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What Happened to Lars Mittank?

Lars Mittank was a German man who disappeared in July 2014 near the Varna Airport in Varna, Bulgaria. He was on holiday at the Golden Sands Resort, and it was reported that he had been in a fight while he was at a bar. The fight was with other German nationals over football, and he ended up leaving the bar after the fight. His friends did not see him again until the next morning when he returned to the resort they had been staying at.

When he encountered his friends the next morning, he told them that he had been beaten up by four men who had been hired by the group he had the disagreement with at the bar. The attack caused him to suffer an injured jaw and a ruptured ear drum.

He saw a doctor after the attack, and the doctor advised him that he should not fly because of his injuries; he was also prescribed an antibiotic by this doctor.

The plan for the trip he had made with his friends meant that they were due to leave (returning home on July 7), but they told him that they could stay with him until he was well enough to fly. He told them that he was fine on his own, and they should go ahead and return home (which they did).

Mittank checked out of the resort he and his friends had been staying at and checked into Hotel Color Varnar for one night; it was inexpensive and close to the airport.

The day after his friends returned home, he began to act strangely (behaving paranoid). He called his mother and whispered to her that there were people who were trying to kill or rob him; he asked her to cancel all of his credit cards. The CCTV cameras at the hotel he was staying at caught him pacing up and down the hallways, looking out the windows and hiding in an elevator.

At around 1AM, he left the hotel and was gone for approximately an hour, but it is unclear as to where he had gone.

The next morning, he called his mother, telling her that the people who were following him were getting closer.

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The last time he was seen was at the Varna Airport on July 8, 2014, the same day he had planned on returning home to Germany. He texted his mother that he had arrived at the airport, and he went to consult with the airport doctor. The doctor at the airport later said that Lars had been acting nervous and erratic. The doctor told him that he was ok to fly, and he could return home. Mittank did not leave the doctor’s office, wanting to talk about the medication that he had been taking.

The airport had been undergoing construction, and around this time, a construction worker entered the doctor’s office, causing Lars to tremble. He yelled, “I don’t want to die here. I have to get out of here.” At this point, he got up and fled, leaving behind all of his belongings.

The airport’s security cameras captured him fleeing from the terminal. When he made his way outside, he can be seen running from the airport, climbing a fence, running into a meadow, and sprinting off camera in the direction of a nearby forest.

Since he exited the view of the cameras, he has not been seen or heard from.

No one is sure what may have happened to him after he entered the forest, and his family believe that his unusual behavior may have been caused by a rare side effect of the antibiotics that he had been prescribed for his ear. Searches have been made to attempt to find him, but nothing has been found to indicate what may have happened to him (or where he may have ended up).

Do you have any theories as to what may have happened to Lars? Do you think that his behavior may have been because of the medication he was taking, or do you think there really were people who who meant him harm because of the fight he had been in?

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