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War: President Zelenskyy Calls for Supply of Planes and Tanks From Nato as the Struggle Continues.

On Day 32 of the war, Russian banks are still connected to SWIFT, while Ukraine don't have Jets, tanks and missile defense to end genocide.

For God's Sake, This man cannot remain in power

Eastern City Of Avdiivka Ukraine

Eastern City Of Avdiivka Ukraine

Rockets Strike Ukraine's Lviv

Rockets Strike Ukraine's Lviv

Ukraine President Calls On West For Planes and Tanks

The stats from The Kyiv Independent records that 139 Children killed since 24 February 2022 in the Russian war against Ukraine. The most painful thing is that children of the people in Power especially President Vladimir Putin's children are all protected and are having a high security and enjoying life while calls for the war to continue.

After the statement by the president of Ukraine Honorable Volodymyr Zelenskyy where he calls for the supply of all the ordnance including Planes and Tanks have shown the world that the war continues and there is more coming. In Just a few days ago President Zelenskyy mad a statement that NATO shouldn't say Ukraine doesn't meet the NATO standards because they have proven to them that they are capable of meeting NATO standards.

According to the local reports of Ukraine, Yesterday (26/03/2022) the Russian Rockets struck the western Ukraine City of Lviv. Then the president released this eye catching statement that, "Ukraine cannot shoot down Russian missiles with shotguns and machine guns", he went on to say it is impossible to save Mariupol without additional planes and tanks. Given that Ukraine have been waiting for so long for the required ordnance to take down Russia shows that there is a lack of support from the NATO.

But does NATO have to avoid direct involvement?

NATO Involvement In Ukraine and Russian War

Starvation Will Be An Output Of The War In Ukraine

Russian Troops Destroys Ukraine Food Storage.

Russian Troops Destroys Ukraine Food Storage.

World War Three Will Result In Hunger Crisis In Ukraine As Russia Destroys Fuel And Storage Depots

The war continues intensively after Russian Troops started destroying the depots for food and fuel in Ukraine, which means the war will result in starvation Ukraine. This means that the government of Ukraine will have to scatter the stocks of both the fuel and food in the near future. The interior ministry adviser of Ukraine released this statement.

The country suffers extremely as the war results in not just deaths but infrastructure damage, deaths, food and oil crisis, injuries and immigration of people.

On 2017 The world bank ranked Ukraine economic growth as 2.3%, but given that Ukraine's economic status is stated to be a developing country, then this place Ukraine at risk of having extremely hunger issues during and after war.

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This is really sad to know that a lot of people lost their jobs during this war, lost their investments in the banks. Mostly the investments is lost in the country, which implies that Ukraine will be more oppressed economy wise.

Whose Fault is this?

As fuel crisis and food expands in Ukraine, America and NATO are into banning Russian Oil imports. Recall from the South African apartheid system on how it was terminated. The banning of imports and exports are a major factor of terminating war. Given that Ukraine do not want to surrender from war again it is not much of their fault for this war then the major suppression and booster of the war Russia should be definitely banned from World trades.

Remember that US/ NATO can invade whoever they want but then Russia can not, then why do not they invade in this war since it results into a lot of deaths and world destroying. Again US/ NATO can send ordnances to whomever they want while Iran can't. Then why don't they send ordnances to Ukraine and save their country. Also US / NATO can put military bases around the world while China can't. US/ NATO can determine which country has sovereign rights to security / econ partnership while India can not.

The interlink shows that there is too much power to stop this war, which implies that it is possible to save people's life.

My point of view from this, is that Russia should be stopped, simply by being prohibited from the market. Any country which supply Russia with any vital products should withdraw from the trade and it won't have a choice then to withdraw from that war.

Lviv Under attack

Joe Biden Assures Ukraine That They Stand With Them

Don't you think everything is possible with the United States Of America involved? Probably yes because from a perfect perception i think they are the only country who can take down Russia during this war. Recall their war before which ended into a cold war, then it gives us a clue that their involvement in this war can help Ukraine.

According to Fox News, Joe Bidden said made it clear that Vladimir Putin cannot remain in Power. If USA and the World could take out Donald Trump, If the world could terminate South African apartheid oppression then it serves us assurance that the World can also take Vladimir Putin out.

But are they really acting up in this situation, Remember that the CEO of Auchan made it obvious that they won't pull out of Russia but they will still supply food to both Russia and Ukraine. Then this shows that they care mostly about money then supporting into terminating the war between these countries.

Russian Citizens Rub Off The Red Color From Their Flag

No Red For Blood

No Red For Blood

Estimate Of Russian Attack Spots


Auchan Food Supply To Russia

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