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We Will Never be Told the Truth About John F. Kennedy (JFK)


Most of Us Know They Lied

We are probably never going to actually get the truth about what really happened to JFK. Polls consistently show at least 60% of Americans believe something is wrong with the official story of what happened on that day in Dallas. Some polls have shown more than 80% believe the Warren Commission did not accurately describe the truth. The majority of people do not believe the official story. This means the majority of Americans are "conspiracy theorists," at least to some degree when it comes to John F. Kennedy. This is good news for those who feel they are in the minority; you are not the minority. The majority of people believe there was a conspiracy, and a cover-up of the JFK assassination.

When looking at the evidence, and the official story, it is clear that we have not been told the truth about what really happened. We probably do not know the full truth of what actually happened, but we do know that we have never been "officially" told the truth. The government is still covering up the truth; they lie to us all the time, and not just about JFK either -- they lie to us about everything all the time. Why should we ever trust these people? They are known liars, and when it comes to JFK we all know it.

At this point, denying it seems utterly irresponsible and absolutely ridiculous. Where is the extraordinary evidence that backs up the extraordinary claims made by the Warren Commission? There simply is no such evidence. This is an extraordinary claim being made, with no extraordinary evidence to back it up. Why should anyone believe it?

JFK's Motorcade

JFK's Motorcade

1963 was a Long Time Ago

Things were much different in 1963 than they are today. This was a time in America when black and white people used different restrooms and drinking fountains. This today would be absurd, but in 1963 it was the way things were. Issues of race were as much in the forefront, maybe even more so, than they are today. 1963 is the year Martin Luther King, Jr. made the famous I have a Dream speech. The Cold War was heating up, and United States involvement in Vietnam was increasing.

The Beverly Hillbillies was the number one show on TV in 1963. Other popular TV shows were Coronation Street, The Andy Griffith Show, The Flintstones, Mister Ed, The Avengers, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Elizabeth Taylor was enjoying her time at the top of the box office in 1963. The movie Cleopatra was number one that year; movie tickets only costed around 85 cents. Other popular movies of the year were The Longest Day, Lawrence of Arabia, Mutiny on the Bounty, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

A gallon of gas was around 30 cents, a loaf of bread 22 cents, and a First-Class postage stamp was only five cents. A new house would have costed around $12,000, and a brand new car about $3,000. Average income was around $4,500 a year, which was a bit more than $80 a week. The population of the United States was about 190 million, and the population of the world was just over 3 billion. There were no cell phones, text messages, internet, WIFI, or cable TV in 1963. The very first push-button telephones were made available to the public that year, but there was no Google, Facebook, or Twitter; no YouTube, Apple, or Microsoft, not in 1963. General Motors was the largest corporation in the world, according to the Fortune 500 list of 1963. It was the first year cars in the U.S. had seat belts. The first ever sports "instant replay" was shown by CBS in 1963. This was the same year America was introduced to The Beatles. Other popular musicians of the year included Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, The Drifters, and Jim Reeves. Zip Codes first appeared in America in 1963 as well as lava lamps, the computer mouse, instant coffee, cassette tapes, and Weight Watchers.

Many interesting things happened that year, but the most important event of 1963 was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The 35th President of the United States was killed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. This was one of the most tragic events in American history.

The Zapruder Film

Slow Motion Zoomed In

Were the Secret Service agents hungover?

In the Zapruder film, Kennedy has his hand over his throat before the head shot, so we know something already happened. The film shows Clinton J. Hill being the only Secret Service agent who reacted to what was going on. The film also shows Mrs. Kennedy reacting as well. First she reacted to President Kennedy holding his neck, then she reacted to the head shot. When the head shot came in, she quickly moved into position to gain possession of what appears to be part of her husband's head.

Some people have said Jacqueline Kennedy was trying to get out of the car, but that does not seem to be the case at all. It looks more like she was trying to get whatever had been blown off the back of her husband's head. It looks like a bullet entered the right front of Kennedy's head and blew a portion of the back of his head onto the trunk of the car as it exited the left back part of his skull. Mrs. Kennedy was not trying to get away and out of the car; she was trying to get the back of JFK's head. Later, she gave that piece to one of the doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Agent Hill reacted, but all of the other agents appeared to be confused and incapable of responding to what was happening. However, the agents near Lyndon Johnson reacted quickly; they protected him, and kept him out of harms way. It seems strange that the people who were supposed to protect the President really didn't do anything to protect him, but the guys who were supposed to protect the Vice President were right on top of things.

A probable explanation for this is that the agents in charge of protecting the President were hungover from a long night of heavy drinking. This kind of behavior would have been strictly prohibited by the Secret Service. If this is what happened, it would have been a huge embarrassment. If the agents in charge of protecting the President were in fact hungover from a long night of drinking, they certainly would never openly admit it.

Why would agents who were responsible for protecting the President conduct themselves in such a manner?

Book Depository

Book Depository

Was Oswald on the sixth floor?

When going over this information many strange things come up, things that just don't make sense. Some believe the mysterious "figure in the doorway" of the Book Depository was Lee Harvey Oswald. The figure in the doorway was wearing a white T-shirt just like Oswald, and roughly matched his description. Marguerite Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald's mother) said the man in the doorway was her son. If this figure was Oswald, he could not have killed the President from the window on the sixth floor of the Book Depository.

In pictures we can see the sixth floor window; clearly there was no line-of-sight from this location to where the President was killed. A sign and some trees would have made it very difficult to see well enough to make this shot. There were also some big pipes right by the window that would have been in the way. Those pipes would have made it very difficult to position a rifle to make that particular shot.

Oswald might not have even been on the sixth floor, and that would have been a very unusual place to try to shoot from. It is very unlikely that anyone, let alone Oswald, shot Kennedy from the sixth floor window; this explanation does not make sense.

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Sixth Floor Window

Sixth Floor Window

Umbrella Man

During the Zapruder film, and in pictures, we can see what has become known as the "Umbrella Man." As Kennedy approached the Umbrella Man, he moved his umbrella up and down vertically; but exactly when Kennedy passed by the Umbrella Man, he began twisting the umbrella. Many people believe this was the signal to proceed with the killing.

The Umbrella Man was not supposed to be connected to anyone, but he was seen with some people that day that absolutely suggest otherwise. There were men in the crowds that day who had radios; they can be seen in pictures communicating with each other. These were the same men who were seen with the Umbrella Man.

After shots had obviously been fired, everyone headed up toward the Grassy Knoll. This is the direction everyone who was actually there thought the shots came from. They all pointed toward the fence and said that was where the shots came from. They also saw smoke coming from that same location. It was obvious to everyone who was actually there; shots had come from the Grassy Knoll.


Back and to the Left


Back and to the Left

It is clear from the Zapruder film; the fatal head shot came from the right front. Just like in the movie JFK, "Back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left." There is no denying this shot came from the right front -- it's obvious. This is the direction of the Grassy Knoll, exactly where the people who were actually there said it came from.

Pictures show a dark shadow figure behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll. This "shadow figure" appears to have been wearing standard shooter-type glasses, and dressed in a police uniform. Witnesses found footprints, along with other things, that indicated someone had indeed been in the precise location of the "shadow figure" from the photos. Dallas Police Officers encountered a man who had come from behind the fence, but he had Secret Service Identification, so they paid no attention to him.

The guy, who came out from where everyone knew the shots came from, had Secret Service Identification? Who was this person? Was this the "shadow figure" seen in photos? Did they have the real killer -- right in front of them -- and let him go? Was this a fake ID, or might it have been a real ID? Did the person who fired the fatal bullet that killed JFK have a real Secret Service ID?

Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza

It was not a Lone Assassin

Time Life and Bob West (County Surveyor of Dallas) were hired to do an investigation. Both reported the assassination of JFK could not have been carried out by a lone assassin.

During this investigation, they found, along with other things, some fairly out of place yellow marks on the curb; these can be seen in the Zapruder film. Kennedy was killed just as he was between those two yellow lines on the curb. The whole curb was not painted yellow; only these two lines were painted. The lines are exactly as they should be, if they were used to line up the President for assassination by multiple shooters.

A lone assassin would have chosen a different location for the assassination. It would have been much easier for a lone gunman to kill the President about six blocks before where it took place. It would have been much easier for a single shooter to have actually succeeded from another location. The location of the assassination makes perfect sense though, if there were multiple shooters. It was a good place for crossfire, but not for a lone shooter.

None of this really makes any sense, unless we are considering this tragedy to be the result of standard sniper crossfire. The location where the shooting actually took place really only makes sense if there were multiple shooters. A guaranteed kill could only be achieved by catching JFK in a crossfire situation, and this was the perfect place for it. Any lone shooter would have chosen a different location if he were planning to carry out this attack by himself.

Oswald or Hidell?

When Oswald was arrested, he had two sets of ID. One ID identified him as Lee Harvey Oswald; the other identified him as Alex James Hidell. As an employee of the Book Depository, there had been some confusion about his address and his name. According to their paperwork, it was the same guy with two different names and two different addresses. According to military records, there was a cross reference between Oswald and Hidell. At the police station they were not sure who they had. They were confused, and didn't know if they had Oswald or Hidell.

The police did not know who they had for sure, but J. Edgar Hoover already knew who they had. He should know since he was the director of the FBI, but how could he have known before the police knew? He must have known about the assassination in advance. How could Hoover already know the story before the police even knew the story?

Pictures of Oswald and Hidell look similar on passports and other forms of ID. Some people have speculated that a composite version of the two people were used to create official images; others say this was just one person with two identities.

Oswald's mother always claimed Lee Harvey worked for the government. People in intelligence said he worked for the government. The government wrote checks to him and he was often seen with government agents. Whatever he did or did not do, it seems Oswald worked for the government, in at least some capacity.

Two Different Oswalds

Oswald was found with cameras that had serial numbers that directly linked to the government. How would Oswald have these cameras unless he was working for the government? The FBI claimed that the cameras were light meters; they went as far as changing official reports to reflect this wrong information.

The government claimed to know nothing about Oswald, even though they gave him money to come back from Japan in 1958. Apparently, he had contacted an STD while in Japan. Typically a Marine would face punishment for such things, but no punishment was given to Oswald.

Three years before the assassination, J. Edgar Hoover sent a memo to the Department of State claiming that an impostor was using Oswald's ID. They thought he was going to give away state secrets, but could this have been Hidell instead?

In pictures, we can see what look like split face composites that are presented as being Oswald. Some believe these split face composites are half Hidell and half Oswald. These two may have been moving around the world as secret agents posing as one another to create confusion. If this is true, no one may ever be able to figure out exactly what happened.

The Oswald from Dallas does not match the Oswald from the Marines. According to the autopsy, Oswald was 5 feet 11 inches tall, but the Marine account of Oswald put him at only 5 feet 9 inches. The Marine version of Oswald was a full two inches shorter than the Oswald accused of, and murdered for, the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

How can we have such a discrepancy? Was this the same person, or were there two different people? Lee Harvey Oswald's own mother does not know for sure who they buried. The funeral director was also confused about who was actually in the casket labeled Lee Harvey Oswald. It seems unlikely that we will ever know the full truth about any of this.

Destruction of Evidence

The instant the body of the President arrived at Parkland Hospital everyone started cleaning everything. They scrubbed away all kinds of evidence that could have been used to help solve the crime. This was destruction of evidence, and completely illegal. Activity such as this typically results in jail time, yet no one ever got into any trouble at all for any of it. If this was not a cover-up, why would they have done what they did, and why would no one be in trouble for it?

That same evening, the FBI took evidence away from the Dallas Police Station, and shipped it to Washington D.C. Captain Fritz, of the Dallas Police Department, did not want this evidence removed. He believed an investigation could not be properly performed if evidence was moved, but they did it anyway. Why would they have done this? It was against the law, it violated procedure, and the captain of the police department objected -- this was very unusual and suspicious behavior.

Apparently, Washington was very persistent. They wanted what they wanted and pressed the issue until they got what they wanted -- the government always gets what it wants. For three days, the evidence was in the hands of the FBI with no oversight or any way for anyone to verify how that evidence was being handled. This alone is more than plenty of reason to question whether this evidence had been manipulated and messed with or not. There are more questions here than we will ever have answers for.

Warren Commission Report

Warren Commission Report

The Warren Commission Report is not True

The Warren Commission claimed only three shots were fired, but other independent investigations have found a total of six spent rounds. Why are these other rounds not part of the official story? Do we even know how many shots were really fired? Do we have any idea at all who actually fired these shots? It seems that we really don't have any solid answers to any of this. No gunpowder was ever found on Oswald. No gunpowder on his face, hands, or clothes? How can that be? No matter how many shots were fired, how can we have a shooter with no gunpowder on them? It just doesn't make any sense.

A House Select Committee on Assassinations report that came out in 1980 stated that Oswald was not the only shooter. The report indicated there must have been "at least two shooters" and Kennedy's death was the result of a "conspiracy." Other investigations have revealed that the bullet that killed Kennedy could have never come from the Oswald rifle. The markings on the spent rounds simply do not match marks left by that particular gun. The gun they say was used to kill Kennedy was absolutely not the gun used to kill the President -- it can't be -- it is a physical impossibility.

Many other independent studies and investigations have been done as well. The one consistent theme in all of the independent investigations is that the official story is not true. All independent investigations conclude beyond any shadow of a doubt that something other than the official explanation must be the truth. The only investigations that accept the official version of the story are done by people who are working for the government. You will never find an independent investigation that agrees with the findings of the Warren Commission. That is because the Warren Commission Report is not true; everyone else says the official story simply cannot be true.

Oswald's Gun

Oswald's Gun

Oswald was a Poor Shot

The gun Oswald was supposed to have used was extremely cheap; the scope was the most expensive part. In addition to it being impossible to have been the gun used to kill the President, It was a cheap gun, and Oswald was a poor shot. Oswald claimed the title of Marksman, which sounds pretty impressive, but in military terms this is the lowest ranking there is for a shooter. A Sharpshooter is much better than a Marksman, and an Expert Sharpshooter is even more advanced. Marksman is the poorest shot in the military; Oswald just barely made that mark. The shot he supposedly pulled off could not have been made by a poor shot, but we are supposed to believe he did it. Oswald just barely made Marksman -- he could not have made this shot. When he first went into the Marines, he couldn't even hit a target; he was just a bad shot.

Tests determined the scope was not even set properly. It had to be adjusted and shimmed up to make it on target -- it is ridiculous. The scope would have had to be perfectly on target in order to make the shot that supposedly killed JFK, but it was not. A poor shot Marksman could not fire a gun with a scope that was out of alignment and make the shot that we are told was made. It just could not happen -- no one could have made that shot. Especially not someone like Lee Harvey Oswald.

On the day of the assassination no fingerprints were found on Oswald's rifle, but somehow, magically, the next day Oswald's fingerprints mysteriously appeared on the gun. According to the funeral director, Paul J. Groody, the FBI came in with the gun and put Oswald's dead hands on it -- that is how they suddenly had fingerprints.

Oswald's Fingerprints

Oswald's Fingerprints

Six Shots in Four Seconds

We know the Warren Commission Report is not the truth. At first, they claimed a single shot was fired into the back left neck area of President Kennedy. They said "no credible evidence" existed that a shot came from any other direction. They claimed the same bullet that killed Kennedy also hit John Connally, who was riding in the car with JFK during the assassination. Connally survived, but was wounded in the chest, wrist, and leg. Apparently, this was all from the same bullet that also killed Kennedy. This information was provided to the Warren Commission by J. Edgar Hoover and it is absolutely ridiculous. The Warren Commission repeated the "single bullet theory," not due to any investigation, but because they were told what to say.

J. Edgar Hoover knew the whole story before the people investigating it knew any of the story. No one knew what was going on, but somehow J. Edgar Hoover issued out the entire official story -- without any evidence at all. It seems more like one of those things where someone says "we will just say this" as they are planning to do something really nasty. Hoover knew what was going to happen before it ever took place. They had everything, including the cover story, all worked out before anything ever happened.

Eventually, the Warren Commission concluded there were three shots fired at the president. This was all fine until 1965 when a Dallas Police Officer wrote a report about an additional bullet that was found in the curb. Suddenly, there was an extra unaccounted for bullet. The FBI claimed to have sent someone to have a look and reported finding nothing, but after photographic evidence that proved it was submitted, they had to admit it was real. They made a big news story about it and cut out a section of the curb for everyone to see. This was a problem though; four shots in six seconds is not possible. Bullets can't do what they claimed, no one could have made the shot, and four shots in six seconds is impossible.

Bullet from Oswald's Rifle

Bullet from Oswald's Rifle

No Single Bullet

According to the Warren Commission, Kennedy was shot in the back of the neck; but the autopsy showed this shot was in the third vertebrae, which is in-between the shoulders. In the National Archives is the jacket Kennedy was wearing that day; it has a bullet hole exactly where the middle of the shoulders would be. A corresponding hole is located in the same place on the shirt he was wearing. Dr. James J. Humes, who performed the autopsy on Kennedy, said there was a bullet hole two inches below the neck, in-between the shoulders. Clint Hill, the agent who jumped on the back of the car, said Kennedy was shot in the back, not the neck. Kennedy was not shot in the neck; he was shot in the back between his shoulders. In order for that bullet to have traveled to his head, it would have had to have come from below and traveled in an upward trajectory to the neck; that just can't happen.

Gerald Ford, America's only unelected president, was on the Warren Commission. He ordered the authors of the report to change it from saying "shot in the back" to "shot in the neck." This gave rise to the "single bullet theory" which is absolutely ridiculous. A bullet is not going to turn around in midair, go through bones, and all this other stuff, then remain in nearly perfect condition. The bullet would have been destroyed if it were to have done what they claim, but it wasn't destroyed at all; it somehow still looked great after all that. Obviously, the "single bullet theory" and the "single assassin theory" are utter nonsense -- these ideas just don't work. It is absolutely amazing that anyone, ever, believed any of this garbage.


Oswald didn't do it

There was an enormous amount of confusion with all that was going on; no one really knew what was happening. There was a mess of activity at the federal level as well as the local level. Everyone was really in a state of shock and heavy confusion during all of this.

Early drawings showed a bullet entering the back of the head, but the nurses on duty said otherwise. Dr. Humes, who did the autopsy, also disagreed with the drawings. These people, those who were actually there, said there was no bullet that entered the back of the head. The pictures the public has been shown do not match the eyewitness accounts. Some believe the photographs of Kennedy were altered and cannot be trusted.

Even the Zapruder film is thought to have been altered. It seems there has been some retouching of the film, and possibly as many as six frames removed from the version of the recording we are allowed to view.

Jerrol Custer, the technician who took X-rays at the hospital, said the X-rays shown to the public are fake. He claimed the X-ray pictures they show us are not the ones taken at the hospital.

Pictures of Oswald are believed to be composites showing Oswald's head on the body of someone else. Other pictures seem to show Oswald's face looking half like his own and half like someone else. Oswald did say he was just a patsy -- maybe he was telling the truth.

Every "official" investigation always starts with the presumed guilt of Oswald, then done in a manner to make sure the facts confirm that idea. We have never had an "official" investigation that starts just trying to figure out what happened; investigations always start with preconceived ideas. There is no "innocent until proven guilty" here, only guilty -- no matter what the evidence shows.

Some photos of Oswald show two different body poses, but one identical face. How do you get that? The only way is to copy and paste the face into another picture. If that is what happened, then the pictures are fake. How could there be fake pictures like that? Today is one thing with all the modern technology we have, but back then? How could we have had that? Who could have done that? Why would they have done that? Maybe Oswald really was set-up; maybe he really was just a patsy.

He was just a Patsy

Why did They do it?

Why would they have done this? What reason or motivation would people have had to kill Kennedy? If there really was a conspiracy, and if Oswald really was just a patsy, why would they have wanted JFK dead?

Joe Kennedy was John F. Kennedy's father. He was very involved with, and connected to, the Mafia. He had been making shady deals behind the scenes for a long time and was in a bit of trouble. He made a lot of promises, to some very powerful people, about what his son would do if he became President. This is how he got himself out of trouble, and it also led directly to JFK becoming President. When JFK did not deliver on the promises of his father, there were big problems. When Kennedy did not do what he was supposed to do, some very powerful people became extremely angry.

Not only was Kennedy not fulfilling the promises his father made, he was also messing with things he maybe should not have been messing with. He was threatening to expose secret societies; he even said so publicly in a speech. Some believe he was getting ready to disclose secret information about UFO's and aliens. He was interfering with the status quo, and certainly not following along with "business as usual" politics.

One of the things he messed with was the money; no one ever gets away with messing with the money. He issued over $4 billion in interest-free United States Treasury Notes. This was independent of the Federal Reserve and was backed by silver; this money had real value. This was very upsetting and threatening to those in charge of the money.

Only two presidents in American history have attempted to print money through the U.S. Treasury: Lincoln and Kennedy. We know what happened to both of them -- they were both publicly shot in the head. The first American President anyone ever tried to assassinate was Andrew Jackson, who desperately tried to get rid of the central banks. It seems you do not mess with the people in charge of the money -- or bad things happen to you.

Kennedy was also trying to put a stop to the secret war against Fidel Castro in Cuba, and ban nuclear weapons testing. He did not go along with Operation Northwoods, and he wanted to get out of the war in Vietnam. He was really causing a lot of problems.

Kennedy was not cooperating with the corrupt people who really had control over everything and was threatening to expose the truth. Imagine the effect on the country, and the entire world, if a sitting American President were to expose everything. If every lie, every manipulation, and every bit of corruption were uncovered, the world would be a much different place in an instant. The people really running things were not going to tolerate any of this -- so they put a stop to it. These are some of the reasons why they killed John F. Kennedy.

This might also have something to do with why candidates run for office saying one thing, but then do something entirely different after being elected. Once they get there, they find out someone else is already running things.

Imagine if you ran for, and were elected to be, President of the United States of America. You would be very happy having won the Presidency, and very proud of what you had accomplished. Imagine sitting in the Oval Office, thinking about all of the wonderful things you will do now that you are the President. Now, imagine a group of people coming into the room and showing you the Zapruder film, then saying, "If you value your life and the lives of your family, you will do what you are told."

What do you think you would do? Most of us would probably do whatever they told us to do. Maybe this is why our politicians always lie; they want to do something else, but they just can't.

Maybe our government is being held hostage by criminals. If it is, we know when they took over. They took over at 12:30 p.m. November 22, 1963.

JFK Secret Society Speech

Coup d'é·tat

J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson deliberately interfered with any possibility of a truthful or honest in