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I Once Asked if the 2020 Presidential Election Was the Last Stand in Preserving Our Republic

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Our Line of Defense was strengthened, not what happened?

It looked so promising -

Trump supporters were even more enthusiastic than the first go-round!

Those once reluctant about Donald J. Trump, weren't only won over, we were beyond impressed with all that he managed to accomplish, in such a short amount of time. The businessman actually followed through on his promises, proving to us that he was indeed, a successful Manager and not just another politician making promises, with no intentions of keeping any of them!


Many Democrats had broken ranks with the leftist Party (once known as the Democratic Party) and were enthusiastically backing Donald Trump.

In fact, the Walkaway Campaign {individuals leaving the Party in droves and sharing their stories as to the why} was so popular and growing by leaps and bounds, it had to be stopped, dead in its tracks! Because the enemy of our Republic, the left, felt threatened by these former Democrats, who had wised up and were sharing their individual stories and testimonies via social media, social media turned on them.

They shut them up, by shutting them down!

Black Americans were proudly wearing MAGA hats, showing up at the Trump rallies; involved, outspoken and excited about the right choice for all Americans, as they too anticipated Trump's second term.

It was all coming together.

Our line of defense was strengthened, not weakened, so what happened?

Why Couldn't We Hold the Line?

Our Republic is being flanked, from all directions and has been for quite some time.

More and more people came to that realization during the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Proud patriotic Americans began taking inventory; not everyone sees the United States of America as they do and not all love this country, as they do...far from it!

Haters of America, the left, have infiltrated all levels of academia, government and the media and are working against this Country, thereby working against the people!

What we were beginning to see in 2016 with the enthusiasm for Trump, an outsider coming in to save the day, was increased tenfold by 2020!

The lovers of America, placed in the position to become defenders of our great Republic, as many more came to the realization that it truly is under attack...there is no longer any doubt about that!

As many more have come to understand that many elected officials they may have once believed in, as well as a political Party, they once trusted, are not working for them, do not have their best interest at heart and are not on their side!

The things which define us, which define this country...were on the line in 2020 and even with the momentum on the side of our great Republic, we seemed to fail in the all out effort

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Outflanked, Betrayed, Sold Out...But We Return to Fight Another Day - No Retreat

The Left's Focus

Since the election, which left everyone in shock, especially those that weren't in the loop...the focus has had to be on what the left, needs it to be.

For example, what happened in the State of Georgia, no not the multiple accusations of election fraud, but rather the lie which was perpetuated, that Trump had made threats against Georgia.

The focus has had to be that Trump was the mastermind behind the break-in and mayhem at the Capitol Building and some in media have even suggested that the President (who oftentimes, was the only one defending Police Officers) urged his supporters to attack the Capital Police.

Although videos and firsthand accounts were circulating immediately of the events of that day and there is no evidence of any such thing!

There is, however, videos and firsthand accounts to back up the presence of seasoned leftist agitators, Trump-haters...igniting the crowd.

We aren't to focus on the agitators and the igniters, but rather the ignited

I am not giving the Trump supporters who lost their heads that day a pass, far from it, but there must be consistency!
There were many more involved and they were not all legitimate Trump supporters. I pray that eventually, it will all come out!

With the out of control and getting worse by the day illegal entry taking place on our southern border (with a brand new Administration in place) it is imperative that the left keep the focus off of Biden and on Trump! Therefore, we will now be bombarded with...."This is Trump's fault", ”Trump left a mess behind“, "Biden inherited a mess" and so on and so forth.

Surely, I need not elaborate any further on the border and who is responsible for the big mess!

With so much focus finally on Governor Cuomo (D) New York, not for what it should be on, but for what the Democratic Party has been forced to make it....him being a womanizer. He whom...let us never forget, placed COVID-19 patients in Nursing Homes, exposing thousands upon thousands of senior residents to the virus which led to thousands upon thousands of senior residents dying! The Cuomo Administration has admitted it, no word if the Emmy awarded to Cuomo for 'Covid Leadership' still stands!

The haters of America, the left, seek to switch the focus away from both stories pertaining to Andrew Cuomo and have us instead...focus on successful Republican Governors, by accusing them of being heartless and not caring.

In fact, I heard a clip from the leftist rag of a show, ‘The View‘ in which one of the clueless hosts refers to our dynamic Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as “DeathSantis"!

All in an effort to turn the focus...whatever it takes, from the real story!

Ladies out there, why do you support such garbage? This particular type of propaganda...not entertainment, should have been canceled long ago.

Although we should all know better, we aren’t to think for ourselves any longer, we are to fall in line, believe everything our enemy, the left, projects via the airwaves and repeat it like the good little minions they need us to be!

Forget conspiracy theories and I know there are plenty of them out there, I've heard them all...just based on what we know; the all-in enthusiasm for Trump's re-election, the crossover delegation, the lack of enthusiasm and support for all things pertaining to Joe Biden.

The way so much evidence of election fraud was simply dismissed, swept under the rug, never to be questioned or mentioned again!


No sweeping here, I will never stop mentioning it!

No conspiracy theories needed -

just a presentation of the facts is sufficient!

Everyone has an opinion, what's yours? Please share

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© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 19, 2021:

What American Exceptionalism is and is not:

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 19, 2021:

It's a grim picture you have painted of our future Ken and you may be right on the money, but, I don't believe that God is ready to give up on us and give into the enemy quite yet. When we look at the big picture, it must include the Creator of heaven and earth and of man. My faith doesn't allow me to give up, I feel that God is always at work.

I may be wrong as to where I see us at this point in time and where God knows we are. Our expiration date may very well be upon us, but I still see glimmers of hope in the future you've described.

I am so proud of our Governor; as long as DeSantis is governor, there will be no Critical Race Theory taught in Florida schools.

His words, "Teaching kids to hate their Country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of tax payer money."

He is standing in opposition to the hate that 'the left' wishes our children to stew in!

The people did elect a great admirer of American exceptionalism,(exceptionalism as described so perfectly by Rush Limbaugh) Donald J. Trump, twice. There is no doubt in my mind that he was re-elected by the people. All while there is no doubt in my mind that an evil entity currently controls the strings.

The people are rising up in New York and in California against two men that have failed them...miserably. Glimmers of hope.

Perhaps we will have the opportunity to revisit this conversation in a couple of years to see where we are.

Thanks Ken!

Ken Burgess from Florida on March 18, 2021:


There is no enemy that can be opposed... the march of time, progress, technology, these are the bigger things that are impacting our world and changing it.

The Constitution will be neutered, as America defers to International bodies of governance and authority that will trump national or state law.

People will give up their rights to privacy and freedom for security and simplicity, the use of cell phones and the internet connects a person to surveillance 24/7 whether they know it or not.

Google, Microsoft, etc. will know more about you and your tendencies than you will know about yourself. And that knowledge by extension will be available to whatever governing body or intelligence agency that wants it.

The America that was, the dominance of Western Civilization perspectives and ideologies, has come to an end. We are in the dawn of a new era.

The future could resemble a reality between what was shown in the movie Blade Runner and the book 1984. But I don't think it is so easy to grasp.

I think future generations will be connected to technology in ways that most cannot imagine. People may all be interconnected to a worldwide web which allows access through thought, micro devices may be implanted into brains, that monitor a person 24/7 ... the future's version of the Apple watch.

Or maybe only the rich will have access to such wonders of technology, while the other 99% are left to fight over the scraps, living miserable short lives while the truly wealthy and powerful live for centuries.

I expect that 2100 will be as far advanced from where we are today... as 2000 was from the 1800s... there is just no way a person in the 1800s could imagine the Internet, Cell Phones, Cars and Planes, that we consider normal today.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 18, 2021:

Good morning Ken, no doubt the infiltration is deep and it is wide and was set in motion long ago.

Donald Trump was nothing more than an interruption that had to be dealt with. It was so easy for the people to be used and manipulated into helping to eliminate him, but whatever the case, there would have always been another plan in place.

What now? Do we get the numbers to defeat the enemy, *the left, (*the umbrella is expansive)?

Do we have an advantage, via our U.S. Constitution, over other Countries?

Is our grace period expired?

I refuse to give up on us.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 18, 2021:

Good morning Vivian! Dems (the left) "ramming through" legislation, "insulating" their future, isn't that the truth?!?

When are the Dem voters, that aren't okay with any of this, going to get a clue? They are complicit in our downfall and still believe that all of this is business and politics as usual!

I cannot give up on us and I pray that God hasn't.

Ken Burgess from Florida on March 18, 2021:

QUOTE: "Haters of America, the left, have infiltrated all levels of academia, government and the media and are working against this Country, thereby working against the people!"

Understand, those people did not get there by happenstance. they were carefully cultivated and supported for decades by foreign and corporate interests... this is both the success and failure of our Republic.

Be it Universities or Congressmen, they all have a price-tag, they all require funds to sustain themselves or see out their ambitions. Ultimately they are corruptible and controllable by those which provide the resources.

This is why it matters when you hear about 1.5 billion dollars going to Hunter Biden's Investment Firm from a government controlled Chinese bank. This is why it matters when Bill Clinton takes a 500 million dollar speaking gig while his wife is SoS.

These sums of money aren't given without serious strings attached.

Bill Gates, one of the richest and most ruthless businessmen in America seems always involved in the political arena, especially since the pandemic, it seems this computer nerd is now the de-facto expert on all virus matters.

Jeff Bezos, head of the most powerful company on the globe today (Amazon) in essence doesn't pay taxes, and neither does Amazon. Politicians talk the talk of taxing the rich... you will see how much they act on that talk.

As for Trump, as I said before that election ever took place... look around, he has NO supporters... not in the media, not foreign nations, not even the Republican Party institution... he had alienated everyone from China to Canada, Romney to Roy Blunt...

The people may have wanted him, by the tens of millions, but the Establishment, the people with the power and control, wanted him out.

Vivian Coblentz on March 17, 2021:

You are so right about there being no enthusiasm for Joe Biden. There is NO WAY he received the number of votes that were "reported." We know what happened. We continue to see the Dems ramming through legislation that will insulate them and keep them in permanent power. I still trust God to come through though!

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