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What Donald Trump Is Doing to America May Surprise You!

Dan is a content writer and former educator. He holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Journalism and Education.

A Sea Change

When Donald Trump beat a large group of Republican nominees to win the nomination for President, no one could have predicted the ultimate outcome for America. Since the election of 2016 Trump has rolled back a good number of regulations set forth by previous Administrations from both political parties, but in the process has trounced over decades of norms and conventions. But while taking this course, Trump has set in motion a surprising future for America that he, nor his advisors, may not foresee.

Most observers of politics will remember that Donald Trump exhibited no respect whatsoever for his opponents during the Republican leadup to the nomination; he firmly established a reputation as a fighter. Even the most highly-respected and well-known politicians, including Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to name a few, were never able to counter the political newcomer’s jabs and name-calling over a total of twelve debates and several forums. And the polls seemed to indicate that Trump’s support was solid in many ways, as his so-called business acumen and his perceived honesty made him an outsider that was sorely needed in Washington, D.C.

Now, more than a year into the Trump presidency, some political professionals believe America is beginning to coalesce around common-ground politics and issues that could signal significant positive change for years to come. The mid-term elections are expected to reveal what those changes might look like.

Then and Now

Some Americans may recall the extraordinary events of the sixties. The confluence of the Kennedy assassinations---President Kennedy in 1963 and later his brother Bobby in 1968, along with the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.----the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and Watergate, all combined to help bond the country into a cohesive voting public not seen until now.

Now, it is Donald J. Trump vs. Everybody!

Looking ahead, future historians may ultimately cite this era as one in which great steps were taken to unify Americans of all stripes, faiths, and beliefs. For now, however, that ideal is out of reach. Trumps style of governing, or the lack thereof, has denigrated and insulted people from all over the globe, not just Americans. According to him, Hispanics are rapists, folks from the Middle East are terrorists, and blacks are from s---hole countries. And by the way, those rapist Mexicans will pay for his border wall.

Existing Wall Between Tijuana and San Diego

Existing Wall Between Tijuana and San Diego

Coalition Building

In addition to these indignations, everyone knew he was an admitted sexual predator when he was elected. White women, in fact, helped to elect him giving him 53% of their support. But the times, they are ‘a changing, as popular singer Bob Dylan once said. The cementing of the #metoo and the #timesup Movements, both of which are well-funded, is significant as most adult women, black, white and others can identify with the issues associated with a predatory male-dominated society. That society model has confirmed and allowed sexual misconduct since the country was founded. But as the hashtags reveal, those days are headed toward eventual extinction. The old relationship norms are becoming invalid, partly due to the overall acceptance of gay marriage, the evolution of LGBTQ communities, and to varying degrees the normalizing of racial integration. None of these cohorts appear to be aligned with, or special friends to, Donald J. Trump.

Karen Fleshman, founder of 'Racy Conversations', recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post entitled "Dear White Women, Let's make 2018 the year we finally unlearn our racism....

...foremost because ending our racism is the right thing to do, and we owe people of color tremendously. It is also in our self-interest. Because when all women unite- and build coalitions that include men of color, we are by definition the majority. This is a numbers game, folks. Imagine our ability to create the society we want for ourselves and our children when the League of Women Voters locks arms with Black Lives Matter. When we unite across differences of age, race, sex and class. Unified, we all ascend."

Ain't I A Women?  Sojourner Truth

Ain't I A Women? Sojourner Truth

Kid Power

Now, add to the mix the kids. Mentioned earlier, the events of the sixties bought about landmark changes in American politics and society generally. Those changes were largely pushed by young baby boomers. Today, as a result of the gun control issues in this country, a new movement----#never again---is being triumphed by determined high schoolers, many of whom will be eligible voters very soon. Their unspoken mission is to eventually take down the 150 year old National Rifle Association, a hardy task by anyone’s reckoning. Indeed, major corporations around the nation have already cancelled contracts with the NRA.

Meanwhile, and conversely, Trump is on the other side of this issue, too. Right wing supporters have shamelessly thought up conspiracy theories over whether or not the kids really witnessed the massacre, or was it possibly staged. Trump hasn’t publicly denounced this outrage and the parents of the murdered kids are fully supporting the surviving students. Wealthy celebrities like Oprah and others have donated to the kid’s cause, as well. And, while 97% of the entire nation wants some form of gun regulation, Trump is calling for teachers to take up weapons as a suitable solution. Of course the teacher’s unions are screaming foul in support of the nation’s more than three million teachers, many of whom simply believe Trump’s idea is ridiculous.

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Parkland High School Kids

Parkland High School Kids

A National Reconciliation

As mentioned earlier, national movements in the sixties seemed to shake the nation’s consciousness, both during and after the Nixon years.There was a prevailing notion that the country could, and should, do better. New legislation from Washington spurred action on everything from civil rights laws, disability acts, banning public smoking and liquor advertising on television, the acceptance of new immigration statues, fair housing acts, new gun law regulations, special prosecutor statutes, etc.. The point here is that the country had overwhelmingly voted for Nixon by a landslide in 1968, but quickly turned more progressive once he was out of office. President Gerald Ford came into the Oval Office as a stabilizing force in 1974.

A Return To Real Greatness

Many political observers believe America will be better off AFTER TRUMP than it has been with him in office; the backlash concerning his presidency is expected to be demoralizing for his supporters. He has never seen job performance ratings above 40%, although many think he has achieved some respectable goals, the same as Nixon did. But with Trump having used continuous name-calling, abusive and boorish bullying tactics, fighting back with anyone and everyone, including people in his own Administration, America is already prepping for a new day. And put aside the fact that none of the preparation has anything to do with the Muellar investigation, which is proceeding onward smack dab in the middle of an election year. Stay tuned.

So, while America finds itself in the throes of an incessant and daily parade of chaotic and circus-like conduct from the Oval Office, the good news is---based on the historic aftermath of the sixties---that President Donald J. Trump really is Making America Great Again. Except that he is not doing it in the manner that those little red M-A-G-A hats symbolize. Indeed, he seems challenged by his history and probably doesn't even realize the default.

The true greatness of American exceptionalism includes legislating progressive, forward-thinking ideas like national climate change initiatives, encouraging and rewarding innovation, welcoming immigrant populations, eliminating racism and bigotry, returning to the rule of law, reinvigorating just and honest policies that reflect the country’s core values of equality, compassion, and decency. This country was once considered the "shining city on the hill", but that description won't apply to America again until Trump is long gone from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Significantly though, the admirable example and purveyors of that vision will be today’s millennials.

America’s voting kids of #neveragain--- whether Republican or Democratic---will be leading the charge towards that greatness. Former President Obama recently tweeted “….(you are the change)…we’ve been waiting for you.”


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© 2018 Dan Dildy


bradmastersOCcal on February 23, 2019:


This article is not journalism, unless you want to include "Yellow Journalism" as a legitimate form of Journalism. You wrote this "article" when Trump was in office for one year.

What Trump inherited was decades of bad congresses and bad presidents and the damage they did to the US, and none of this can be imputed to Trump. You can't impute the baggage from inheritance, but that is what you did in the article.

President Clinton gave us the dot com bubble that crashed, and President GW Bush gave us the Real Estate Bubble that crashed. He and hundreds of years of spending trillions of dollars on National Defense failed to protect the US soil from attack. The point is that you say Trump deviated from the traditional thinking about how the US runs the country through its congress and presidency, but that was not a good thing. What Trump did was to disentangle failed tradition to give a new paradigm where a president doesn't have to follow failed tradition. Trump could do this where no other president in recent times could do it, because he was not a politician before he was president. He didn't generate or was responsible for any of these issues, especially the long term ones.

He was also the first president in recent times, that made accomplishing his campaign promises not only important, but he actually did it.

President GW Bush also got us into needless wars that we still have to day because president Obama didn't make them better. There was no justification to invade and occupy either Afghanistan or Iraq. Because the justification given by them would have also forced us to include N. Korea, Iran, and Pakistan and other countries.

The anti Trump people also want the US to revive the USSR US cold war, or even go to war with Russia.

The bottom line here is that this article is not a piece of journalism, it is accusations after accusations on Trump and his presidency without any facts. this article doesn't contain the learning about journalism that allowed you to gain your academic degrees.

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on March 01, 2018:

I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read my articles as well as the vibrant discussion This is a democracy—-still, so I value your opinions!

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on February 28, 2018:

Sir, you apparentl have been taken in by Trump’s ‘fake news’ rants. He’s been all over tv calling people all kinds of names. Be careful, Hitler’s strategy to become a dictator was to begin by discrediting the news media. Check it out!

Readmikenow on February 28, 2018:

Mr. Dildy, I respect your passion, but you've provided no proof. Please, do not be taken in by propaganda and fake news reporting. The facts are what is important. To be honest, I don't think an illegal alien would be trying to defend something Trump has said.

Dan Dildy on February 28, 2018:

He has said some terrible things about just about everyone. If you’ve been on the planet Earth lately then you know all the derisive put-downs he’s thrown out. Then again, maybe you are one of those illegal aliens he wants to keep out of those he country. Don’t worry, I won’t turn you in

Readmikenow on February 28, 2018:

Mr. Dildy...proof? Not a person's biased misinterpretation of President Trump's statements. I mean actual, proof, of these statements being made. I know what they're referring to and it's wrong. So, if this is true, you should be able provide actual quotes, video clips, etc. of these statements being made. I'll wait.

Daniel Dildy on February 28, 2018:

Of course Trump said those things! Are you watching Fox TV, or no communication with the outside world at all?

I have a very interesting piece coming up Saturday. Thanks for reading!

Readmikenow on February 28, 2018:

"According to him, Hispanics are rapists, folks from the Middle East are terrorists, and blacks are from s---hole countries. And by the way, those rapist Mexicans will pay for his border wall." President Trump never said this. I read your article to this point, then I realized it was based on Democrat talking points and not the facts. You really should learn the facts.

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on February 28, 2018:

Well, I thought you said something to the effect of "you sound like a racist'.........maybe it wasn't you.

But stay tuned, I'm working on another interesting piece that you'll really like. It'll be up by Friday or Saturday.

Brad on February 28, 2018:


I don't seem to see any such comment from me, do you?

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on February 28, 2018:

Yes Brad, but my question to you is why do you think I.m a racist?

Brad on February 28, 2018:

Dan I said OK


Brad. But, I have no desire to discuss my political views other than through my writing. Everyone has an opinion which is the way it should be in a democracy. Thanks.

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on February 28, 2018:

So Brad, why did you think I am a racist? Is it because I believe in bringing the races together, rather than being divisive?

Brad on February 28, 2018:

Dan OK

Dan Dildy (author) from Ocala, Florida on February 28, 2018:

Thank you for taking the time to read my articles, Brad. But, I have no desire to discuss my political views other than through my writing. Everyone has an opinion which is the way it should be in a democracy. Thanks.

Brad on February 27, 2018:

Apparently, they would have the advantage over you .

If you can't discuss your article then don't put a comment section.

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