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What You Need to Know About the Momo Challenge

Taki Mokuzai is always ready to explore and write about what she uncovers in her research.


Many people have already heard about the dangerous and deadly Momo Challenge, a scary game that aims to make the player harm themselves until they initially commit suicide. This 'game', run by one or more hackers, had already made it's way to the spotlight. Starting at YouTube, Momo has made appearances on Fortnite, WhatsApp, and now broadcasts of the popular kids' show Peppa Pig in the UK. Parents were horrified to discover that Momo was on their child's TV screen, the caption below the creepy image saying, 'Momo is going to kill you.'

The threat of the Momo Challenge has become all the more severe, as countless people has tried to end their lives, 3 of which suceeded. One girl is currently in critical condition after attempting to overdose. The first known victime of this game was a 12-yar-old girl in Escobar, who took video evidence before hanging herself. Then 2 people in India also lost their lives in the game 2 days in a row.

One of the victims of the Momo Challenge.

One of the victims of the Momo Challenge.

The Momo Challenge pressures children into harming themselves so that Momo doesn't kill them. In the game, the creepy character of Momo, a half-bird, half-woman with bulging eyes, tells the player to complete a series of tasks. If they don't complete these tasks and provide photographic evidence that they completed these tasks, then Momo herself with personally kill the player.

Police investigators are saying that the threat of anyone who operates the Momo game killing any of the game's victims is low, and that the real danger is no one telling anyone about the game once they encounter Momo. Local police departments everywhere are warning parents that while they might know who Momo is, that their kids might, and they might even have contact with her. It is important that kids understand the severity and risks when playing this game, and that they don't have to do anything that Momo tells them to do.

And it's not only local parents that are worried about the Momo Challenge. Kim Kardashian has begged with YouTube to ban any Momo Challenge videos, but to no avail. On her Instagram story, Kardashian says that "This [Momo Challenge]was just sent to me about what's being inserted on YouTube kids. Please monitor what your kids are watching!!!"

The app that Momo is booming with the most Momo activity, where Momo usually 'plays' her game with people. Momo encourages the participate to harm themselves in order to avoid being 'cursed'. Then, Momo tells the player to record themselves taking their life for social media. While both YouTube and WhatsApp say there's no validity in these Momo Challenge claims, parents all over the world report their children having a fear of Momo. In fact, one girl in the UK asked her mom if she could get her head shaved in order to stay safe from Momo. The mom goes on to explain that 'it was like she was brainwashed' and just had to get her hair cut after her friends told her about Momo at school.

What Precautions Can We Take To Help Keep Kids Safe From Momo?

The truth of the matter is that there is still going to be some kid who will still do Momo's bidding. Sad, but true. For those kids who don't know who Momo is, you can start small. You ca show your child how to safely search the web and discourage online chatting. Make it clear to your child that if they have encountered Momo, it's not their fault and that it's okay if they tell a trusted adult. If a child has already physically harmed themselves, tell them that they're safe. Momo might seem incredibly scary, but many local police departments and investigataors insure that Momo is highly unlikely to make any move to further lead the police to a culprit, such as harming a minor. Authorities advise that parents need to monitor what your children do on YouTube and what apps they download in the months to follow. Until 'Momo' is caught and punished as needed, it is up to parents and kids to keep themselves and their well-being safe and healthy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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