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Political View from the Underclass

The words “Black Lives Matter” is dismissed as a racist chant by many white conservatives, liberals, progressives, and independents. They see a Black President, a bunch of Black Police Chiefs, over a thousand Black Millionaire Athletes and their love and envy of Oprah as proof there is no racism blocking the Negro’s Progress in America. They know the boys from the Hood like Lil Wayne are raking in millions. They know a few drug dealers make a good living and don’t die or go to jail, they also know that in their hood food stamps are also needed and they are sliding down toward the Underclass. So they say, All Lives Matter including Blue Lives Matter. They say this not because they have a racist bone in their body but, because they are ignorant of the plight of the Decedents of American African Slaves (The Negros) in modern day America. Now before I get into American Slavery, let me review the history of slavery in the World history. In my review I found that slavery has always been a part of man’s inhumanity to man and is still practiced in the World today. We Christians have all heard about the plight of the enslaved people “Let My People Go” when God Intervene. Few have heard about The Moor’s (Africans) Conquest, enslavement, and their rule of a large portion of Europe for over 600 years. Not Many Americans Know about the humane and tolerant ways the African rulers ruled those they ruled. They built many Muslim Shrines all over Europe while allowing the people their cultures and religions. They taught the people Math and Astronomy Architecture and established Institutions of higher learning which were created by African Conquerors. American Slavery was and is unique to slavery practiced now or any time in the history of mankind. American Slavery was based on Skin Color (Race). It was the cruelest and inhuman system of slavery devised by any non-nation group of White men ever to convene to declare “Black lives don’t Matter”. The Exceptionalism of American Style Slavery still has a negative effect on America, Americans, and American Negros in particular, to this day. No Other Slave system in the history of Man ever stole countless millions of men women and children for hundreds of years from faraway lands for free labor. No other slave system had to declare their slaves Sub Human 3/5 of a man. To be consciously or unconsciously stripped of all human rights that a white man had to respect from that type of human being, The Black Africans. No other slave system denied their slaves the use of their names, language, history, culture, religions, family ties, fatherhood, motherhood, and wages for hundreds of years. The first Transatlantic Slave voyages from Africa to the Americas (North and South Americas plus the Caribbean’s) were completed by Portugal in the year 1526. In 1619 slaves were first brought to Jamestown for tobacco production. America was already occupied by the Red and Brown men when the White man came to America. The Black man was kidnaped from Africa and brought to Jamestown unwillingly. In order for any race of man to be dehumanized as Africans were, the fight had to be breed out, whipped out, and or frightened out of free people. The Brown and Red men were living where they lived for thousands of years and spoke their own languages, and had their culture and refused to be slaves in their own land but, The Black Man was lost in a strange land around strange cruel people with long and short guns.

Now I know all this happened before everybody living now in America was born maybe their parent’s parent weren’t born in America. Hang with me awhile as I try to make a connection between the Lost Tribes of Africa and the modern day American Negro who is saying “Black Lives Matter”. To get this understanding you have to be made aware of curtain truths. You should know and understand that The President is not a Negro but, his wife children and in-laws most likely are Negroes. Negroes are like no other American people living today or in the past history of America or the world, Negroes are the world’s only lost tribe of millions of people with no history. African Americans (Like Barack Obama), Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Europeans Americans, Asian American all have an advantage over Negro in the society Negroes have lived for hundreds of years. The advantage all other races including Africans have over Negros in America is simply knowledge of themselves and their names and where they came from in the world. Negroes in America had no pride in themselves as a whole until James Brown sung The Redemption song ”Say it loud I am Black and I am Proud” in the 1960’s. It’s a sad truth but when Slavery ended 103 years before James Brown released ”Say it loud” that was the last time negroes had full employment in America. In the Deep South one year after slavery ended in 1866 The Memphis Massacre showed The Negro there would be no Justice in the White Man’s Courts for freed slaves. The Freemen’s Courts were the only hope for Justice for The Negroes and Native Americans because State Laws and The Constitution were written to serve The White Man only at that time in United States History.

Unadulterated Racism for Negroes followed the end of legal slavery in America for the first hundred years after slavery ended in 1865. In 1965 before James Brown told Negroes that they should be Black and Proud, the Civil Rights Movement for the first time gave Negroes Human Rights that Federal and State courts had to obey. During The 1900’s The United States made bad decisions and good decisions concerning Race and World Affairs (colonialism) and World Wars. Domestically the Negro economic and social progress was attacked and destroyed by White Men backed by the police and laws based on bigotry and racism. The Rosewood Massacre and the Memphis Massacre was based on pure American Racism and hate of the Negro. The Greenwood District of Oklahoma was one of the most successful and wealthiest Negro communities in the United States. On May 31 and June 1, 1921 hundreds of whites led a racially motivated attack on the Negro community of Greenwood (The Negro Wall Street) in Tulsa Oklahoma. Over 300 Negro lives were lost, 9000 left homeless and many Negro women were raped. Before integration Negroes in the area created entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves. Greenwood had a business center, banks, hotels, cafes, movie theaters and contemporary homes with luxuries that their white neighbors lacked, including indoor plumbing and a remarkable school system that superiorly educated Negro children. Pure terrorism and envy and to put progressive and high achieving Negroes in their place is why so many Negroes (Hundreds) were killed and thousands lost their homes when the town was burned to the Ground. A young White woman accused a young Negro man of attempted sexual assault on her. This gave reason for mobs and White men acting as police just cause to invade without warning. Black Lives didn’t Matter until after the Civil Rights struggles of the 1950’s and 60’s. Black lives seem to stop mattering after the Election of Ronald Reagan and more so after the election of Barack Obama. Reagan fought against Affirmative Action, Minority Set aside, and fought for Reverse Discrimination Laws. After President Obama’s reelection in 2012 the Voting Right Bill was gutted by The Supreme Court (Repealed but, not replaced).

The sins of the fathers are sometimes paid for by the sons of the fathers when they admit their father’s sins. Case in point, because of the sins of the fathers that took the land from the Native Americans and displaced them in strange surrounding and because before the land was taken there were Massacres of Native Americans all over Indian Territory. Many years after that happened the sons of the fathers past bills and law to give Native Americans control over the land they occupy and Gaming Right to have Casinos on said land with profits to benefit their Tribes. That doesn’t heal all wounds but, it says “RED Skins Matter” to the sons of the fathers.

Another case in point, because of the Fathers sin when they dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan and the sons of the fathers admitted the sin. Japan was rebuilt with the help of The United States and became an Economic Giant in Asia with America being their biggest import Partner before China got in the game. That doesn’t heal all wounds but it says (Yellow Skin Matters) to the sons and the fathers

Case in point, Fathers from the Mother Lands (Spain England France) sinned by having slave colonies and plantations offshore from The US in the Caribbean. Their brand of slavery was not as cruel and inhuman as the slave system of The United States. Because it was slavery anyway it was sin full and the sons just left their slaves on the islands and let them go for what they know. That definitely didn’t heal all wounds but racism wasn’t poured in the wounds after slavery ended. “Black Lives Matter” more in the Caribbean and maybe to the sons of the fathers of Europe than Blacks lives mattered to the fathers and sons of the USA then and now..

Case in point, President Reagan had passed a bill that paid $100.000 cash to every surviving Japanese who was forced into detention camps during the second world war with Japan and Germany. He showed “Yellow Lives Mattered” to him also. Case in point, The Jews were sinned against by German Fathers and many European and Americans fathers and sons kicked the Germans butt and asked the Jews where in the world they wanted to live and they said Israel, it didn’t heal all wounds but it showed that America and Europe believe that ‘Jewish Lives Matters”.

Case in point: Because the sins of the fathers were never admitted to by the sons thus the sons of those sinned against want to know “Does Negro Lives Matter?” “An American president has yet to muster up the courage to formally apologize for the 400 heinous years of rape, death and inhumanity that occurred during the enslavement of black people in this country that still impacts millions of slave descendants”. That was a quote from Bernie Sanders. He was talking about apologizing to one of the most forgiving people on earth, Negroes. Donald Trump said to the Negros of Milwaukee “The violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault on the right of citizens to live in security and to live in peace”. “It is their jobs, it’s their homes, it’s their schools and communities which will suffer the most as a result”. “There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct for anyone. Crime and Violence is an attack on the poor and will never be accepted in a Trump administration”. Greenwood was burned to the ground by a mob and the police and Negro lives didn’t matter on June I, 1921 when white law and order came to Greenwood. In America the words law and order has always meant suffering in death for people of color for whites those same words has meant White privilege and protection from people of color (To Serve and Protect). In America today there are white crime and punishment and black crime and punishment. White people were not said to have looted, stole and murdered to get the New World it is said the new world was discovered. Laws were made for people of color in America that change the definition of discovery to stealing and looting with harsher punishments then whites get for Fraud or Embezzlement.

In the 1860’s census The Confederate South had over 9,000,000 White and over 4,000,000 Slaves. The Union North had over 22,000,000 in population. Since the end of the Civil War the legal population of the United States has grown to well over 300,000,000 people. The majority of these new immigrants came from Europe in search of the American Dream of free land, opportunity, freedom, and privilege. The original White Settlers and their African Slaves whose back this country was built on and their Descendants are in the minority today. The Majority of White American and people of color living today in America has no kinship or ties to the so called founding fathers, settlers and their African slaves but has lived The American Dream while the American Negro has been denied the dream by hundreds of years of Slavery and Racism. If Blue, Jew, White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Brown lives matter, why didn’t and doesn’t Negro lives matter in The United States of America?

True lies and false reporting of why there is so much crime and violence in the inner cities is why Black lives don’t matter. The truth must be told why there is so much black on black killing in the inner cities and why misinformation is being confused as the unusual truth, and why police are involved in the killing of blacks and Negroes on a daily basis in the USA. The truth is more whites kill white in the USA than any other races kill white in the USA. More Native Americans in the USA kill Native America than any other race kill Native Americans in the USA. More Hispanic Americans kill Hispanic Americans than any other race kills Hispanic in the USA. On the world stage more Muslims have killed Muslims than Christians have killed Muslims and more Christians have killed Christians than Muslims have killed Christians. In Europe more White Europeans killed more White Europeans than any other race killed European until the end of World War two, then they pledged to stop killing each other. The Protestant and Catholics in Ireland committed White on White killings while the British played the role of Police without daily killing of Protestants or Catholics. All over the world today and in the history of man hunger and poverty has cause violence and unrest. The Gangs of New York during the early 20th century were hungry unemployed Europeans. The Mobs of Chicago in the 1920’s were as violent as violence could be in that time and space and out gunned the police with automatic weapons. Conservative tell true lies and claim that The Democrats spent trillion of dollars trying to help the negroes but those trillions were used to build new suburbs and roads and highways to new white communities when they left the inner cities and took their jobs and tax monies to the suburbs. The Trillions were spent but not much to the Negroes because State’s rights gave states the discretion to spend Federal funds as The Governors of each state saw fit. I am a witness to the discretionary power of the state governor here in Louisiana and how multi billions of federal dollars failed to help victims of Federal levee failures. The cities are becoming safer now because of Gentrification (the return of Whites to the inner cities all over America because of cheap housing in collapsed economies and a need for capital in city budgets. The Negroes of the USA isn’t the problem in the USA, they are the victims of the solution to their problems since the end of slavery.




Omisaide7 on May 06, 2017:

Great article Couz. I commend your delivery in facts, chronology of historical events relative to the current problems at hand. Do we need a newer version of the NAACP (Black Lives Matter) 2 groups sponsored by liberal philanthropist who have no plans to change the status, but to only make it bearable. Indeed there is still trouble on the horizon for Americans who are categorized as Black/ African here in this country when you need to point out still after centuries of abuse, pillage, brutality, neglect that the descendants of the P.O.W.s kidnapped from Africa and/ or colonized here in their indigenous homeland...the question of their lives matter is asinine.

Omisaide on May 06, 2017:

I love how eloquently spoken you addressed the heart of the matter...precisely chronicalizing each infraction against the Black nation from the onset of imperialism and colonialism against Africa and her people. Kudos to you, Couz.

junko (author) on December 19, 2016:

Kenneth, there is at lease a few million out of the 300 plus million Americans that are paying attention to Broken Window damages and why Black lives matter. You and I are among millions. What can we do? We can do everything we can to educate the voters to take State and Federal legislatures and General Assemblies out of Republican Majority Control before the end of Trump's first term. The 2018 midterm elections for Trump can be like the 2010 election was for Obama. You Should write an article here on hub pages detailing your research concerning Broken Windows.

Kenneth Alexander from Jerusalem, Israel on December 19, 2016:


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Thank God, someone else is finally paying attention, bless you! And, whatever 'spin' your imagination puts on the Broken Windows Policing model is valid! Right, keep your eyes peeled about the martial law thing because, I think, it's coming to Black neighborhoods across America to maintain social order. I could be wrong too!

Movements like "Black-Lives-Matter" which just evolved into what is called a "Mass Collective Action" movement, gaining the attention of legislators is a threat to White social norms in America cannot be allowed to evolve further. But, Black Lives Matter is too serious to just attack and destroy, not that easy.

Since we now have "conceal and carry," White folks are taking up vigilante type policing which could erupt into (small scale) racial community conflicts, that's a problem because Blacks won't be bullied by Whites citizens who think they can control Black citizens. Hence, 'martial law' to check civil unrest.

Now, this 'yo-yo' ex-cop turned Joesph Stalin, his actual name I won't mention here is advocating, among the three top Policing methods, a "Sustainable Policing." I've written a rather extensive analysis of this policing method and some ugly feedback from White police agents with unsavory ties to hate groups who reasons militarization of Police Agents is necessary to maintain order and self-sustained through economic empowerment; they've converted policing into a conventional business model, perks and all.

The problems are a complex set of questions: How do we subvert today's social norms in a way that recognizes the non-deviant standards of the Black Community; how to do we advance community policing methods that consider socioeconomic disadvantages of Black Folks that is not criminal deviance? And I must think a better way of saying that.

Finally, how do get an 87% all White Congress to promote our interests that conflict with those of White people who believe their interests should come first?

junko (author) on December 19, 2016:

Kenneth you are right 9/11 Homeland Security Policies did Trump the Constitutional rights of Americans , Martial Law Trump's everything. The Broken Window Police policy was created to ensure the private sector Prison Industrial Complex high incarceration rates of curtain people of color beginning in the 1980's. America is the world leader in incarceration of its citizens. Thanks for following Credence and commenting again.

Kenneth Alexander from Jerusalem, Israel on December 18, 2016:


Homeland Security after 9/11, trumped constitutional mandates, interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court "that do not expressly address National Security," later extended to policing police agencies nationwide as a 'preparedness' tool in case of National Emergency - was also determined to be appropriate for crime control in the U.S.

Once again, we What What America considers what is important for America, they set the social norms and enforce social control.

The 'Broken Windows Policing' program determines, by neighborhood/residential area, which is more important, less likely to commit crimes, etc.

In other words, if you don't live in White area, or live in a zone with 'broken windows,' abandoned vandalized vehicles parked on the street, young men hanging on street corners than that is a neighborhood is to be seen as a possible threat to National security. Without using those exact terms, of course. Broken Windows Policing extends, and compliments mandates of Homeland Security legislation.

The reason I know is that I have done extensive research on the history of policing globally as well as in America, and have the abstract as well as the full study on the Broken Windows Policing program.

The reason I know is that I've extensive research on the history of policing globally as well as the U.S. and have abstracts / full study reports on the Broken Windows Policing policy and much more since police murdered Grey.

Again, no one is talking about it, let alone familiar with it. Incidentally, this portion of your blog's discussion is of great interest to me!

junko (author) on December 18, 2016:

Credence I don't think you ask too much as for as BLM. I don't think that those who act like they don't understand or see it your why are ignorant or confused about the right thing to do. In America where we have a Constitutional Right to be wrong as long as there is no laws against whats being done wrong and no desire to do the right thing. because Criminal Justice and Policing is a industry generating trillions of dollar. I wonder will Trump keep his promise to law enforcement nation wide to lift Obama's E.O. to halt the nations police departments from getting War Surplus to police The People Of America. Thanks Credence for stopping by and commenting on my views

Kenneth Alexander from Jerusalem, Israel on December 18, 2016:


Good observation and position, what we are witnessing is a modern day policing experiment called "Broken Widows Policing." A study which resulted in the experiment, and which I wholly disagree with because it focused on a form of 'community policing' versus 'preventive policing' that judges the neighborhood rather the people who live in the community. It's time boom waiting to explode, and no one is talking about it.

Credence2 from Florida (Space Coast) on December 18, 2016:

What annoys me is the tendency to dismiss homicidal misconduct by law enforcement simply by pointing to homicides in the inner city in general. Many conservatives have challenged me in this regard, but I don't defend any criminal and their homicidal behavior. On the other hand, I don't pay law enforcement their salaries to behave like thugs and not to serve and protect. I insist that they operate at a higher standard.

The enemies of black people in general are using this 'All lives matter' stuff to co-op the movement and mock us along the significance of our concerns.

I don't think that I ask too much for Municipal Police departments to review their procedures as to improvement, instead of being obstinately defensive.

junko (author) on December 13, 2016:

Baited me and my audience...O'K ?...

Kenneth Alexander from Jerusalem, Israel on December 13, 2016:


Your purported expertise on reading and writing on behavior on social media is conceded as this is apparently your show. I was under the impression I would be exposed to something new. What you seem to discuss is nothing innovative. I find it far more rewarding listening to where 'MY' interests take me. I still am uncertain if whether your interests serve what I consider curcial information.

That's why I baited you, and your audience with that post.

But thank you

junko (author) on December 13, 2016:

Kenneth Alexander we learn most new ideas through our ears(Reading) not through our mouths (Writing). What you wrote here doesn't reference what you supposedly read. Unlike a comment in a forum, comments to articles are about the text written in the article. Forums are knock down drag out hyperbole. You asked how to find me on Hub Pages which show your newness to the game. I just wish you had taken the time to read my post, I know there is something in it to be learned by you. You are new here, slow your roll in expressing yourself and learn from others, stop putting out so much and take in sometimes. If you didn't read, read. Thank for the visit and comment anyway, I will be following you to see your growth, stay strong listen and learn.

Kenneth Alexander from Jerusalem, Israel on December 13, 2016:

The world is in a conundrum (an intricate and difficult problem) and all of us, by freedom of choice, chose to focus on our immediate dilemmas and not our shortcomings or how we each contribute (individually) to problems of humanity.

Can we really hope to survive the birth of what we have conceived?

it is little wonder that Blacks suffer so much and Whites feel superior to all others while also facing the conundrum. Or is there something beckoning our demise as a race, not Black, not White but as a collective victim that feeds 'something unknown' with our inhumane treatment of others, and with our very lives?

Is that light at the end of the tunnel or just a mirage of what we want to be hope, but is actually our excuses for ignoring the truth cloaked in a big fat lie? Does anyone come out of this alive?

junko (author) on October 09, 2016:

Rock you have it right, the Creator a Master Plan. The Lost Tribes of Africa are unique Americans with no history of themselves to be proud to remember.

Rock349 on October 09, 2016:

My Brother you have brought up many factors of Historic Events.We are the lost Tribes of African Desendent still trying to find ways to fit in. Becoming Black and Proud Again may help find the right Direction. God has a plan that we all must live into.

junko (author) on October 02, 2016:

Groundhog I am glad you pulled over and took the time to read and comment. Keep it between the lines, stay safe.

Groundhog on October 02, 2016:

Great post! I like how you express your feelings toward this situation especially wants going on in the world now. God bless you.

junko (author) on October 01, 2016:

I truly believe that cell phone videos has caused a dramatic decline in police shootings of black people nation wide. I don't want to think about what was going on nation wide daily before smart phones and the internet.

junko (author) on September 21, 2016:

What happened in North Carolina? The silent majority of those black and white who will not now speak out against the murder of black people by the police. will live to regret not speaking out. What goes around comes around like the drug over dose and death that plague white America today which has been black death since the 1960's. The Beast will devour its own when nobody else is around.

junko (author) on September 20, 2016:

Carol another unarmed American Negro or Black man was shot and killed with his hands in the air in Oklahoma, while an armed bombing suspect that shot two police was taken into custody after being wounded but, not killed by police this weekend in New York. I am glad you took the time to read my history lesson but sad my history is so like yesterday and Negro lives matter less than all other lives. Thanks for your comment, Carol

Carol Butler on September 19, 2016:

Junko you gave me a history lesson and a new understanding of what an American Negro is in today's America. I am so glad I took the time to read your article, it was not a waste of time. Thanks

junko (author) on September 02, 2016:

OPE JOE There is hope for the human race in the USA and the world only if the sons of the fathers who sin against The Lost Tribes Of Africans in America finally admit the sins and make Amends and Stop the Sin. Otherwise the Sin will bring about the the end of the USA. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Brother Joe.

OPE JOE on September 01, 2016:

Well written Bro,Maybe there is hope for this human race.

junko (author) on August 29, 2016:

leomtac "MY people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Thanks for your thought full comment.

leomtac from Washington State on August 28, 2016:

Well spoken Brother,

You have given an interesting and very detailed overview of the situation of how it was , is and continue to be. in light of the current and past activities of the white man and collectively the governing body of the country I deter to say that change will yet have to wait. we the people are just a different kind of slave [s] than was found on the many past plantations. We are slaves to the inheritance of the ancestral slaves in mindset. We are slaves to the handling by the government of the situation of the ongoing living conditions that were handed us collectively (The Ghetto), and even as well and most destructive of all we are slaves to our own collective body ignorance as to the Love that we the people should have had and even now should have for one another as a whole body. The spoon that we have been fed with is and always has been filled only with a soup of lies and dishonesty in this the land that we as a people built to the comfort of others on the backs of our Blood Sweat and Tears. When one individually, or collectively show hate toward another or a people because of ( COLOR ) upon this piece of Rock wherein we are all prisoners from birth to death then that one or those people are only placing themselves unacceptably in the hand of the Almighty creator of all living things with a showing of blatant nonacceptance as well complete disagreement with His ( The LORD'S ) choice. The judge the He shall give for this is the judgement that they the guilty show desire to receive by their very actions. The First shall be Last and the Last shall be First.