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What Does It Mean To Be A Trumpocrat?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 26, 2020.

TheDigitalArtist is the creator of this image.

TheDigitalArtist is the creator of this image.

Some Biden supporters with whom I have communicated in online discussion forums here on this platform have mistaken me for a conservative warrior merely because I voted for President Donald J. Trump in the most recent presidential election as well as in the 2016 presidential election here in the United States of America. I've had to stress again and again that I am really a moderate Independent.

I may be conservative on some issues, whereas I am liberal on others. However, I am moderate on most social and political issues. For example, I have never been happy about the idea of abortion, but, at the same time, I realize that there are those who sharply disagree with me about it and I am not going to pick a fight with them.

I believe that one has the right to believe in whatever religion they subscribe to or they don't have to believe in anything at all. We are a free nation, and we should remain as such. I don't believe that all suicides end up in the said Lake of Fire. Of course, that is another article for another time.

I question the moral values of rich people, although I don't believe that they are all bad. If lawmakers were to make it illegal for the water company to charge for a toilet that inadvertently runs all night long without the homeowner knowing about it, I would endorse such a bill inasmuch as I have always suspected that the owners of water companies were usually greedy shysters who cared about nobody but themselves. I also like it whenever a utility company is forced into turning back on someone's electricity because of a law that protects that consumer.

I don't hate all rich people. As a matter of fact, some of our nation's best leaders were from wealthy backgrounds. Take George Washington as an example. He was from a wealthy family, and he was our nation's first president. My response to that fact is that if he were able to lead our nation in an effective and efficient manner, we should not doubt President Donald J. Trump's ability to do so in spite of his affluent background.

I'm all in favor of healthcare reform. Private health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies continue to become more and more irresponsible about how they treat the American people. However, I have no use for the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"). If President Barack Obama had done the right thing and fired Kathleen Sebelius from her position as the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, perhaps Obamacare might have had its possibilities; but Ms. Sebelius neglected it insofar as irreparable harm to it ensued.

I don't believe that anyone is purely a liberal or a conservative. We all have our different opinions about different issues. Of course, I don't like right-wing nuts any more than I like fanatical leftists.

Anyhow, I would have to say that, overall, I am a moderate, and I am not registered with either political party at this point in time. Whenever there is an election, I may either vote for a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent when I cast my ballot at a polling place. I cannot vote for someone whose ideologies I am unfamiliar with.

Now, the problem that I have been noticing lately is whenever I tell people that I do not vote for the political party but rather for the candidate running for office based upon what he or she has to offer as an elected official, I sometimes get confronted with the rhetoric that I need to go back to being a Democrat. I recall a couple of years ago when I was undecided on which candidate to vote for, I asked campaign workers questions about their respective candidates.

After I told the woman at the campaign desk for the Republican candidate that I didn't vote for the political party but rather for the candidate based upon their qualifications and their track record, she was quite polite with me and answered all the questions I had about her candidate. On the other hand, after I went over to the campaign desk for the Democratic candidate, the women working at that desk were dead set on convincing me to vote Democrat across the board. Their behavior made me feel uncomfortable, and I walked away from them after they gave me some literature about their candidate.

1. The 2016 American Presidential Election Converted Me Into A Trumpocrat

Back in our nation's 2016 presidential election, I was still a registered Democrat. I voted for presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in my state inasmuch as he presented himself to be someone who was out to put a stop to government corruption. I was extremely furious that he had lost the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate to Hillary Clinton, because I had felt that he was much more qualified than she was to run an entire nation.

After the presidential race in 2016 narrowed down to Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket, Donald J. Trump on the Republican ticket and Gary Johnson on the Independent ticket, I then realized that I had to make a critical decision about whom I was going to vote for. Gary Johnson did not impress me at all. I clearly remember what he referred to as his "Aleppo" moment when he couldn't even answer a basic question that a presidential candidate was supposed to know.

I remember when Mr. Johnson made an appearance on The View and Joy Behar became hostile with him upon telling him that he should drop out of the presidential race inasmuch as she only saw him as a spoiler. I could not figure out why Ms. Behar behaved toward him in that manner, because she was a devoted Hillary Clinton supporter and his political ideologies were diametrically different from those of Ms. Clinton. Therefore, he would not have taken any votes away from her in that election. He even used to be a Republican, which would appear to have caused more concern about his taking votes away from Donald J. Trump in that same election.

Anyhow, I decided that Mr. Johnson was not someone I wanted to vote into the White House, and I knew for sure that I would never vote for Ms. Clinton either. I was left with two choices, which were either to vote for President Trump or not to vote at all in the 2016 American presidential election. I watched President Trump's campaign speeches, and what particularly impressed me about him was that he had a goal to, as he said, drain the swamp. In one of his campaign speeches, he even encouraged Democrats who had voted for Senator Sanders to vote for him. Like Senator Sanders, he did come across to me as someone who wanted to wage war against government corruption. From that point on, I realized that I had become a Trumpocrat.

What is a Trumpocrat? It is a registered Democrat who voted for President Trump in either the 2016 American presidential election or the 2020 American presidential election or both presidential elections. Here is a YouTube video of an interview with a gentleman named Christian Rickers explaining exactly what a Trumpocrat is.

Democratic Strategist Christian Rickers Explains What A Trumpocrat Is

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Even though I continued to be a registered Democrat for another 2 years, I began to vote in a less and less partisan manner. Eventually, I began to identify myself as a moderate Independent and voted only for the candidate rather than for a specific political party.

2. I Am Proud To Be A Trump Supporter

The 2020 American presidential election definitely did not go as smoothly as the 2016 American presidential election did. There appears to be a greater amount of hostility against people who have voted for President Trump now than there was in 2016, because the mainstream media and the mainstream press have eaten him alive in the form of inaccurate news stories about him over the course of the past four years.

Some of you reading my article may be asking why I voted for him again in this presidential election. All you have to do is take a look at his record, and you will see that he has changed many things for the better here in our nation. I could give you a whole rundown of accomplishments he has made in that respect, but it would take me forever and ever to do so. I will, therefore, give you the highlights of what he did that was most important to me.

After President Trump had first won the 2016 American presidential election, a to-do sparked in the media about a false rumor that a YouTuber named James Hunter had started accusing his then-10-year-old son, Barron, of being autistic. President Trump did everything he could to protect his son from this lie. My article titled "Beware of Junk Science Regarding Older Fathers" explains exactly what happened. I also make mention of this same incident in a subsequent article of mine titled "Beware of Femi-Nonsensical Science Regarding Older Fathers."

The fact that President Trump has always gone out on a limb to protect his children and his grandchildren is something that has left a very positive impression on me about his ability to be a good leader to our nation. He looks out for his loved ones, and he takes control of a situation before it spirals out of control.

Corruption within the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") has been a concern for me for a long time. I was happy upon finding out that President Trump was not someone who catered to their devious ways. Since the beginning of his presidential administration, he has fired two FBI Directors (James Comey and Andrew McCabe) inasmuch as they were both allowing for injustices within their agency to occur right under their noses and on their watches.

It is rumored that President Trump kept Robert S. Mueller, III from being reinstated as the FBI director, because he knew what a corrupt individual he was. When Mr. Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate the allegations against President Trump of Russian collusion, I sensed immediately that Mr. Mueller was going to be anything but fair to him. In spite of Mr. Mueller's animosity toward President Trump, he didn't find anything that could be used against President Trump in his investigation.

When it came time for me to make my decision about whom I was going to vote for as president in the 2020 American presidential election, President Trump's excellent performance in the Oval Office had already convinced me to vote for him again to be our president for the next four years. Even though I am no longer a Trumpocrat, I am still a Trump supporter. I cannot even begin to imagine former Vice President Joe Biden taking his place in the White House on January 20, 2021. Former Vice President Biden will not be a good leader to our nation, period.

3. Partisan Politics No Longer Impress Me

Jesse Ventura served as the governor of Minnesota for four years on the Independent ticket. I once saw him in a television interview, and his biggest gripe was that he detested that our nation had what he best described as a TWO-PARTY DICTATORSHIP. He was cogent on everything that he said.

My biggest fear nowadays is that our nation may be destined to become a ONE-PARTY dictatorship if our voting system is not rectified. Biden supporters continue to get touchy and even threatening about anyone questioning the integrity of our most recent national election. My response to their disgraceful behavior is that getting our electoral process right would benefit them just as much as it would benefit anyone else.

Kellyanne Conway once admitted in an interview that she used to be a Democrat. She eventually became a Republican and worked closely with President Trump in the White House. People are leaving the Democratic Party inasmuch as they are beginning not to recognize it any longer. There are still very many good elected officials who are in the Democratic Party but not as many as there were years ago.

Something very unusual is happening to our nation in ways that we did not believe to be possible, and times are definitely not changing for the better in that respect. It appears that President Trump is the only one who can save our nation from turning into an oppressive oligarchy. Not only do former Democrats like President Trump as current Trumpocrats, but also many moderate Independents like me would welcome him getting back into the Oval Office for a second term.

Certain Biden supporters who believe that President Trump is running some kind of cult are mentally unhinged individuals and couldn't care less about the truth. Some of them even believe that President Trump is going to encourage a violent mob to overpower former Vice President Biden on Inauguration Day and assassinate him. My response to such utter nonsense is that Senator Kamala Harris will end up stressing former Vice President Biden out into having an aneurysm or a heart attack long before anyone can even succeed at getting close enough to him to do him any kind of harm, and she will do it on purpose to get herself into the presidency as soon as she can. Senator Harris is unscrupulous as I described in my article titled "Could Kamala Harris Pose A Danger To The Oval Office?"

Many Biden supporters have been becoming more and more erratic in their behavior as time moves on, and I'm not accusing all Biden supporters of becoming that way. Anyhow, so many months ago a former Democrat explained in her YouTube video below why centrists, moderates and sane liberals should have voted for President Trump in our nation's 2020 presidential election.

YouTuber Karlyn Borysenko Voices Her Support For Donald J. Trump As Our Nation's President

As you can see, Ms. Borysenko has crossed that threshold into becoming what is called a Trumpocrat as I was back in 2016. All of my immediate family members consist of Republicans. From the time I graduated from high school only up to four years ago, I was a Democrat right down to the core. Therefore, as you probably have already figured out, I was sort of the political black sheep of the family. Perhaps it was my way of rebelling.

Now, as a moderate Independent who voted for the candidate with the best qualifications, which was President Trump, my immediate family members and I have begun to see eye to eye on many political issues. The fact that many past and present registered Democrats like myself and the woman in the video above have come over to President Trump to support him in his ongoing tenure in the White House shows that he appeals to people from political parties other than only his own. The woman in the video above disputes whether he is more "third party" than Republican. If he is a good leader, then that fact alone is all that counts.

President Trump does give me a different feeling as a leader than other Republican politicians do. For example, I have never been impressed with the Bushes, and I view their family as nothing more than a dynasty of political extremists very much like the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bidens. I would never vote for any of them. However, I had no reservations about voting for President Trump in the past two presidential elections here in our nation.

Anyone who calls President Trump dumb doesn't know what they're talking about. He is the nephew of the renowned scientist, Dr. John G. Trump. He excelled in real estate and even in the television entertainment industry. Former Vice President Biden has not even come close to attaining the accomplishments that President Trump has. The Democratic National Party should never have allowed him to run for office.

"lovepixs" is the creator of this image.

"lovepixs" is the creator of this image.

4. My Conclusion To This Topic

Before the 2016 American presidential election, it was virtually unheard of for a registered Democrat to vote for a Republican presidential candidate. Then the Trumpocrat was born. I would not be the least surprised if more registered Democrats voted for President Trump in 2016 than registered Republicans voted for Hillary Clinton back then.

I cannot believe that former Vice President Biden received more votes from registered Republicans than President Trump received from registered Democrats in the 2020 American presidential election. Probably no moderate Independent voted for former Vice President Biden.

Being a Trumpocrat has been a rewarding experience for me. If you're a registered Democrat, you ought to try it sometime. Currently, there is an uncertainty regarding who will actually walk into the White House on January 20, 2020 and be sworn into office as our new president or as our ongoing president or as our acting president. The events regarding President Trump's legal challenges of the 2020 American presidential election will be something that will definitely go down in the history books.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on December 26, 2020:

@Leslie McCowen Interesting. :-)

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on December 26, 2020:

Sorry, your conclusion ignores history:

“Democratic and liberal supporters of McCain included some elected officials, retired elected officials, journalists, and some supporters of Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful primary campaign. According to exit polls on Election Day, 10% of those who identified themselves as Democrats voted for John McCain, approximately the same percentage of Democratic votes that George W. Bush won in 2004.”


You are not the first, nor the last.

But I do believe it would have to be mostly single people. Any parent who thinks their daughter should be punished for having an abortion, has a cruel idea of freedom and Liberty, imo.

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