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Fraud Watch: West Virginia State Democratic Committee Received $64,000 From Hillary Victory Fund


West Virginia is one of 33 state Democratic parties which received donations from the controversial Hillary Victory Fund. The fund funnels money to various state committee bodies ahead of primary elections, and has been called out for giving the appearance that state Democratic election officials and influential state party figures are being "bought" by Hillary Clinton.

Paul Blumenthal, a writer for the Huffington Post, wrote:

“It is a highly unusual arraignment if only because presidential candidates do not normally enter into fundraising agreements with their party’s committees until after they actually win the nomination."

The fund is managed by the Clinton campaign's chief operating officer, Elizabeth Jones, who has sole discretion over who gets money and when.

The Hillary Victory Fund's operations take place during a primary season in which Bernie Sanders supporters are calling election fraud across the nation, in numerous lawsuits and other actions.

In writing about another state Democratic party which has accepted donations from the fund, Montana, actress and political activist Margot Kidder wrote in Counterpunch:

"That outsiders could make their votes count for more than our own in our Presidential primary by supporting a system that is rigged in favour of the wishes of lobbyists and billionaires running their money through our state democratic party coffers is a concept that most Montanans would be repulsed by."

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West Virginia has a law which mandates a post-primary audit of a random 5% of precincts in the state, in public, before the vote is certified by the secretary of state. The law requires a hand count of the paper ballots' markings to insure their totals match the totals on voting machines. The audit must be expanded if the results of the audit "show discrepancies that differ by more than one percent from the initial count, or that show a different outcome for an election contest."

Latest polls show Sanders 4 points ahead of Clinton in WV, although polls throughout the primary season show Sanders finishing from 5 to 10 points higher than polls showed, including in contests he has lost.

In the Illinois primary, a citizens' election audit watchdog, witnessing an audit of Chicago ballots, reported election officials changing vote totals in favor of Hillary Clinton, in violation of federal election law.


Brenda on May 10, 2016:

No wonder she's won those other states where there are challenges

Steve on May 10, 2016:

Cherry, it's "Election Fraud." Voter fraud means the voters are the ones trying to manipulate the election. Election fraud is when election officials manipulate the election.

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