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What Do Democrats Believe? Things They Stand For

I have a B.A. in History and Creative Writing and an M.A. in History. I enjoy politics, movies, television, poker, video games, and trivia.


I have already written an article on Republicans. Of course, it's similar to this one. Obviously, it focuses on Republicans.

Generalizing is a hard because there are exceptions. However, I think there are things that most Democrats believe, though I am not trying to define everyone. Like Republicans, individual Democrats can and will deviate from these core ideas. Still, it's true that most Democrats believe the things below. I'm describing the average Democrat. What do most Democrats stand for? What does the party stand for? If you combine the beliefs of all Democrats, what would that belief system look like?

Keep in mind that, as a group, Democrats support progress. They believe in change. Change is good. Republicans tend to want to keep things the way they are. Also, for the purposes of this article, I will refer to Democrats as the Left and Republicans as the Right. As in left-wing and right-wing.

Please feel free to disagree or qualify anything that I write. Civil debate is important. I welcome all comments in the comments section.

Having said that, here's what Democrats believe.


Government Should Help People

It is the role of government to help people. And it should help to solve problems. While Democrats, like Republicans, are capitalists, everyone believe in the free market. Their disagreements are over degree. How much government regulation is okay? The Left clearly believes that government should play a larger role in our lives. Among those roles are regulating business and protecting consumers. Government should also help people with poverty. Basically, the Left favors more government. The Right favors less government.

John Maynard Keynes is a Good Guy

John Maynard Keynes was a 20th century economist. Most Democratic economic theory derives from his ideas. Keynes put forth the idea that supports a government role in regulating the business cycle. For instance, Keynes believed in the idea of stimulus funds as a solution for recession. Traditionally, deficits don't bother the Left. Spending money is fine if it produces growth. Growth pays for itself. Although the Right often accuses the Left of uncontrolled spending, both sides have created much debt. They argue over the kind of debt. The Left prefers welfare debt. The Right prefers military debt. That's one example.

Science Trumps Religion

In their roles as influencers, Democrats believe that science should determine most decision-making. Certainly, Democrats are religious in numbers similar to Republicans, but Republicans have a more fundamentalist outlook. The Right relies on religion more than the Left. When the Left makes decisions about policy, they are more likely to follow science.

The recent pandemic is a good example. In most polls, Democrats followed science and listened to the scientists as opposed to the politicians. The Left was more likely to wear masks and follow guidelines.

Black Lives Matter

Above all, Black Lives Matter is a statement of equality. The movement is a product of years and years of police treating black lives as if they don't matter. The police have a sordid history. People are starting to recognize this. Go read history about the Pinkertons or the Texas Rangers. They hunted black people. They persecuted black people. Both organizations targeted black people for being black.

Democrats recognize that "all lives matter" is a racist statement. They support black people who are fighting for equal rights. They fight so they can receive equal treatment. Democrats believe it's important to embrace our racist past and learn from it, not pretend it didn't happen.

Capital Punishment is Wrong

Generally, Democrats oppose the death penalty. Research shows that the death penalty does not detour crime. Moreover, the Left opposes the death penalty because of hard data. That data reveals many people on death row because of an ineffective legal defense. Those with money can evade the death penalty. Poor people cannot evade the death penalty because they cannot afford good representation. Our legal systems does not apply the death penalty fairly. The Left also believes that the state should have no role in killing people.

The average Democrat favors abortion rights. They are pro-choice. The Left wants women to make decisions about their own health care. This includes ending a pregnancy. Further, Democrats believe that allowing safe abortions, even if it means government assistance, is important. Access to abortion is also important. Democrats favor easy access. However, that does not mean people should use abortion as birth control.

Gun Control

Democrats usually support some form of gun control. There is too much gun violence in our country. They believe that gun control works for the greater good. Fewer people will die if there is more gun control. Again, data shows that countries with gun control have fewer gun deaths. The Left recognizes the importance of the 2nd amendment. People have a right to own guns. However, the Left doesn't think that our founders anticipated the many high caliber weapons we have today. Self-defense is important. But a person doesn't need a machine gun.


Gay People Deserve Equal Rights

Gay people deserve equal rights. This includes the right to marry. Further, transgender people deserve protection. Gay people deserve equal rights because homosexuality is not a choice. Democrats usually support most LBGTQIA calls for support and action. Democrats believe that government should not persecute those in minorities. The Left believes that these groups deserve protection from discrimination.

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Illegal Immigration is a Bigger Problem That Deportation Doesn't Solve

People emigrate to America for a chance at a better life. We have always been a welcoming land. Democrats believe immigrants enter America with hope. We have a responsibility to be a beacon. The Left supports ways to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country. This is particularly important if those people are paying taxes and working jobs. Most immigrants contribute to our country. They work hard jobs. They pay taxes. Democrats support penalizing companies who hire illegal immigrants as a first step to curbing illegal immigration.

Democrats believe that most immigration issues, including illegal immigration, are human rights issues. America has an obligation to help persecuted people. When they come to America, we should welcome them, not attack them.

Global Warming

The Left believes in global warming and climate change. They are scientific facts. Democrats believe that humans caused climate change. If we don't act soon, it will be too late. Democrats support government regulation to curb emissions that lead to global warming and climate change. This includes promoting things like electric cars and solar energy.


Democrats believe in the theory of evolution. They do not believe that creationism should be taught in public schools. They believe that creationism is a religious belief and should be taught in church.

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JVella on July 21, 2019:

Both Democrats and Republicans support and perpetuate war, they both perpetuate US military world domination, both perpetuate ever increasing economic disparity. Neither will bring about a successful turn away from global environmental destruction.

Neither will end the stranglehold of profiteers in every major industry. Neither will wrest control of government away from major corporations, wall street and wealthy elite. Both contribute to profit dismantling the efficacy of health care, education, food and drug, transportation, insurance, banking.

Both have allowed and continue to erode our civil liberties. Obama a constitutional scholar signed the NDAA?! We now kill people based on suspicion alone, without them even present.

While everybody is arguing left or right the oligarchs are destroying every shred of our country and world. The main difference between Democrats and Republicans are covert verses overt. Democrats put Obama the wise and eloquent speaker center stage while hiding his actual deeds and Republicans put Trump up there shouting liberalism's horrors out loud in our face. Democrats and Republicans are both proponents of world destroying left and right foot march of liberalism.

Brad on August 30, 2018:


Thanks for the clarification


D and R senators

Colorado U.S. Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet have introduced a bill they call compromise legislation in the heated debate over border security.

The plan includes a 12-year path to citizenship for people brought to the United States illegally when they were children -- so-called "Dreamers" -- and $25 billion for border security that includes President Trump's request for border wall funding.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on August 30, 2018:

It was, sort of. Stream of consciousness.

I have not been following the Gov. race, so am not familiar with Mike Johnston.

Brad on August 30, 2018:


Are you commenting to my last comment which was


Thanks for the agreement.

What do you think of Mike Johnston in Colorado?


If you are, I am confused?

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on August 30, 2018:

Brad - look, something we agree on! My mom is super liberal and she rails against Dems support of illegal immigration. I know the issue is particularly bad in southern California. I haven't been following the governor's race much.

I did drive through SoCal recently and here's a question: who in the world is going to pick our strawberries if we don't allow illegal immigration?

Brad on August 30, 2018:


Thanks for the agreement.

What do you think of Mike Johnston in Colorado?

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on August 30, 2018:

Well, I completely agree that Democrats need to stop supporting illegal immigration and it's a losing issue for them if they can't articulate something that makes sense to people who are here legally.

Brad on August 30, 2018:

here is what they believe and what they support

"These are the same people that chose illegal aliens over America and Americans.

They support people that have instead of fixing the US homeless people have hired an official poop patrol to literally cleanup the homeless poop.

They want to give all illegals the free run of the border, and when they come into America they will now offer them Free Medical, that even real American don't have today. They will also protect them from being deported thereby rewarding them for breaking our laws and our sovereignty.

They don't even know the answer to my JFK phrase.

I am just suggesting that these are the horses that won't drink the water."

Brad on July 20, 2018:


You never answered my question on Rights, so your answer has no reference.

Do you think that laws can change a society to like everybody and what everyone does? That is even more impossible than having the democrats and the republicans coming to the center.

BTW, what is the common denominator for

L G B T and Q? There is none? Each is as different as democrats are to republicans.

Ignoring my comments doesn't make your point, does it?

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2018:

Well, Mike, that gives me hope. Again, as I've said, the current method of political debate - across the internet with pictures of people we've never met - is not conducive to civil debate nor coming together. FYI, I am friends with one of the most visible, highest profile conservative voices in my entire state. He's an astute individual and I enjoy talking to him. I welcome his presence when I see him. I think we get along, and he gets along with most of the liberals in our group, because he has a sense of humor.

Readmikenow on July 20, 2018:

Well, here's the rest of the story. My cousin is the only liberal I've ever found who could come close to matching me in a debate. The girl from my cousin's last relationship met a guy and married him and is pregnant with her second child. I asked my cousin, since her former lover left the gay lifestyle, does she no longer qualify for those rights? My cousin said, "Since she left the gay lifestyle she no longer needs those rights." So, she made a great point. I'm only trying to illustrate how my cousin and I are very different, but get along well. We view political issues as an intellectual exercise. It's nothing personal, it's nothing emotional. I hope the left and right can do this more. I think we need to look beyond politics and realize our discussions are just discussions. We really don't influence anything. It should just be an intellectual exercise. If someone says something negative about my political views, I don't think this means they don't like me as a person, I hope.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2018:

That what two consenting adults, born to behave a certain way, do in the privacy of their homes, is cause to question their rights and treatment as human beings.

Brad on July 20, 2018:


What is it that you find offensive?

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2018:

Mike, it's the opposite.

Gay people engage in a certain type of sex and are thus, are not afforded the same rights as those who engage in a different kind of sex. Further, as a result of engaging in that type of sex, they are discriminated against, sometimes legally.

How about we just ignore what kind of sex people engage in, provided it isn't with somebody who can't consent, and provide them rights based on their status as human beings?

And I've engaged in the sex talk with you for rhetorical purposes, but I find that focus highly offensive. If you want to focus on that, be my guest, but I think it misses the point.

And Brad, did you choose to be heterosexual? Sexual orientation is not something that people consciously choose, although undoubtedly there's an exception to the rule somewhere. Who cares about how many letters there are in some acronym? If you want to discriminate against people and promote discrimination against people because of who they are and how they were born, that's your choice.

Brad on July 20, 2018:


Why isn't being gay a choice.

LBGTQ and more letters?

Which of the above do you consider Gay?

we are both off the road now.

Readmikenow on July 20, 2018:

Crankalicious, I know there has always been gay people in this world and there will be gay people long after I depart this earth. Let me play devil's advocate.

My point remains that gay rights are giving a person rights based on their sex life. I think that's the truth. If they didn't engage in certain type of sex, they would not have these rights. Can we agree on that point? Between my cousin and I, she agrees with me but doesn't think it matters. I pointed out how people leave and enter the gay life every day. Her response? It doesn't matter, and I'm paying for lunch. So, I guess in some way I lost that one. I think we won't see eye to eye on issues, but we need to respect the other one as a person. Respect the other individual's opinion as there is no need for the level of anger and rage you see from the left.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2018:

Mike, I wouldn't consider myself a devout Democrat. I have zero confidence in the Democratic Party. But I would consider myself a liberal, although that is primary for its social/human positions, not its economic ones necessarily.

I do not think we are moving in a direction where people on different ends of the political spectrum can agree because our means of disseminating information are pulling people apart, not bringing them together.

I could see how your relative might be offended by your position. Being gay isn't a choice. It's a difference that has existed in the human condition since the beginning of time. As such, they deserve to be treated the same as heterosexuals and given the same rights under the law. Yet, many people seem to want them fixed or eliminated. That's a difficult chasm to cross, politically speaking.

Brad on July 20, 2018:


That is almost enough money to pay income tax.

Anyway, you are right. I went beyond the scope of your article.

Although, I don't believe that it shows all the various mutations of the democrat party.

My point about the 14th amendment could have been answered by you even though it was of the road. I sensed that you agreed with the democrats on gay marriages. That is why I took it off the road to ask you why?

Your article, your rules and that is OK.


Readmikenow on July 20, 2018:

I'm a conservative and I believe you very accurately stated the position of Democrats on issues. I know the position of Republicans and conservative on these issues. My question to you is...will there ever be a time or a way for Republicans and Democrats to agree on some things? I don't see it happening any time soon. I have a relative who is gay and a very devout Democrat. We agree on nothing. We had a rather spirited debate when I asked her to agree that gay rights are rights given to a person simply because of how they have sex. BUT, at the end of the day we leave politics alone and talk about family. Politics is separate from our relationship as family. I wonder if such a thing will ever be possible on a national scale.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 20, 2018:

Sure, I don't do articles. That's why they generate $150+/month while I sit on my butt.

I can't figure out your point relative to the article, which does not make a value judgment, I don't think. It just states that Democrats generally believe in marriage equality. Do you disagree with that statement?

Brad on July 19, 2018:

i am not a republican.

I don't do forums.

And You don't do articles:)

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 19, 2018:

If you want to start a forum about this subject, be my guest. The point of this article relative to what Democrats believe is that they believe in marriage equality, generally. I suppose one could extrapolate from that that Republicans do not.

Brad on July 19, 2018:

My point was that the 14th amendment was not the proper avenue to get gay marriage. It didn't solve anything.

You say

"Homosexuals deserve the same rights as everyone else - Gay people deserve the same rights as other people, including the right to get married."

And I said why? read my previous comments.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 19, 2018:

All I'm saying here is that Democrats generally support rights for gay people. Seems pretty straight-forward.

Brad on July 19, 2018:


So you think that I would let you get away with your response.

Seriously dude, no one else cared about this article:)

I told you not to answer it, so we both didn't do what we said.

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on July 19, 2018:

You said you wouldn't be back.

Brad on July 19, 2018:


You believe your comment answered my comment? Read my comment again, and tell me how:)


Gay marriage is simply a question of giving tax-paying citizens equal rights mostly. Remember, being gay is still illegal in many parts of the country, so in many cases, Democrats are arguing for not making homosexuality illegal.

Homosexuals deserve the same rights as everyone else - Gay people deserve the same rights as other people, including the right to get married.



There is no constitutional right of marriage. And marriage was a states rights. It was the US government that discriminated by making marriage part of the Income Tax, along with asking all sorts of questions on ethnicity, and race.

The courts used the 14th amendment equal opportunity to pass gay marriage. But that was not the intention of that amendment. It didn't give people the right to vote. It took the 15th and 19th amendment to do that.

Why is it equal to tax people differently just based on how much they make, and then support gay marriage. Where is the science in that?


Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on May 02, 2018:

I answered every question, except gay marriage, which I forgot. Gay marriage is simply a question of giving tax-paying citizens equal rights mostly. Remember, being gay is still illegal in many parts of the country, so in many cases, Democrats are arguing for not making homosexuality illegal.

Brad on May 02, 2018:


I commented on what you said, if you thought editorial, that wasn't my intention.

You really didn't answer any of my questions. I was very detailed and specific.

I took the time, but you only want to as the author of this article, answer me briefly?

I won't be back, so you don't have to answer at all. :)

Allen Donald (author) from Colorado on May 02, 2018:


Thanks for your comments. I didn't think I was editorializing. Just stating basic beliefs that Democrats have without stating whether they were right or wrong. But I will briefly answer your questions.

Harmful activities: reckless driving, selling people mortgages they can't afford; etc.

Keynesian economics: worked very well for Ronald Reagan, among others.

Policy related to science: requiring kids be vaccinated.

Abortion: it's not about killing. It's about providing a safe medical procedure for those who would seek one anyway and providing free contraception to lower the abortion rate.

Gun control: who needs an AR-15? I support gun rights. There's a line somewhere though and it's worth finding. Should people have grenades? Nukes?

Illegal immigration: Democrats tend to be on the wrong side of this issue, but stop inventing business to hire illegals and you solve a lot of the problem.

Global warming: it's one thing to argue about how to solve global warming and saying that there's no way to do it or that doing so is too extreme or that we should do it more slowly. It's another to question the science, which is pretty simple.

Evolution is well established science. Lost of people don't believe the earth revolves around the sun. Does that make their opinion worth listening to?

Brad on May 01, 2018:


Democrats believe.

Government should help people - it is the role of government to help people and solve problems. While Democrats, like Republicans, are capitalists, Democrats believe that government has a role to play when it comes to regulating business when business is engaged in activities that are harmful to people.


What are these harmful activities?

What have the democrats demonstrated in having government play that role?


Keynesian Economics - Most Democratic economic theory derives from the philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, a 20th century economist. That philosophy basically says that government has a role in regulating the business cycle. For instance, the idea of stimulus funds as a solution to recession is derived from Keynesian economic theory.


When did that last help the economy?

2008? No it wasn't just the republicans, it took both parties and the FRB to bring down the US economy.

In addition, the entire congress was campaigning from 2007 til the economy fell.Then two congresses and two president s spending $1.5 Trillion couldn't bring back the economy. They just focused on helping the same people that brought down the economy. The victims lost their jobs, their homes and their 401K. The bailed out businesses gave themselves 7 digit bonuses for bankrupting their companies.


Science trumps religion - in their roles as influences in people's lives, Democrats believe that science should be the basis for most decision-making. Certainly, Democrats are religious in numbers similar to Republicans, but Republicans have a more fundamentalist outlook. When decisions about policy issues must be made, Democrats are more likely to turn to science for the answers.


Do you have any examples of those policy issues?


Pro-choice on abortion - The quintessential Democrat favors allowing women to make decisions about their own health, including terminating a pregnancy.


It doesn't make any sense to kill a living thing, but the country and the world is better off without these children because they wouldn't really be properly taken care of by their "mothers". Although, when these women decide they want the taxpayers to pay for their decision.


Gun control - Democrats support some form of gun control and believe that the government has the right and the responsibility to monitor and sometimes prohibit the ownership of some weapons for the greater good. They believe that although the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, the founding fathers did not anticipate ownership of things such as automatic weapons and that some control is necessary.