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West Has Been Cheerleading Ukraine and Zelensky and the Country to Devastation and Ruin.

The author is a senior Air Warrior and military and political analyst as well as being a graduate of the DSSC war college.



There is much backslapping going on in the western world at the resistance being given by the Ukrainian army to the Russian invasion. These people have not realized that they have opened Pandora's box and the only thing left is hope for Ukraine. It is my view that Volodymyr Zelensky has played to the gallery without regard to the reality of what is happening. Who is Zelensky? He is the president of Ukraine and became president after a landslide victory. The period of his presidency has seen many significant events and his own name is tainted with charges of corruption.

In October 2021, Zelensky's name was revealed in the Pandora Papers. These are millions of leaked documents that the ICIJ published that exposed the secret offshore accounts of 35 world leaders. The name of Zelensky, his chief aide Shafir, and his security chief's names were linked with a network of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, and Belize. Expensive London property was also mentioned as owned by these persons. The irony is that Zelensky had fought the 2019 election on the issue of corruption and here he was the center pin of illegal investments in payoffs and money laundering.

All his life Zelensky has been a comedian and an actor with hardly any political experience, it is my opinion that Western intelligence had concluded that Zelensky was an excellent tool to beat Russia with a stick, because of his lack of political acumen. He was egged on by the Western powers and applied to join NATO and the European Union. Zelensky disregarded the red line which had been drawn by Vladimir Putin regarding the expansion of NATO. With all the pump he was getting from the Western powers, he thought that they will come on his side in case of a war with Russia. One wonders how he could be so foolish. The USA, NATO, or the EU had no plan to fight Russia on behalf of Ukraine.


The Western powers had concluded that their hegemony over Europe would not be complete till Russia was restored as a pastoral country. They needed someone who would confront Russia and engage it militarily and they could not find a better tool than the Ukrainian president who played into their hands.

The American president despite a request by the Russian president refused to give any guarantee on Russia's security and was noncommittal on Ukraine's membership in NATO. He termed both these demands as nonstarters. President Biden was well aware that this could lead to the invasion of Ukraine but then this was part of the plan.

Many veterans have told me that the aim was basically to have an ongoing war in Ukraine and keep on supplying weapons in the region so that Russia is tied down. The inevitable has happened Russia has invaded Ukraine. It is no consolation to Ukraine that they have fought well against Russia because that was the plan of the West. To keep the pot boiling, they have transferred millions of dollars worth of weapons and sophisticated equipment to Ukraine to continue the fight.

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The Western powers are aware of the consequences but unfortunately, president Zelensky has swallowed the American plan hook, line, and sinker. His request to join NATO will not happen and his application to join the EU also will meet the same fate.

Ruin and devastation

There is a lot of euphoria in the West that the Russians are finding it tough to move into Ukraine. Not many are bothered as to what will happen to Ukraine. All this backslapping is going to lead nowhere as far as Ukraine is concerned. An intelligent man can see that Ukraine has become a battleground. There will be death and destruction all around and no development.

The country has already been partitioned and two independent republics have been formed in the eastern part of Ukraine which has been recognized by Russia and a few other countries like Iran and Venezuela. As the Russians advance there is a definite possibility that another division of Ukraine will be on the cards.

Who are the sufferers? certainly not the European Union and the Anglo-Saxon powers; they can sit back and clap at the fight put up by the Ukrainians but the consequences are horrendous? I have clear indications from friends in Russia that Vladimir Putin is not going to back down, sanctions or no sanctions and he will press on for the inevitable result, whatever it may be.

It is one of the ironies of history that the president of Ukraine Zelensky has become a tool in the hands of the Western powers. I wonder if this man has realized that the West has used him as a guinea pig. If he had seen the history of the United States he would have realized the USA is the biggest destabilizer in the world.

It is the tragedy of Ukraine that such a man has been elected president. Under his tutelage, Ukraine will remain in the battleground and divided nation; one can think of guerrilla warfare, anything, but the net result is chaos for this beautiful land.

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