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What Are the Odds; Depends on Whose Stacking the Odds Against You, a Post-Election Observation

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Election night Shenanigans

I took a couple of pictures of the television screen on election night and then again the following morning, because something seemed very off early on and I had a bad feeling....not a disappointed feeling, but rather a something is desperately wrong feeling!

We were tuned into the Fox News Channel for election results and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that Fox would quickly call a State for Joe Biden, but would drag their feet in calling any State for Trump! A pattern quickly developed. The States that were obviously going for Trump, such as my State of Florida, for example, where it wasn't even close and almost all polls had already reported, wouldn't call it for was very odd!

It turned out to be the oddest election night and post-election day that I can ever recall in my lifetime.

I know that I was driving my husband crazy with, "what are they waiting for", "why are they calling that State for Biden with such a small percentage reporting“, why aren't they calling that State for Trump, with such a large percentage reporting.....”

None of it was making any sense, whatsoever, to me!

When I went to bed I was thinking what the heck is going on and when I woke up, I realized something shady was going on and that getting to the bottom of it was going to be an uphill battle!

Note the first picture and the numbers for Trump, before I went to bed that night and note the numbers in the second picture, taken the next morning.

My first thoughts, after the initial shock, we've gone and done it...we've entered another realm, we've entered the Twilight Zone. It was then I realized how much worse it was than that...the left and the deep state had gone and done it...they had stolen or were attempting to steal an election away from the people's choice for President!

Election night

Election night

Election numbers the following morning

Election numbers the following morning

What are the odds?

Since then, I've been like most everyone else...waiting to see what each State has to say, waiting to see what the courts have to say, weighing all the evidence.

I have had so many articles, columns, opinion pieces, etc. sent to me since Election Day and I usually try to scan through all of them, but today was an unusual day!

Today, I received a couple of articles that blew my socks off and heard with my own two ears about a certain experiment and none of this information should be cast aside or ignored.
The first is an article by Wayne Allyn Root. Mr. Root is a Las Vegas Odds maker and an expert in sports gaming.

In this article he explains the great odds for a Trump victory on that night, election night, November 3, 2020. As the night was just getting started good with the closing of the polls, Trump went from a 2 to 1 favorite, all the way up to an 8 to 1 favorite!
Smart bettors were putting their money on the smart electoral landslide for Donald J. Trump!

In the article, he goes on to write about the odd things happening at Fox News, that I've already mentioned, but he takes it even further...

When Fox News called Arizona for Biden...Trump dropped from an 8-1 favorite, back to where he had started, with 2-1 odds.

Around the same time, Root explains that three Midwest battleground States, who just so happen to have Democratic Governors, all simultaneously decided to stop counting for the night.
Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all stopped counting at the same time...the bewitching hour...midnight!

Mr. Root's bottom line point is that the fix was in and that "a few key people" made millions, knowing the exact minute to jump in, that exact moment when a Trump landslide turned into a Biden victory!”

He closes his article with speculation about what the Supreme Court will do with this, but says that bettors all over the world know what happened, just like when there is a fixed game.....they know, no difference!

The Pollster

The other story which made its way to me today isn't from the gaming and betting world but rather from a Pollster by the name of Patrick Basham, the founder of the Democracy Institute.

Mr. Basham's focus is on "traditional markers", which were lined up for a Trump landslide; markers such as Trump being the incumbent, the fact that over his four years in office, he gained more support and became more popular with women, African-Americans, Latinos, Catholics, Jews, white working class, younger adults.....whose left?

In fact...Mr. Basham states that Trump's national performance improved between 2016 and today by 20% and that "no incumbent President has ever lost a reelection" when national performance has improved.

Obama's national performance decreased between his first and second term; his numbers of supporters went down significantly, they did not improve...but even with his unfavorable “national performance”, he still won a second term.

Mr. Basham suggests that 99% of people confronted with this information, would predict a Trump win without hesitation.

Non-polling metrics predict Presidents with a 100% accuracy!
That was the case in 2016 and it was the case again in 2020....Donald J.Trump the victor...but yet here we are, some referring to Biden as the President-elect.

More oddities - they are still counting ballots in California, over a month after the election and according to Basham, rejection rates of ballots is currently at 0 to 1%, which is unheard of, they are always in the double digits and with new poll workers on top of the huge number of absentee ballots.....a 0 to 1% rejection rate, does not compute.

Back to that national performance thing....he goes on to say that Joe Biden did worse than Obama and Hillary!

In conclusion

Biden won {or so they say} despite metrics, despite the odds, despite a bleak national performance, despite what we all saw with our own two eyes...people were not showing up for his rallies.

Suffice it to say...there was 0 to 1% enthusiasm for Joe R. Biden Jr.!


Finally, the piece of information that I heard today with my own two ears...the Ware County, GA Experiment:

The County tested the controversial Dominion Voting machines by feeding an equal number of votes for Trump and Biden...however, it tabulated Biden winning by 26%, which calculates to Trump receiving 87% for a vote and Biden receiving 113% for a vote.

I will leave it here...for now!

You tell me what this all means?

Can you look at all of this objectively and honestly say that President Trump shouldn’t be fighting this with all that he has?

When you consider everything I’ve shared and everything you’ve heard and/or seen post election -

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on December 14, 2020:

Antrim Country, Michigan is mentioned in Georgia Star story, check this out!!!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on December 08, 2020:

Leftist so-called fact-checkers are working overtime {not on anything positive or truthful, but rather to dismiss/debunk} 'The Ware County, Ga Experiment'

But, the whistle blower is not backing down!

From the Georgia Star News story:

Bombshell: Trump Legal Team Witness Alleged That Ware County Audit Results Revealed Dominion Machine Flipped Ballots from Trump to Biden

December 5, 2020 Corinne Murdock

An elections expert alleged that the Dominion tabulating machine flipped votes from President Donald Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Ware County. It was estimated that the percentage of misapplied votes, if distributed across the rest of the state, would be slightly greater than Biden’s lead over Trump.

Constitution Party of Georgia Elections Director and Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VOTERGA) Co-Founder Garland Favorito was called to testify this information during the State Senate hearing this week.

Favorito obtained an *email from Ware County Elections Supervisor Carlos Nelson, confirming that the audit discovered 37 votes that were incorrectly assigned to Biden instead of Trump.

In an interview with The Georgia Star News, Favorito explained that the information didn’t indicate which machine flipped the votes – just that the mistake occurred.

“We did find that they had flipped votes – we didn’t have to obtain the machine to figure that out. The hand count showed that they had flipped votes somewhere in that county,” he said.

Favorito explained that he’d been slated as a top ten witness for Trump’s legal team during Thursday’s State Senate hearing. Just before he was called to the stand, Favorito told The Star that an administrative assistant for the committee informed him that he was bumped to the bottom of the list “at the chairman’s discretion.”

During an interview with The John Fredericks Show, Favorito claimed that he later discovered why he’d been moved down the witness list.

“My testimony would’ve exposed the Secretary of State of Georgia, the Elections Director of Georgia, and the legal counsel of Georgia all for wrongdoing,” Favorito said. “And, being an independent, I expose corruption on both sides of the political spectrum.”

Vote flipping occurred previously in Antrim County, Michigan, with thousands of votes given to Biden instead of Trump. Multiple outlets and officials have cited the incident as “human error.”

Favorito shared that his organization is pushing for the Dominion machines to be preserved – not wiped, as Raffensperger is expected to do ahead of the runoff election. He added that they are pressing the State Senate for another hearing.

* from upstate, NY on December 08, 2020:

What are the odds? Answer: Zero! President Trump gained in every key matrix since 2016, Biden never meaningfully campaigned, the enthusiasm in favor of Trump was vast, every oddity of the night pointed to fraud!

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