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Voter Suppression in Texas

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Voter suppression is running crazy it the states that their governor's support Trump for president. While there are many ways to create voter apathy and that their vote does count, in Texas, it is blatant.

Imagine a state that in some of its counties, their economies and size in population are bigger than some European countries! That, has so much physical space between county centers, it might take a voter several hours of travel to reach. That, traveling across takes 24 hrs. non-stop travel by car. That is Texas. Now, imagine a state that is turning Democratic because of population change from white to brown or black and the old cowboy values are becoming the minority, especially in urban centers the number millions of people.

Faced with this. the state's governor, Abbot, has made in person voting extremely hard under the disguise of the Covid-19 virus. Before this most recent edict was passed, each county within the state had many in person voting sites in which to go and cast your ballot. After the edict from the governor, which is law, each county now has only ONE designated in person voting site and counties must close down all others within the same county. The governor has also put in restrictions about absentee voting and mail-in voting.

Unless this is reversed, imagine on voting day, four million residents of Houston, trying to cast a vote at a single site! Imagine the traffic mess, the hours of waiting in line in inclement weather. For many, this suppression will work as they will not vote. The Republicans think that suppression will work in their favor as it did in 2016. This is going to help re-elect Trump. Houston, before the edict happened, had 11 voting sites ready.

Voter suppression, simply put, is anything to impede a voter from voting. Whether it is long hours in a line, traffic congestion to get to the polling place, asking for ID even though you registered, having polling observers present to intimidate, etc.

Texas is not the only Republican state trying to suppress the vote even though it is against the law.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 02, 2020:

Lawsuits have already been started.

perrya (author) on October 02, 2020:

Hopefully, the state courts will get an injunction!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 02, 2020:

This order of his is pure politics at work. Ordering only ONE drop off box for each Texas county is ridiculous! Harris County, where we live, is over 2,000 square miles, the same size as Rhode Island!

With so many sorting machines taken out of service by the Postmaster-General, using drop boxes was one way for people to make sure that their ballots would be received in time.

The pandemic is real! Many people might wish to avoid voting in person for that reason. Now that the President and First Lady have COVID, perhaps people will start to realize that this disease is not going to go away "like a miracle." It is here to stay unless everyone gets on board and does the prudent thing.

Wear masks! Stay socially distant! Avoid crowds! Wash hands frequently! We can do this!

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