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Waiting on a Bus While White - Parental Offense

Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective deciding if these words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

America was in an uproar when social media images and video snippets showing a crowd of White Teens from a Catholic Boys school wearing MAGA hats surrounding the descendant of an Aboriginal American. How dare the White children surround a descendent of an Aboriginal American in such mocking and intimidating a manner? Have they not suffered enough at these racists' hands? At least, that is the sentiment I gathered at the way the news reports displayed

When first I saw the video of the Covington boys depicted as disrespecting a vet, I was appalled. When I understood it to be a Native American who was the subject of the mocking, I was saddened. Shaking my head, I put it out of my mind as the signs of the time deciding never to allow myself to get caught up in that disrespectful behavior.


January 18, 2019, at the March for Life, which also happened to be the Indigenous Peoples March, which also happens to be the location of a group of Black Israelites, the students from the Covington Catholic High School had marched for their purpose and waited on the steps of the Washington Memorial for their buses.

Perspective on life in America is the message of this article. So many now speak of White privilege, White power, and White supremacy. Make America Great Again (MAGA) is now the brand of racists in the eyes of many because of their disdain for President Donald Trump.

Rubbernecking pedestrians and outspoken opinionist all traversed or stood in the place where Covington Catholic High School teenagers waited for the bus ride away from their activity in favor of Life above Choice when a social storm coalesced erupting into a political diatribe and rhetoric superstorm.


Vendors of perspective want to prove their products are the correct one linear construct of reality. Never, in reality, has one perspective been the one true way. Humanity above any other division of the same is true freedom and unity.

What happened on that fateful day is filled with many offensive situations. Those who profit from the discord in society use every normal situation to provide opportunities for some scandal to arise attempting (with political or philosophical perspective) justification for living in one-dimensional splendor, self-aggrandizement.

Even this article attempts to view society from a perspective that all perspectives together approaches the truth. I want to focus on the four items listed below, but not all in one article per se:

  1. Parental Offense
  2. Racial Offense Against Whites
  3. Political Bullying Offense
  4. Media Silence Offense

Someone gets offended no matter if an offense was intended or not. As a parent of teenage boys and girls, I accept that I was offended.

Watching the video posted of one hour of the events at the Washington Memorial jarred me.

On one hand, stood a group of adults slinging epitaphs toward a group of children awaiting the buses. On the other hand, wee adults trying to intimidate those same children awaiting buses. And on an imaginary third hand, are a group of adults responsible for the children watching it all, as they await the coming of buses!

I am putting myself in the place of all the children's parents who went with the school to do the yearly March for Life, which I signed permission for them to attend assuming there would be a modicum of protection! Why are there supposed mature people yelling at my children while they stood awaiting the bus?

It's okay for adults to say this to kids waiting for a bus?


Adults Slinging Epitaphs

Profanity is not my normal or secondary mode of communication under most circumstances. Seeing grown men shout at kids waiting on a bus, no matter what those kids did or did not do, elicit feelings of disdain and pallor of the soul.

Why, why did those men think it was acceptable to yell hurtful things to teenagers who did nothing but wait for a bus? Political affiliation should not matter. Kids, taught to respect and honor adults because of the religious institution they represent, endured psychologically damaging attacks by another religious group of adults for hours, hours!.

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Why was it okay for those men to stand nearby those kids waiting on a bus disparaging their heritage while receiving no outrage by every parent in the world! Find the video of the full event HERE if you have the stomach to watch as those kids endured that continuous barrage of insults with the vile profanity. Attacking children does not sway people to listen to religious messages among sane people with decency.

Society is in the throes of decay when adults in a Post Civil Rights Era feel it is honorable to verbally assault kids waiting on a bus. There were no parents there who could answer for those youth, to defend them.

Adults in Kids' Personal Space

This is freedom of speech, right? Not only did these kids have to listen to insults while they waited for their transportation home, but an elderly man went to where they stood and directly shouted what he called a song of peace in a kid's face while beating a drum!

Smiling as the young man in the photo did to the adult, why on earth was it appropriate for the adult to approach my kid, who waited on a bus enduring insults by other adults, and beat a drum in his face? How rude and disrespectful it is to approach a human being in such a blatant manner of antagonization.

This adult served the country in the military, therefore should understand that it is not culturally acceptable to invade a person's space in such a way. Manners lacking, if I had been present, I would have pulled my son away from the area and took him home rather than force him to think it is okay to subject himself to the invasion of that person!

Regarding the adults spewing rudeness in words and the other in proximity, no matter the reason, they should not have felt it appropriate to interact with these young teens in such a manner. Not being adults who had the right to vote, these adults took a cowardly way to antagonize a group of kids waiting on the bus.

Repeatedly I mention that action the teens undertook in waiting on the bus because that is what they were doing. There were no protestations going on. When the kids behaved like kids, there was a cry that they were the ones being disrespectful, though they were not actively engaging in persecuting behaviors as the adults were.

Annoyed Rant Explosion

Holding it in since January 18th, I am appalled at that elderly gentleman who stood in front of that teenager's face (while the group of teens waited for their bus to come at the Washington Memorial) beating a drum and singing uninvitedly.

People expect me to assume that man was being disrespected when it was the kid who received the most disrespect. I cannot help but imagine my son standing waiting for his bus and some old man comes yelling a song in his face and beating a drum. I would have told my son to walk away, but I would have had a stern talking to that man.

I don't care what your culture is, respect mine as much as you want your's respected. Don't get in my kid's face! A kid! He should have beaten his peace drum in the face of those people calling the kids names, racist and abusive names. I don't care what kind of hat they were wearing! Don't walk up on my kid like that.

Because the kid is White, he was supposed to just take it. I am simmering about that. I am trying to avoid using uncouth language to express myself. I am so glad that was not my kid.

I urge the parents to say something about that. Approach me like that. I might put on a MAGA hat just to dare someone to come at me like that and I don't buy that MAGA stuff!

You don't do that to a kid. You don't do that to anyone talking about peace acting in such a manner. Also, those name-calling arrogants shouting at the kids. I am so, what do my kids say, triggered about that. I just had to get it out there.

Say your peace at least five feet away! He didn't have to walk into the group of youth who were just waiting on their bus ride home! Just 'cause you don't agree with someone's politics doesn't me you have to act like the backside of a donkey to show disagreement! I need my blood pressure medicine.

Gettin' in the kids face like that. The boy should have backed up, though. It should not have happened.

Off soapbox. Ending article. Too emotional

© 2019 Rodric Anthony


Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on October 23, 2020:

AMEN to that Rodric.


Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on October 23, 2020:

Jack, I never really reached the point of this piece because I was too emotional to finish. So much more has happened since then! I look forward to that new world.

Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on October 22, 2020:

Hi Rodric,

I understand it's a bitter pill but we can look forward to a world where there won't be any nations at all - just people.

Even though we are here in this perishing world for the short time that is left, we should never lose sight of that.

Again my best regards,


Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on October 22, 2020:

It is a bitter pill to swallow, Jack. I love my country, but we are becoming a nation without open faith. I see we are following Europe's path. I hope that those in our nations who have faith will unit to curb the slide into Babylon. We still have some more work to do before the Savior comes.

Jack Jenn from Living in hope on planet earth. on October 22, 2020:

Hi Rodric,

AMEN to all you've said. I'm appalled too.

I am 76 years old and living in what I consider the best country in the world - Australia but even my country is degenerating quickly and spiralling toward Tribulation.

I really think most of America has lost it's spiritual direction and we are following suit.

Again, best regards,


Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 08, 2019:

Marlene, thanks for reading. I tried to write this article with some decorum. I failed. I decided to leave it as raw as it came to me. I wish that people, reporters did not try to angle things to make the president look bad at each turn and his supporters. I did not vote for the current president, but that does not mean that everything he does and says is evil. It is so sad that we cannot agree to disagree instead of villainizing people with opposing views.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on February 08, 2019:

I am so glad I do not have television. I miss out on a lot of nonsense. I am not familiar with this story, but I am familiar with the interaction you describe. I like that you cover all sides of the issue. I wish all journalists would cover a story just as you have done here.

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