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We Must Never Forget That Horrific Summer Day in September; 9-11-2001

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...

The 9-11-01 Cross

The 9-11-01 Cross

Remembering 9/11

Never Forget!

Although this amazing, resilient Nation bounced back as we have always done and will always do, with spirited resolution, unwavering faith and in classic American style; we must never forget what happened to us; the citizens of this Nation and visitors to this Nation, as we became the human targets of hate, on September 11, 2001.

While many were forever lost to us, in an instant, on that fateful day, others survived, only to lose their individual battles in time, in the aftermath. Whether from exposure to toxins in the air they were breathing, as they worked tirelessly to save lives, an emotional toll which they just couldn’t overcome, injuries which would never heal, whatever the case, their fight has now come to an end, post September 11, 2001.

While many witnessed the horror firsthand, the rest of us and the rest of the world watched, as the despicable acts of cowards, played out. The sights, the sounds, {for those actually there, the smells} images forever etched in our minds, of people jumping from tall buildings and of people running for their lives, as large looming masses of smoke rapidly encroached on them, as if seeking to devour them!

But, we also witnessed so much good -

We witnessed and watched heroes --- so many heroes, rushing in, straight into the danger zone.

Most of us sensing that their very last acts on earth, would be acts of bravery and heroism!

We turned to loved ones for solace and for a reassurance that we were going to be okay, that this wasn’t to be the end, not of US, not of these United States of America!

Many of us knew in an instant, we would not be going down without a fight, we never have before, (for it is not in our DNA) and we never will!

Our neighbors were no longer strangers to us.

Connections and re-connections were made, which were so long overdue.

There was a monumental turning back to God and it spread throughout the land in a mighty, mighty way!

While we were connecting and reconnecting, loving and supporting, doing for one another, we were still watching.

Watching, as horrendous images were played and replayed on our television screens.

Hearing the horrific sounds as they were played and replayed over the radio and in our minds.

A world full of people, some for the very first time in their lives, clearly understood what pure evil looks like and what pure evil is capable of

We must never forget all of those innocent lives which were taken on that fateful, solemn, horrendous day; so violently, so tragically, by the most vile and wicked individuals, capable of such evil!

To date, we have not -

Their names are read every year on the eleventh day of the ninth month, by their loved ones, whom were left behind

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We must never forget all of those lives taken from us since that solemn day, to evil acts, for the doers of evil never seem to tire

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

God is ever present

We must never forget, nor lose sight of what evil is capable of.

We can never let our guard down, not even for an instant.

It would be so much easier for us, to just put it out of our minds forever, pretend it never happened, but we know, we can never do that.

Proactive vigilance is key; we must continually build up our military, we must continue to elect to Office, those individuals that have our safety and our best interest at heart, first and foremost

If they don't, we fire them; they do not get a pass and they do not get a second chance.

We must enforce our borders, strengthen our border walls, build them up, not tear them down and must adhere to our immigration laws, we can no longer be so careless and remiss!

We must get back to knowing who our neighbors are.

We have to get past petty differences that divide us and keep us from talking and communicating.

Being aware of our surroundings and going with our gut, when we sense something isn't right, is crucial

I think we've stopped paying attention to that little voice in our head and those gut feelings we get from time to time, which exist, as a defense mechanism for us all, we can't afford to ignore them!

At the same time, we don't let the evil one steal our joy, we don't let it affect our day to day lives, we don't let it shatter our dreams and we don't let it end or change all of our goals/plans, we have made.

We never let evil take any more from us, than it already has.

We must never forget that while evil exists and abounds...

God is ever present!

Solace is found

in that truth!

God Bless and Keep our Beloved Homeland, the United States of America!

Praise You In This Storm