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What Have the Left Been Doing Wrong?

Alex is a political commentator. He has served a term as the secretary of the E.Q.

Where I Tread Water

First of all, let me state that I accept (and have accepted) the leadership of President Obama and of President Trump. I don't have to completely agree with someone to agree that the governing system in place on our nation's land transcends the individual and personal pride. I've said where I stand; although, it may be more accurate to say that we all are treading water in different areas of the same lake. That being stated, neither Republicans nor Democrats will always be happy with my opinions. Our freedom of speech is one of many items which unites us in this wonderful country.


The Importance Of Helping

It may seem strange that I apparently offer so much advice to the left. You see, competition is essential to success. Plenty of folk have hated (or, at least disliked) the Soviet Union. However, if it wasn't for their technological, philosophical, and cultural success, then we (the Americans of the United States) would never have put men on the moon. If the left is weak, then the right will follow. And, visa versa. My desire to help the left is also my desire to help the right. Too many people forget how close our views really are. Often, both sides are trying to accomplish the same goals - just by varying means.

First Thing's First

Perhaps one of the worse items for the left right now is the publicity. More than ever, the left seems to be the source of jokes and outrage from reasonable people. Of course, this isn't the primary problem; extremists on both sides have been the initiation of such things, almost equally I might state. So, what is the issue that distinguishes the left from the right in 2019 and preceding years? I suspect that there exist a number of variables. Still, the absence of true enthusiasm is a huge part to the perceived problem at hand. And, is there honestly a lack? Yes and no. You see, Bernie Sanders should have been chosen to run against President Trump if the Democrats had possessed any real desire to win. Bernie had the passion, the fire, and the love of the people in his base. He would have likely even obtained some Republican votes, along with the votes of many Independents. Hillary, for better or for worse, is despised by members of the right and the left and all places in between. Although Hillary Clinton was the obvious candidate for some of the very rich and powerful, the average Joe did not view her as serving in their best interest. Thus, the Democrats synthesized their own political suicide. In the Information Age, the lower classes of the economic strata are growing wiser and more intelligent. That being included herein, too many voters in a free nation will not vote in the sole interest of the very rich. I disagree with the leftist idea of far too heavily taxing the very rich. But, many of the super rich don't even pay taxes! We humble workers, students, and worker-students are far more united than we realize. Let us not trivialize too much over items that have no matter. "No me importa" as my best friend would say.

Next On The List

Additionally, the left now has the issue of youth. Too many individuals on the left are still, to me anyway, children. They are so young. The right often puts merit in the wisdom acquired with age. This is sometimes misplaced, but it is far less done so than when pretending in the experienced wisdom of inexperienced kids. Some of my Democratic friends may quote the Bible, and that it very fine indeed. Still, I am not sure that ALL "babes" spout wisdom when they open their mouths. At certain times in our life, I feel that it is our meditation on the younger in our older age that is sometimes the source of wisdom. Whatever the New Testament means, I doubt it has everything to do with kids singing about pooper scoopers. And, yes, I am unfortunately aware that Kanye is on the right of the political spectrum. Or, maybe he's a complete troll. Who knows?

The Conclusion Or End

I will end my point by stating the obvious; we can love each other more than our own lives without always agreeing on everything that is known to us. My family is built from many faiths, jobs, education levels, races, and financial statueses. And, I would lay down my life for my family. Love transcends such menial matters. We'd be so much stronger if we united. We're truthfully not that different.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on June 03, 2019:


I changed in some ways, and stayed the same in others myself.

It can be.

I feel like the craziness seems to come with every election unfortunately. I've paid more attention to it all as an adult.

It's good to be sane.

Mainstream media needs to be challenged more and more. I like doing reporting work myself, because I can trust what I find in person has more truth to it, or that such a potential is there.

The primary media has gotten bad at times.

90% was far too generous.

I try to disillusion people discretely.

One of the most important principles in the old school United States is that the minority should be protected by the majority.

I'd say that we live in something of a combination of the two.

It's often difficult to want to vote democrat these days. Maybe things will change in 20 years or 40 years (the parties' motivations jump from one to the other fro time to time), but right now many of the republicans seem to have their heads on straighter to be completely honest. I do have friends who are democrats, and I want to give them a chance. However, I don't want the craziness in this country to spread too far. Democrats can make things sound good sometimes - things that are not so good. Shampoo smells like it should taste delicious, but anyone who has put that to the test will regret the choice to try it. I don't hate democrats, and I don't love all republicans - but, there certainly are trends. I do miss John McCain though.

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on June 01, 2019:

I'm 45 years old now. I behave in much the same manner I've always behaved. I've retained exactly all of the bad habits I acquired in my young adulthood.

At least one good thing happened in my early middle adulthood. I passed some sort of thing on life's trajectory to where I view all the manufactured outrages, and overly emotional screeching as something horrific.

I can do nothing but laugh, laugh, and then laugh some more at all this craziness you see and have seen since the election of Donald Trump.

I look at how these shrieking moonbats, often vaunted Hollywood actors and actresses, and think to myself, 'Thank God above I'm not one of those people. I may be dirt poor, but at least I'm not an idiot.'

I'm going to be extremely honest here. For most of my life I've absolutely hated what is being sold to the public through the majority of mainstream media outlets. I'm talking newspapers, magazines, television, and film and music recording studios.

It's not much of a hidden thing what sorts of persons own the most of all of that. I'm somewhat sure any other ethnic coterie of media mongers would also engage in purposefully selling trash. What makes me extremely happy about the current state of affairs is how mass media has done more to discredit itself in the past few years than probably ever before.

You can't especially trust polls, remember the 90% chance of a Clinton victory? I'm sure they called the Buzzfeed subscribers for that poll, but I've seen a lot of others indicating a lesser than ever before faith in the journalistic integrity of mainstream media.

It's truly troubling persons are out there who literally do think the news media is unbiased news.

The popular vote is worthless. Pure democracy is worthless. What is democracy other than mob rule? It's plainly absurd to think the ideas of fifty one percent should hold sway over the ideas of 40 percent, and were it not for illegal immigrant votes counted in places like California, then I am not at all certain Mrs. Clinton's vote tally would have been greater.

Thank God I live in a republic, and not a stupid democracy.

Having seen what I've seen over the past few years, there is no possible way that I could ever vote for a Democrat in this life, or the next.

Zack Dylan from Dallas on March 01, 2019:

Jo Miller, there is some irony in your claims of Russian collusion. Thus far we know Don Jr attempted to meet with the Russians for political dirt which is no surprise and not illegal. We also know Hillary used a British former M6 agent to meet with the Russians to form a fake dossier on Trump to begin spying on his campaign.

In all news outlets, what has been raised is all unsubstantiated allegations. There has been no proof, no substantiation, and has all but been confirmed as such by the investigation. Our media has good reason to run with the stories they publish in this regard. People want juicy, horror stories to consume. The viewership brings massive ad revenue. It's a dirty little secret that the outlets rely on their viewers belief in the outlet's credibility. It's a disgusting reality that our free press takes advantage of. The alphabet news agencies push opinion articles as unbiased journalism when in fact they are glorified Facebook posts, little more.

You claim that the republican party has voted against policies that were necessary social issues to be remedied. I'd like to know what those are. I do recall it being the republican party that ended slavery, and most bills thereafter being bipartisan.

Would you care to share specific ones you found conservatives to be against?

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on March 01, 2019:

Hillary did indeed win the popular vote.

Jo Miller from Tennessee on March 01, 2019:

I became a Democrat in 1964 after Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights legislation and the Republican candidate that year, Barry Goldwater, opposed it. My family had always been Republican and I wanted to stay in that party also. Through the years I have observed the Republican Party stay on the wrong side of that issue, and many others that I disagree with. I wrote a hub about this several years ago.

In my younger years I almost always went with the most progressive candidate, like Bernie Sanders, but in 2016 I voted for Hillary Clinton because I thought she was the most qualified to lead our country. I am not rich and I know many who voted for her who are not rich (one of many false generalizations in this article). She received almost 3 million more votes than Trump, and, had it not been for Russian interference in the election and the Trump campaign's collusion,probably would have won. I think almost daily now how much better we would be if she were president.

I welcome dialog with you, but sincerely believe you need to dig a little deeper, and, perhaps get you information from more reliable sources.

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on February 24, 2019:

Zack, I really love your attitude. Stay awesome my friend.

Zack Dylan from Dallas on February 23, 2019:

Great piece, I especially fall in line with your intro. I welcome opposition as it provides refinement. Often times I use the same technique of providing the advise to those opposed in a sort of litmus test to find how genuine someone's disagreement might be. Often times, its the easiest olive branch to extend.

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on February 23, 2019:


Love is indeed at the center of our shared existence. May God bless you and your family.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on February 23, 2019:

Alexander you give us good love. I am not able anymore to hate others. I really like our split of late. It is healthy for our national community. It is not possible to find democracy if we don't do different ways. "A more perfect union". From when states split in the time of our founding set up a system that is great. Washington wrote plenty of letters meaning the "Provedence".

My son who belongs half to an immigrant and half to a die hard Southwestern boy we stand tall with differences. Love is our binding collective.

You are owed thanks for this article.

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on February 22, 2019:

John, you sound somewhat like a founding father! You're very wise. Yeah, many Dems saw past the whole Hillary thing. And, no problem; we need to distance ourselves and be as fair as possible. I very much appreciate your kind contribution my friend.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on February 22, 2019:

You make great points her Alexander. People from both sides, and in between, need to embrace their commonalities rather than differences. In actual fact, it makes very little difference who is in power, but we need a change of Government now and then to balance things out and hold each side to account.

Whoever is in power needs the peoples' support however to successfully do what they were elected to do...govern.

If Bernie Sanders had rightfully been the Democrat's candidate at the last election they would have been much more competitive, but that wasn't to be. It was obvious that Hillary would fail to appeal to most Democrat voters other than the mega-rich.

Thanks for writing this and being very impartial and fair.

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