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What Happened to Brandon Lawson?

In August of 2013, Brandon Lawson disappeared after calling 911, but it is believed that his remains have finally been found (at least, that is what his family believes).

On the night of August 8, he arrived at the home in San Angelo, Texas, on that he shared with his girlfriend Ladessa (and their children). At some time between 10:45 and 11 pm, the two of them had an argument. He had not come home the night before, and his girlfriend believed that he had been on drugs. Because of the argument, Brandon decided to leave the house. He called his father in Crowley, Texas (which was about three hours away) and said that he was coming over.

At around 11:50 pm, Brandon left his home and started to make his way to his father’s home.

At 12:30 am, Brandon called his brother Kyle, telling him that he had run out of gas, and he had pulled over on the side of US Route 277, stating that he was between San Angelo and Bronte, Texas. Kyle later stated that Brandon told him during this phone call that he was being chased out of town. Kyle asked him if he was hallucinating (thinking he may have been on drugs, since he had had issues with drug addiction), and Brandon denied it.

Getting his wife and 4-year-old, Kyle drove to Brandon’s house and got a gas can. They continued to make calls with Brandon during this time, but Brandon would not speak with them for more than a few sentences.

At 12:50, Brandon called 911, and he told the responder that he had run out of gas and needed the police. While on the call with the responder, Brandon made several statements that have not been understood by the responder or anyone who has listened to the call since.

What it sounds like, from what he said during the call, it is believed that he was in a field and was being chased by someone (or a group of people). There have been people who have gone back and enhanced the audio of the 911 call, believing that they may have heard someone else hiding with Brandon while he was on the call; it is also believed by some that a gunshot can be heard before the line disconnected. Because of what people have believed they have heard, some think that Brandon (and whoever might have been with him) may have seen something that he was not meant to see, and he had been killed because of it. Of course, this is only speculation at this point, as there is still no conclusive proof of what happened to him, or what was going on around him during the night that he disappeared.

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At around 1 am a trucker called 911 to say that Brandon’s truck was parked in a dangerous position on the side of the road.

Between 12:50 and 1:15 am, Brandon received and made several calls with his brother, girlfriend, a neighbor, and the 911 dispatcher. But because of poor reception, many of these calls went to voicemail; after 1:19 am, all of the calls to his phone went to voicemail.

Right before all calls began going directly to voicemail, Kyle managed to make final contact with Brandon, and he was told that Brandon was bleeding.

Shortly after 1 am, a sheriff’s deputy arrived at Brandon’s truck, but Brandon was not there. Not long after (at about 1:10 am), Kyle arrived at the truck. Kyle was on the phone with Brandon at this point, and he told Kyle that he could see him, but neither Kyle nor the deputy could see Brandon. There was an active arrest warrant for Brandon, and Kyle believed that Brandon may have been trying to hide from the deputy.

After talking with the deputy, Kyle drove a short way up the road and parked to wait for Brandon to appear. He waited for 30 to 45 minutes without Brandon appearing, and he eventually left. He left the gas can at the truck before he went home, and he returned to the truck around 5 am; he was surprised that Brandon had not come to get his truck, and that it was still sitting on the side of the road.

Later on, a local deputy organized a search party to locate Brandon, and they spent several hours trying to find Brandon, but there were no signs of him. His phone made a final ping several miles away from where his truck was left, but it was never found, and no signs of him were found nearby.

On February 4, 2022, Brandon’s family reported on Facebook that a search party had located clothing that had been identified as Brandon’s, and it was located near his last known location. Texas Rangers concluded a search nearby and stated they found human remains. DNA results were not complete at the time that the family stated that his remains had been found, but they expect that the remains belong to him.

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