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What Does the Changing of the Guard for Our More Sophisticated Contemporaries Mean?


In case you were interested her name is Liz Truss. According to the various polls and news clips circulating around the world she's not the most popular prime minister that ever graced the podium and she intends, as one of her first executive decisions in an attempt to stabilize the domestic currency to bring back trickle down economics from the Reagan administration. In my ignorance I think that trickle down economics is actually a sound way for a state or union of states to conduct their fiscal policies. I mean the rich are always going to get richer inside of their various circles whether they have to beg, borrow, or steal... Excuse me i meant to say trade, and crumbs are always going to tumble from that gargantuan table unless the proletariat begins to think of themselves as the proletariat and reads Marx and again, thinks like the proletariat and parties like its January sixth... Too soon?.. It seems like a novel little experiment for a state that has pretty much the most intrinsically valuable currency in the world for the purpose of hubris exclusively inside of its superior bubble while it's tacky little brother is quietly devaluing theirs.

The second issue is whether the UK decides to assume their rightful place in the macro management of the world that the richer countries of the world all find themselves having to engage in, less they run the risk of losing access to the various resources that they need to maintain those positions. If you doubt this, try to purchase a video gaming console or GPU these days. stroll through the supermarket and, for those super obsessive compulsive moms out there, try to fill out your shopping list. Try and buy a used car. Thusly the G7, at least that's what it was the last time president Trump refused to join them for nebulous reasons, offer this macro management and usury in exchange for a ticket to what is the worldwide ponzi scheme. Doing this without prolonged military conflict would be showing "good form" as the brits say.

Russia continues their violent front and I care not to discuss it. if you are long enough in the tooth to remember when Russia was part of the USSR instead of the CIS, when the Berlin wall separated what I believe was Germany's capital the most prosperous part of the state from the rest of the country... America used to love to provoke autocratic states to do this as "friends with benefits," to advance their financial goals under the guise of being the world's guardian of democracy and those days are pretty much over, and that's what everybody is shiteing bricks over, excuse my french.

However we remember when Ronald Reagan implored a much younger Mikael Gorbechev to "tear down this wall." We remember when the foreign policy of the United States and USSR was mutually assured destruction, or MAD... CNN, promising to broadcast faithfully until our world's end... They even had a goodbye to the world prepared should our God given home be scorched clean in a barrage of nuclear fireballs, which they intended to play if things went seriously south with the world. Seriously. Yeah, I'm reading your mind right now. Seriously. If you don't roll your eyes uncontrollably when the USAF tracks the movements of Santa with NORAD to this day, I just lost a little love for you. Lastly I'll assume you've also forgotten those adorable little grammar school drills which had us as young children hiding under our desks just in case Russia did decide to get froggy with the ICBM's. Good Times.

I have placed a wikipedia article of what the Berlin wall was at the end of the article and if you're interested in what this article is saying or are a history buff your in for a treat as wikipedia includes active hyperlinks in their material.

Berlin Wall - Wikipedia

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