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What Is It About Food Stamps - Social Security & Medicare That the Tea Party/Gop Hates? (Update)

Shyron is a retired Customer Service Rep. for Verizon. Colleges attended: Triton, Melrose Park, Illinois and Elgin, in Elgin, Illinois.

The G.O.P./Tea Party believe that people on Food Stamps are Lazy and Slothful! The picture on the stamp is my Great Grandmother and the baby is my cousin.

The G.O.P./Tea Party believe that people on Food Stamps are Lazy and Slothful! The picture on the stamp is my Great Grandmother and the baby is my cousin.

Kick the debt ceiling can down the road

"Avoiding an economic shutdown with President Obama the House on Wednesday passed legislation to eliminate the nation’s statutory borrowing limit until May, without including the dollar-for-dollar spending cuts that Republicans once insisted would have to be part of the debt limit bill." _____ Source: The New York Times in an article by Jonathan Weisman

The debt ceiling is currently suspended until May 19, 2013. Is the can being kicked down the road to give the G.O.P./Tea Party more time to work on destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which I believe has been their goal from the time of the beginning of each of these programs?


Our Republican Congress is hiding the fact that:

1. Congress raised the Debt Ceiling 18 times under President Reagan!

2. Congress raised the Debt Ceiling 7 times under George W. Bush.

3. President Obama slowed spending to a level lower than it has been in 50 years and cut the deficit.

When can "We the People" of the United States vote these Tea Party people out of the Senate and Congress?

I keep wondering why the G.O.P. (Greedy Old Politicians) would destroy Social Security

From the state of the Union speech 2/12/2013, I am reminded of the joke that Eugene Robinson told on The Alex Wagner’s show, after the President's speech.

Eugene said

“Two dogs (republicans) sitting in a bar, one said to the other, ‘It is not enough that we succeed! Cats (democrats) must fail."

And I am thinking that must be it! That is the mindset of the Republicans in general and the Tea-Baggers in particular.

Why does it seem that conservatives hate Social Security?

Do conservatives just hate the word social? Do they associate social with socialist/liberal (i.e. Social Security)?

Or is it security that they hate? They don’t want anyone to have security but themselves?

A fellow Hubber said that Social Security was not for the benefit of the poor and elderly. It was intended to go into the general fund.

“I would suggest this Hubber go to the History of Social Security. Franklin D. Roosevelt Promised retired Americans freedom from poverty-ridden old age when he created the Social Security system in August 1935, a three-part program of old-age security consisting of old-age welfare pensions; compulsory contributory social insurance (i.e. Social Security,) and a third-tier which would consist of optional annuity certificates to monthly annuities which would be used as supplements to their basic Social Security retirement benefit. This third program was among the features of the President’s proposals which the Congress did not accept.“

No wonder conservatives did not care when GWB raided Social Security surplus to fund his private war to carry out his vendetta against IRAQ.

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Stock Market Crash Update September 17,2008

What if Social Security had been Privatized before the crash of 2008?

What if Social Security had been privatized before the crash of 2008?

And you were handling your own investments, then the Stock Market Crashes.

Would you have lost $$$?

And, who would you blame for your loss?

Not a Piggy Bank!

Another argument the G.O.P. uses to undermine the excellently run program is to implant the idea that fewer active workers now support a growing number of retires.

Linda Silva in the Dallas Morning News made the case that today’s workers produce more than four times as much wealth as they did before records were kept, and can easily support the right to retire. And there are more workers in today’s work force than ever before.

Republicans continue to proclaim that Social Security needs to be reformed (they mean privatized or eviscerated.) They say how today's 65-year-olds won’t get back what they contributed.