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Was the Atlanta Asian Attack Really About Race or Home Grown Terrorism?

Hate Attack or Sexual Addiction Issue


Were the Atlanta Salon Attacks About Asian Hate or Home grown terrorism?

Let's get right into it. What happened that day in Acworth, Georgia was clear home grown terrorism. It is a not new type of terrorism or unique it has been here since colonialism. It has evolved with the times just like any other atrocity that is not dealt with. When the sheriff released the statement about the murderer that had just killed 8 people and injured one.

He never addressed this as a terrorist attack. He said this man was simply having a bad day. Plenty of us Americans and people in general have had a bad day since in America at least last March and some since last November. Long before there was a COVID 19 some people just had months and years full of bad days, but has that led them to go into three salons and kill eight people and injure a Waffle House worker? The answer is NO! Some have sought change in counseling, solace in church, been depressed, tried to figure out a better way, threw in the towel, etc.

This man chose in my opinion to attack not a specific community of people, but women. Yes he killed 6 Asian people, most were women, a Hispanic woman, a Caucasian Veteran, and badly injured a Hispanic Waffle House employee. Mr. Hernandez-Ortiz has a gofundme where his family is asking for donations. He has to have his facial surgery and well as he is in the ICU because he was shot multiple times. If you wish to donate I will leave the link below to his gofundme.

This was a very tragic event but the public empathy that was shown for the murderer right away from the sheriff instead of the victims was shameful but not new. I recall when a young Caucasian male entered an African American house of worship that contained a SC Senator in a historic church. He prayed with them and then pulled out his gun and killed nine people including the senator.

He was heavily protected escorted to Burger King for a whopper and taken into custody. I also recall another Caucasian man shooting up a mosque. Lest we forget the Charlottesville Virginia rally where at the time President Trump called them, "very fine people." You will hear them say that the Asian Attacks are the fault of Donald Trump because he called the coronavirus, "The Chinese Virus, or the Kong-Flu Virus. The truth is Donald Trump did not create the racial divide in the United State.

Did he exploit it to his advantage absolutely? Did he fan the flames of hate and fear; hands down he did without question? Did people treat the Asian community harsher I'm sure they did. Just as when the BLM rallies, marches, and peaceful protests many were attacked, etc. Just like when 911 happened the country banded together, but there was a lot of increased Muslim attacks as well.

You can not escape the consequences of the hatred you put out. When the attacks on the Capitol happened we saw Trump say, "We love you. You're good people, go home." So after multiple people calling for the literal necks of Mike Pence (The Vice President), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House), and others where officers are killed. There is again empathy for the attackers and murderers but not the people who were despite a pandemic, threats, and attacks were committed to doing their jobs.

Empathy for the oppressor or murderer is not new in this country. It seems we all have a need to understand why these things are happening but in order to truly do that there are some hard honest conversations we must have with ourselves. One why do we need to humanize the murderer more than the victim. Is it because the murderer looks more like the officer than the victim? We all have our own embedded bias about a plethora of things. We have created our own system of thinking on many different things and have reason for everything.

We have natural curiosity to seek answers or the truth and that's normal. It is not wrong to want to understand, but to take that need to understand to paint a picture that eases or qualms your innate fears is wrong. It becomes a well orchestrated and immaculately beautiful lie. Yes it calms your fears but it beautifully conceals the truth. It silences the truth of what truly happened in any event. I can understand going into survival mode and panic but to make a decision based on that frame of mind is irresponsible and definitely unfair to the families of the victims and the victims themselves. That is when we see ourselves as the victim of circumstance instead of letting the truth of what happened be told and not spun.

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On this unfortunate day some elders did not make it back to their families, some fathers and an American hero who fought for his country did not return home as expected. Some children who were eagerly awaiting their mother, grandmother, their father and husband, or wives were shattered. They were shattered because one single man decided rather than deal with his issues he would intentionally take multiple lives. In this selfish inhuman choice he took people from the Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian communities. Families are hurting horribly a wife is trying to gather the funds to get her husband the necessary surgeries and a man is behind bars. Now if you want to delve into what was going through his mind? Was it a sexual addiction to Asian women that is unfair because the ages of his victims were women 33, 44, 49, 51, 63, 69, 74 and the two men were 30 and 54 years of age.

Yes there is a stereotype of Asian Spas and sex workers because some of that hit the news before but that is not the case with all. Stereotypes are born out of an incident sometimes or willingness to generalize a group in a certain way. I tend to notice patterns but judge each situation with its own set of differences. Does this murderer have similarities to other home grown terrorist, yes? Does he have differences, yes?

Will I jump every time I see a Caucasian male alone approaching a salon, not anymore than I would for any other man that approaches a salon. I think this is more about terrorism than an Asian attack. This seems more to be a hatred filled attack against anyone who would have been in that suburban community. Was he more likely to be familiar with who were going to be victims, yes because he visited the locations prior? Does it also draw attention to the rise of violence against Asians since the pandemic? Yes, but until we are ready to not just have an uncomfortable conversation but be ready to look at some hard truths and make some systematic changes this will be another head line.

Elcias Hernandez- Ortiz

What are your thoughts?

brittvan22 (author) from Atlanta, Georgia on March 22, 2021:

Thanks Amanda Grace!

erikmama on March 22, 2021:

Great points.

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