finally, until the pandemic is over, please:
Your safety matters.

Here is to a New Year where we might get back to some normalcy.

© 2020 yesdog68

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